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Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1

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Good for Cows. Finally Out Of My Hands. Fossils and Other Phantoms. Peggy Sue. We Were Exploding Anyway. King of Jeans. New Reality. Rudie Kay. Poetry of the Deed. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography. Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Composer. Everybody Make Some Noise! The A. Little Brother. Dead to Me. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering. Narrow Stairs.

Death Cab for Cutie. Transylvania Baby. Who Rides The Tiger. Accidental Gentleman. New Erections. The Locust. Polysics or Die!!!! Secrets and Lies. The Scenery of Farewell. Two Gallants. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production. Automatic City. Controlling the Famous. Congs for Brums. Ches Smith. Cuban Ballerina. Dancing for Decadence. The Sainte Catherines. Extinction Is Inevitable.

Sabertooth Tiger. Engineer, Mixing, Mastering. Heaven's Pregnant Teens. Some Girls. Producer, Engineer, Audio Production. Lions Eat Lions. Die Princess Die. Love Their Country. Nothing to You Remix. Now Is the Time! Sacred Bodies. The Wolfnote. Shipwrecked on Shores. The Everpresent. Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones. If Walter got up now, he would use a buzzy electric Tedium - Radiocuts - Trip Hop / Abstract Hip Hop Mixtape, then heat coffee in a microwave that sounded like What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Club Radio Edit) - Madonna - What It Feels Like For A model airplane revving toward takeoff.

As if reading his mind, a jet labored overhead, apparently taking off with a full passenger load and fuel enough for a cross-country flight. His computer had a fan he had not noticed until the Zen guy came along.

The record turntable grumbled enough to intrude Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 the pianissimo selections of a string quartet. The grinding of the ancient cassette player easily overcame anything but a Sousa march.

He also bought a new, digital timer to replace the rasping electric-clock switch for the fluorescent grow-lights in the window planter. He had tried earplugs, but they made it worse, amplifying the noises inside his own head: grinding teeth, snuffling or snorting. It took concentration to stifle his bodily functions, which hardly helped sleep.

Damn all Buddhist monks. Disturbers of the peace. Silence may be golden, but ignorance had Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 bliss. Monster, lovely-haired creature devours my flesh. Born too soon vermin bellows to god. A specter rises, heavy with loneliness, probing the past.

Paper castles, deadly derechos, you will glow in the dark. I wear paranoia-- stare at the flickering street lamp, twelve paces from my childhood doorstep.

Convinced it syncs with my brainbeat, off on my eye shutters close tight, off I look toward the closet crawl space on remembering how my sister and I laughed in there as kids. My words begin to trip on over the distance of sentences. My speech is debris: squished off spider legs, lost baggage and the mouthguard on under the bed.

Drizzle The drizzle Large glass drops pelting the sidewalk, Grass, buildings, benches, Trickling down Assailing all beneath Translucent beads Shattering upon icy impact. The tattered remnants of ancestor bones Remained mute in endless captivity.

While near the edge, I looked down from atop. Behind me stood a weeping willow tree That was as old as those below the drop. With a blanket of green, yellow, and brown, It seemed that all in our world Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 a loss.

What rises must fall, and what falls must rise; And like the willow, we revitalize. Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 Rodriguez Ice Cream Chocolate, vanilla Strawberry, a mix of Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 three These are what I see at the Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 cream shop Grape, raspberry Huckleberry, mango These are the exclusive flavors I use the simple change I earned from my lemonade stand And I buy the huckleberry What even is a huckleberry?

Landgrebe There was no reason, this time, to work at place such as this. She shook her head, stamped South Dakota Snares and Bait-PAID on another invoice of the piles of invoices, all waiting for entry into the homemade database. A rickety database much too humble for the profit generated. She added. Before, she tried not to imagine or even acknowledge what happened on the factory floor. Now it was behind her. And her eyes knew more. Her youth and heart ached. She was. And she was trapped among traps.

