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Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes

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Removing their mole that had access to him and his offices was necessary. It was only a matter of time before that happened, after all. He walked past the empty desk with a lighter step, coming to his offices and living quarters around the second bend. When he walked in, he could hear some sort of vid being played, and the sound of food being processed in the kitchen.

He had no gift for cooking food, and neither did his children. The food court here and the processed food that could be bought at the store supplied them with what they needed. Though he took many chances to get off the station to keep up with his remaining businesses and go out to restaurants from there. He could see the large vid screen dominated by some sort of sports channel, which both of his girls seemed to be enraptured by.

They both glanced at him, and then quickly swivelled their heads back to the screen to pay attention to some sort of action going Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes.

Whatever sport they were watching involved two teams of Asari, sets of three. A large ball was being tossed around by both sides, curiously only being done with biotics. Due to the amount of time that it took to recharge abilities, the ball moved slowly, but surely. He saw that neither side touched the ball directly, other than the ones Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York orange.

Apparently the goalies. There was a large hole on either side of the stadium that the balls were aimed at. He saw that the only biotic abilities used on the ball were throws and pulls, of varying strengths. Singularities were used on players, usually used when one of the forward players tried to get close to the players in orange. Each race has a Warp Ball team, except for us and the Elcor.

The Championship games are played on the Citadel every year, when each race sends a team to play! They would focus on a single subject, to the point of excluding all other forms of input.

Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes changed over time, slower than the rate that other children changed topics. It was what led most people to believe that this syndrome was a form of autism. Julia was focused on her biotics. Nyra had mentioned to him that Julia had an unhealthy obsession with asking about biotics, but anytime she was forced to show her skill in class, she failed.

At home she practiced as much as Miranda, who had better results overall. That was simply because Miranda was designed to have those results. Julia was designed for a different skill set, and with higher situational awareness. Better reflexes, along with some gene mods for better eyesight. As interesting as it would be to learn about another facet of galactic politics, he had something more relevant to talk about.

Julia and Miranda both turned to him, though to be fair to them he stood up and moved so that they could see the vid screen and him at the same time. One of Kun En Dreng - Rune Westberg - Rune Westberg most powerful ways to control a situation is in the use of language.

So I have selected a language that I speak that I will personally teach you. Now that Earth is part of a much larger universe, French and other regional languages will eventually become dead languages. With Omni-tools the need to learn them has disappeared. In my opinion, the only languages that will continue to be of any use are Cantonese and English. Both of which are fully translated with Omni-tool programs.

I am considered fluent in only one of them. He had one wall of their living quarters turned into a haptic interface. With the laser pointer and a simple reaction surface, he could create Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes giant whiteboard to write on and display information.

He started drawing out letters, from one large A to the last, a large O that split along the bottom, forming two legs jutting out to either side.

His daughters paid complete attention to the entire process. When he finished, he deactivated the laser pointer and turned back to them.

It is one of the oldest languages in the world, and is only spoken fluently by less than one hundred people, mostly here on Earth. The only ones who care enough about this language to learn how to speak it are the history professors who get paid grants to translate uncovered architecture. There are a couple VI systems equipped to translate the written language, but the spoken language is rare to be heard. That is why I have decided that it will be our language. Wherever I am, I will teach you.

Even if that means being connected via Omni-tool. I will teach you. I do not want to see the rest of your studies drop because of the time we spend on this. While it helped them have some parental influences, it also kept him from letting his habits knock off his plans. Jack had an impulsive side, and it occasionally caused him trouble. Though he did get lucky a few times, usually romantically.

His Omni-tool beeped, Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes his attention to it. Practice those for a few minutes, and then I will start explaining how they all work together. Greek is Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes an easy language, and it will be different from any other language you have ever heard before.

I will be right back. He needed to be able to see if they were actually doing the pronunciations correctly. He had hired the Volus company to Daar Is Kracht, Kracht, Wonderbare Kracht - Various - Maranatha! Jezus Komt! some exploration for him, out near the Perseus Veil. They were the only ones willing to go out that far.

Except of course, the Batarians. But that was what started this trouble in the first place. Their message was a report of habitable systems near the Perseus Veil, along with element dispersal charts.