Jagged toothed traps, teeth size varying with their meal. Even Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 her job was in the office, it was but a doorless closet space to the harsh, glandular reality of the factory. Her back was to reality. Her front to paper piles. The odor at her back. And in her front. On her papers.

And on her clothes. In her shiny, brown hair—especially the shiny brown hairs of her nose, hitching a ride home with her, in her, each day. She clicks. Entry after entry. She wished she could sabotage the prosperity of the company with her click, click, clicks. They were after the Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1.

Purchases already made. Purchases already PAID. Shipments already sent. She just typed, clattering 77 wpm, in a gentle applause for each successful transaction. She just danced, finger by finger, sniffle by sniff, in a hypnotizing cloud of tainted meat, musty hides, and gland potion. Magicians getting haircuts at barbershops in kansas, coffiners leaning on posts, taglines of sexual experiences, bizarre antihistamines, lazy eyes dabbling too long on toads bulging, cement gods cradling cold bloody sparkling gold, miracles and their makers.

Oh honey, I dreamed in truth of subtle softness, light touches with loving pants in the rhythm to the rocking waters. Aw come now, be Free with me. Lingering, echoing, but too damn distant to touch or rewind.

Where is the fucking button to press, the switch to flip to go back and feel that sensation in my thighs? I see you in every crowd. You inhabit my dreams and can be see permeating every picture— wedged somewhere behind or to the side of the subject photobombing your way into my life. Last night from the other room I heard your name called out in a commercial on TV; Obsession— Obsession— Of course my interest was piqued by this Calvin Kline whose name was mentioned.

Who is this man and Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 has he to do with my Obsession? Wells — StreaksFox The low pulsating rhythms of the dance floor gave way to chilly, city air with a slam of the alley door. I told myself I needed some air to think, but the first thing I did when stepping out was dig my hand into my pocket for my phone, and look for him in my Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1.

Maybe I was just tired of hanging out at the bar, sipping the same rum and coke all night. I miss you. Fingers pecked around the keys before the thought could fully register in my mind. No, this was too forward. I was supposed to be over him. I -am- over him.

My hand performed its own walk of shame along the keys, erasing the text and replacing it with a simple message. The sharp smell of piss broke my concentration. At least, I think it was piss. One look down this alley and it was obvious the smell could be any number of things. How many people must have stepped out for air like I did, only Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 be completely blindsided by the horrible odor? Probably not nearly as many as those who came out here to relieve themselves.

A small vibration alerted me to a new text. I thought you had a party to attend. I could sense his snarky tone, even without hearing his voice. He was always the sort that had to resist adding a Kuidas See Kõik Juhtus - Jan Uuspõld - Ühendatud Ürgmehed (DVD) face at the end of every message, as if the slight professionalism it granted him was at odds with his true self.

I liked that about him. Finally, I relented and erased the message, re. It was what I originally told myself after that third remix of a Modest Mouse song started playing inside. I wanted to meet other guys well, maybe more than just meetbut this seemed like too much trouble. The text pulled me back momentarily. He must not have been having a fun Saturday night either. You can grab some air in the morning.

Go grab something else tonight ; I let a small chuckle escape. That was oddly sincere coming from him. My gaze wandered out to the entrance of the alleyway. Every now and then a car sped past the thin opening, the grumble of old engines in the cold, night air contrasted harshly against the fading music behind me. A Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 reverberated back to me, new, but not unfamiliar. I let it hang out of my mouth like foul take-out.

It was like back home, like with him. Shifting off the alley wall, I shoved my hands into my jacket. There were other Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 to party, nights with better DJs. Idle hands fiddled with the phone in my pocket as I absent mindedly strolled down the block opposite to the club.

I really should call a cab, I thought. But there was no rush. He was protective like that. It was another thing I liked about him. It was honestly too bad we never hooked up. We were close in a way beyond that of best friends, but we never wanted to risk fracturing that bond.

And then, I had the bright idea of moving to the city for the fall semester and… I stopped mid step, turning my gaze up to the sky. There were no stars here, at least none that could be seen with the city lights. None of this was like back home. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, my fingers hovered over his contact info once more. I could call him. He was up. Instead, I swiped over to the ride sharing app and set the pickup info for the One Track Mind - Ethan Luck & The Intruders - Record Store Day EP, turning around as I typed.

I just needed to get used to it. Besides, the Midwestern, suburb aesthetic was stifling; Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 never felt like I was living up to my potential. But then again, was this really living up to my potential? I paused again, this time just staring at my phone. My driver was three minutes away, and the club was only another block. I could go home and give this another shot next week.

Suddenly, the thought of what he would say echoed through my mind. And the next week, and the next. Heck, another rum and coke might make me tipsy enough for it not to matter. The Intro - Chaos Diplomatik - Si JRappe of the Big Bridge I do not need the locals here to welcome my return, I only want the chance to drag myself to the market For work and negotiations over a place to live in town, Even the stork is able to nest on top of the telephone pole.

Paper plates wet with acrylic globs, silver spoons stained with avocado, recyclables sitting in the trash pile, books with creased corners, your yoga mat half rolled, a postcard hanging crooked on the wall, cassette tapes collecting dust. You do this in hopes that Under The Stairs - The Departure - All Mapped Out will find you.

You spend all day anticipating the organization, the fresh air, the noise, the presence, the wide eyes. You rehearse your hellos and your goodbyes, clearing your throat again and again. The sound of the key switching the lock excites you.

But you return to find dried paint on unmoved paper plates. The sun sets. All The Things You Are - Various - Unplugged Jazz is tomorrow. Seigar The Patience of Cold Places In white latitudes, sky and snow meet: a blue moment, a silence of distance. There, under the weight of chill, a bird or a bear is the same thing: just a pin-prick, movement in a Mörka Drömmar - Vemoth - Köttkroksvals land.

There beneath old ice as the wetland holds its breath, the tight-furled buds of cottongrass are swaddled in delayed snow melt and dry moss waits quietly. No one counts the calendar days. There is an absolute faith in the snow goose who will come when she comes.

Presley Nassise The Kiss It was a vista that opened into mountains, water on either side of that creaking wooden aisle, anchored by rusted ropes, weathered iron of nails sticking out dangerously in places.

The wind was blowing at my back. I sat there, dappling my feet in gleaming water. He was rowing. My heart was fluttering, and my pit skipping a flip too many. His current of anticipation ran Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 my thighs, and the bridge gave way. I fell into that sparkling swell, blanking out for Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 rush that soaked me.

John Byrne 's revamp of Superman cited the city as being in Kansas. On the television series Superman: The Animated Seriesthe second part of the episode titled "Little Girl Lost" depicts Darkseid's minion using a machine hidden in or around Metropolis to attempt to pull a comet into the earth. The beam from that machine is depicted originating from the area of the mid-western United States where Kansas is located.

In the second part of the episode "Last Son of Krypton" when Lois is introduced to Clark Kent, she is told he is from Smallville, she replies "Smallville?

Never heard of it," prompting Clark Kent to ask her if she had ever been to Kansas. Lois replies "God No! In terms of atmosphere, Batman writer and editor Dennis O'Neil has said that, figuratively, "Batman's Gotham City is Manhattan below 14th Street at eleven minutes past midnight on the coldest night in November, and Metropolis is Manhattan Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 14th and th Streets on the brightest, sunniest July day of the year.

Metropolis is frequently depicted as being within driving distance of Gotham Cityhome of Batman. The distance between the two cities has varied greatly over the years, ranging from being hundreds of miles apart to Gotham and Metropolis being twin cities on opposite sides of Delaware Baywith Metropolis in the location of Delaware [12] [19] Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 Gotham City being in New Jersey. However, the exact location of the two cities has varied. Les Faux Soleils - Liane Foly - Sweet Mystery - French And English Albums don't think they could hear you in Gotham City.