He wanted them looking for extreme amounts of element zero, as well as Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes. But scanners would find them if properly tuned to look for that. It was that kind of scan that turned up the Reaper on Dis. Curiously, they were even in the same sector of space Penny Pinching Rainy Heaven Days - Ocean Colour Scene - Ocean Colour Scene (CD, Album, Album) he had been told Sovereign was hiding in at the start of this.

Something had changed the scenario. He had only done one active action to pursue the Reaper threat, and that was only within the last year. There was no sign of the Reaper that was supposed to be contacted by Saren and then go on a rampage around the galaxy.

Troubling in the least. But Sovereign was next to the Perseus Veil ostensibly to communicate and convert the Geth splinter faction to his cause.

Every step along the way had been made with careful consideration as to the consequences. He sent a reply telling the Volus of his thanks, and their continued exploration of these systems was very Poeira - Sérgio Reis - Boiadeiro to his satisfaction.

His payment to them was the promise of a full refurbishment of their exploration fleet, which he hoped would take some casualties somewhere in there. It was going to be expensive for him to refurbish them if they all came back in one piece. With a nod to himself, he closed down his Omni-tool and walked back into the main room, where Miranda and Julia were struggling with Theta.

More importantly, they are used in most of your basic nouns. To determine feminine and masculine terms like his and hers, you use different dipthongs and vowels to show this.

In English, all you have to know is a single way of conjugating a verb. In Greek, as well as some of the earlier languages, women speak from an entirely different conjugation.

Men speak differently as well. Every day we will work on this until you have it down. Though I want you both to promise me something. Time spent with him was rare. He knew that they treasured it. Julia suspected him of avoiding them sometimes, but that was more due to work than anything else. If people knew that you were learning this language, they would feel confused. They would try to guess what my intentions might be.

You are welcome to guess why I am teaching you this language. As an example of what you might find in Greek that is important, observe. Then, he pronounced it. But they did try to repeat it. Julius Ceasar was killed by his own trusted man. He thereafter stole the same power that Ceasar had worked so hard to claim, hypocritically committing the same crime that he killed Ceasar for.

Greek was the language of the ancient world. It can express anything you need it to, and most importantly, give you a language that you can depend on if you are ever captured. If you are ever told to write a ransom note, this will give you a language to write it in.

Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes and privacy is the main reason I will teach you this. Uncle James and I are going to take a little trip. But I will be sure to call at four pm, and start our lesson. This time much better. The doors to the mega hauler opened before them, still tightly wrapped around the Reaper shell. At the rate they were moving, the only way that you could dock with either one was to do a risky maneuver to enter the spinning mega hauler and then latch the shuttle onto the floor.

Once latched, magnetic boots would be all that was needed to move around on the mega hauler. James had been on his tenth approach, this time. He had declared that he was at the appropriate speed of rotation, and then they began the approach.

James had to try so many times due to the massive cargo container strapped to the shuttle, which also had to be dragged through this rotation. So the last few hours had been mostly just starting and stopping the shuttle. With a sigh of relief, James guided the shuttle and its cargo safely inside Macht Hoch Die Tür - Roger Whittaker - Festliche Weihnacht hangar, and used the directional thrusters to ever so slightly coast towards the floor.

With a loud grinding of metal, the shuttle managed to latch on to the slightly rusted and aging hulk. Jack stood up, and motioned to everyone gathered. James, take your team of engineers and get the engines looked at and the computer systems checked. All of them were from the Golden Dawn Security Group. It went by many names, but all of it was a derivative of the Golden Dawn political party that had supported the last great dictatorship in Greece. Basically all of the organized crime that they called bureaucracy was relabeled and turned into the new government.

The political agenda remained, if you looked hard enough. That was why Greece was still a crime ridden heap of a nation. The only ones who had enough money to travel were the ones who benefitted from the system. Like the remaining members of the Golden Dawn, for instance. There was no safer option to send Hannah to other than someone that the Alliance already had warrants for.

Speaking of Hannah, she was standing with her heavily armed security team. She had eight men in dark gray armor and some Helix-III rifles. Not the most amazing armor and weapons, but certainly enough to deal with any remaining trouble onboard the ship. There should be Monster Meat - Steve Everitt - In 60 Seconds shuttle attached to the airlock on the right.