In the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicedirector Zach Snyder confirmed that Metropolis and Gotham City would be portrayed as geographically situated right next to each other, on the opposite sides of a baysimilar to Jersey City and Manhattan. Over the years, Metropolis' features have greatly changed in the comics; however, Metropolis is always presented as being a global city. The skyline and many of the notable landmarks in Metropolis are based on real-life landmarks Jeg Kan Forklare - Finn Eriksens Orkester - Vi Vil Leve New York City.

Metropolis' features became Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 defined and more obviously based on New York following both 's Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries and John Byrne 's subsequent revamping of Superman, including the late s comic special The World of Metropolis.

Metropolis is made up of six boroughs, the largest being New Troy. Each of the boroughs has its own distinct character and feel, which resemble and mimic New York City's boroughs. New Troy is the largest borough in Metropolis. Resembling ManhattanFuniculí, Funiculà - Carreras* - Domingo* - Pavarotti* With Mehta* - The 3 Tenors In Concert 1994 Troy is a skyscraper island bustling with commerce and business.

The concrete and steel canyons of the city rise to dizzying heights. Located in "Planet Square," it is particularly known for the Daily Planet globe atop the building. Other prominent skyscrapers include the Emperor Building a reference to the Empire State Buildingthe Newstime Building home of the national Newstime magazine, a reference to and combination of Newsweek and Time which is secretly owned for several years by Lord Satanus posing as "Colin Thornton," and the Twin Towered LexCorp Tower, a reference to the former twin towers of the World Trade Centerheadquarters for Lex Luthor's company.

Bessolo Boulevard's name is derived from Adventures Taxman - George Harrison With Eric Clapton - Live @ Big Egg 3rd Night Superman lead actor George Reeves ' legal name before entering films.

Other Metropolis boulevards in the New Troy borough are similarly named for other actors from that series and from its radio predecessor of the same namesuch as CoatesLarsonand Collyer. Its most noteworthy feature is a statue of Superman with an American bald eagle erected after Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 apparent death fighting Doomsday.

In northwestern New Troy is the impoverished and crime-infested neighborhood of Suicide Slumbest known for the s adventures of the Guardian and his Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 urchin companions the Newsboy Legion.

Although the northwestern location is similar to the relationship of Harlem to midtown Manhattan, the neighborhood bears more physical and cultural resemblance to Manhattan's Lower East Side. In Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 and s stories, Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 married Clark Kent and Lois Lane live in an apartment in New Troy, at Sullivan Lane, which is a tribute to the year Superman first appeared.

The apartment was a wedding Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1 to the couple by Bruce Waynewho owned the building. The Superman Museum features various exhibits dedicated to Metropolis' favorite superhero, similar to the Flash Museum in Central City.

The central branch of S. Labsa major scientific research institution, is also located in Metropolis. Metropolis University, Clark Kent's alma materis located in the city of Metropolis; Clark graduated with a degree in journalism. LexCorpfounded by Lex Luthorendeavors into all aspects of technology, communication, medical science, technical science, architectural engineering, future technology, and more.

Steelworks is the laboratory of Dr. John Henry Irons and in post-Crisisit came to rival LexCorp as its reach expanded into many different industries.

John Henry renamed Steelworks Ironworks to further himself from his superhero life as Steel. At least four mayors are considered part of Metropolis' history:. The Metropolis Police Department headed by Commissioner David Corporon Law Of Attraction - Kari Faux - Lost En Los Angeles a Special Crimes Unit dedicated to defending the city against superhuman menaces in case Superman is absent.

Another of Superman's police contacts over the years has been Inspector William Hendersonwho is currently the Metropolis police commissioner. The police unit is featured in a limited series, Metropolis SCU.

Light surface noise and crackling throughout. Sleeve in great condition, very slight ring wear on front of sleeve. Label: Excaliber Records Ltd. Cat : EXCL Media sounds great. Comes in original orange 'Calibre' sleeve. Label: Epic Cat : FE Some wear to spine of sleeve, small tear, otherwise VG.

Media is NM. Label: VirginVirgin Cat :


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