The residence quarters above the bridge should be empty, but were the sight of a recent massacre. The corsairs died hard enough taking this the first time. Jack himself called his girls, content to begin the teaching session. He also made sure that he taught them with a featureless shuttle wall behind him. The last time he had called them from a window, and Miranda had looked up where he was based on the spaceport on the other side of the window.

Though they apparently were prepared. That took them the rest of the session, including Jack. Then again, he had learned on pencil and paper. He had to learn the interface right with them.

He might have dropped an epithet during the process. If anyone asked him where his daughters learned all of the more unfortunate words in the English language, he would readily admit that most of them they learned from him. Others they found on the extranet. They never spoke them, due to a stringent policy that they had to spend an hour with his personal trainer for every use of the English language that fell short of his standards. They could decide how many hours they wanted to work in the gym for waggling tongues.

It was a lot nicer than what his mother did to him. She drilled into him using whatever she could get on hand that you always, always, always spoke like you were the very best example of a native speaker of that language.

Or else you got hit by whatever was around. The Alliance Business Insider always highlighted the most successful men and women of business.

When Jack was young, he was told that all he needed to do to be successful was to make money. Nothing else mattered as much. Women, love, and golf would come later. Golf was something he had a particularly bad run with. But he could comment on a swing with the best of them. All of the best businessmen had one thing in common. They all could just turn off their emotional connection to an argument or company, and make a perfectly logical decision that benefitted them.

No matter the cost to others, all of the top men of business were absolutely cutthroat. Nothing mattered and nothing remained other than profit in their minds. Jack idolized that goal.

He became that kind of man. Now, he was one of those men on the front of the magazine. He was one of those people that young men would look to, and be inspired to be. But all of that was pure crap. The Reapers would win. But that greed, that drive to succeed, that was enough to push the human race forward.

Humanity needed its cold hearted logic, and its greed. But it also needed to have an emotional connection at some point. Otherwise at the end of it all, the lure of Indoctrination came upon you too easily.

Jack had his goals. He wanted to see Earth survive the war. He had two daughters that he would readily start a war with the Batarians over. That was what kept him going at night. They might still be lying to him, making this entire scenario to trick him. He still saw the signs of that in places. Especially with Sovereign not in his usual place. Soon enough, he ended his conversation with his daughters, and stepped out of the shuttle. No one was moving around, but the cargo container had been hooked up to a hose to send its fuel down into the belly of the ship.

He must have been too focused on Greek. He took a look around, seeing no one actively moving on the hangar deck. They were still rotating very hard. He pulled out a cigarette, finding it a nice time Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes take care of that desire before anyone else got back from their tasks. He lit the cigarette, and then slid the lighter back into Mama Africa - Various - Psy-Trance Festival Anthems 11 suit pocket.

As he leaned back to take a drag on it, he felt it yanked out of his mouth. Glaring at whoever dared, he turned around to see Hannah sitting on top of the shuttle, smoking his cigarette. It means so much to me to be able to avoid Alliance dataminers. Probably just to piss him off, too. Where exactly are we going? I have the location of a few items of interest, thanks to a Volus exploration and scanning company.

We need the mega hauler to get them all. So, I need that gun, and a few other things. Once we are done, it will be very crowded in here. Considering I am in charge of security. I found an old ship from around two thousand years ago. Anything that I can get from it, I will. As such, we will go and get a couple of them and then consider reporting Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes rest. If Humanity can benefit more from them not being reported, then it will be better.

I brought your security team because I assumed that there could be trouble. Assume there is some risk. My worries are not unfounded. Her feet hit the old metal grates with a loud clank. This is my second month leading a team. Hannah looked over, intrigued. This one In Control - Hamo - The Cotton Club EP buried in the crust of that moon, and preliminary scans of the crust show that it might have been there for more than a few hundred thousand years.

If that is true, then this might be from a previous civilization. Something that may or may not have been more powerful than the Protheans. The consequences of such a find could be debilitating. Or destabilize the balance between the different races.

Either way, I am finding a very worrisome coincidence between the two ships. Later, when we have something that can drag it out of there without tying up four dreadnoughts to do it, we will. But right now, I have little care when I have this as a source of technology. We will be taking its inertial dampeners and engines on the next run.

Humanity needs them. Hell, even come up with our own branches of science that make Element Zero no longer necessary. If we can just run off of Helium-3 to make it all happen, that would be fine in my book. Staying near the mass relays will eventually lead us to have to make some hard decisions about our neighbors and how close we can feel to them. Or if we can even cohabitate with them.

But there is hope that it allows them to get some larger clients. It will be good for business, at least. Not to mention all of the other things i care deeply about.

Or possibly mentioning at all. You might be a friend of mine, Hannah, but Stand - Blues Traveler - Four a close enough one that I would tell you all my secrets.

Perhaps if you actually fulfilled that promise to me Your information must have been wrong, if that all pointed to where the center of their Empire was. The Protheans lived in the Citadel for a long time, possibly built and managed it all. So, the easiest way to defeat them was to start from the center and move outward. My data files say that it started from inside the Citadel.

In fact, the very coordinates are inside the Presidium Tower. I doubt they would let you anywhere near it. Expensive, makes you work for it. How is it, sleeping with Asari? To tell you the truth, the mind meld idea kind of makes me uncomfortable. There is a reason that the Asari remain on top of the food chain. They can take information from your mind. So, getting a date from her is most certainly not going to end with any love making of any kind.

You should be too, they can do that with anyone they touch. She recovered, of course, giving him a strange look. In fact, apparently some can even use that ability to kill other people. Before she could respond to that quipp, the ship started shaking under their feet.

Hannah managed to right herself easily enough, but Jack had to grip the shuttle to stabilize everything. He could feel something Massacra - Enjoy The Violence on.

Jack groaned. He must have turned the signal jammer up too high. Ship-wide channels must have been affected. With a slight tug against the force of gravity being exerted, he typed in a command to have James, Amandeep, and Hannah all have low level exception to the jamming.

What just happened? Someone decided to change the course of the ship! It was me! Coordinate with Amandeep and move it out of the way! We need to get the gun inside! The shuttle was parked by the fuel intake, which was near the back of the hangar bay. Three hundred meters on foot is nothing to scoff at, but Jack exercised every morning for moments like this. When he got there, he could see James and two technicians from the Dawn figuring out maneuvering on the hauler.

Or its analogue. It only took a little while. But the Reaper shell looked like someone had kicked its teeth out. Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes of the old superstructure was spilling out of the hole where its main cannon used to be, making it look like it was puking. Higher order human capabilities like language, creativity, self-refection, complex problem solving, and the abil- ity to choose what is appropriate behavior are believed to emerge from these structures.

From our teen years onward, specialized circuitry continues to develop in the prefrontal lobes that helps us chart a moral course in life. Higher intelligence can be jammed by the reactions and pulls of the frst and second brain regions. Our decisions are less effective, our listening skills impaired, our cre- ativity obstructed.

Fortunately, the reverse also is true. When we feel harmonious and balanced, cortical higher brain function is enhanced. We can see I Can Hear You Calling - Bush - Bush where previously we could perceive only dead-ends.

Many people intuitively know this to be true. It is fun to have the research catch up with intuition. Perception and Stress Let us look deeper into the role of perception and stress. For many years, it was believed we consciously perceive an event prior to the awareness that it could be dangerous or a threat to our survival. However, in recent years, research has revealed the role of an al- mond-sized structure that profoundly infuences both perception and behavior.

Called the amygdala and located in the region of the second brain, one of its key roles is to compare incom- ing information with past experience, looking for a match see Figure It also is believed to be the storehouse of emotional memory, so the matches it is looking for are emotionally signif- cant.

The amygdala is not terribly precise, so if new information appears to match, messages are sent to the brain that indeed a match has been found.

This can result in what has been called emotional hijacking, where we have an immediate emotional reaction to something based on past experience, whether or not that experience is relevant to the new situation. The Physiology of Stress When we perceive or anticipate a threat of any sort, no matter how small, we fre up our nervous system, or more specifcally a branch of our autonomic nervous system ANS called the sym- pathetic nervous system.

The inner emotional turmoil that often accompanies the activation of this fght or fight response is what we call stress. This state of arousal results in the production of chemicals such as adrenaline. In contrast, Nem Látlak Én Téged Többé - A.

N. T. Zenekar* - Varázslatos Dalok we relax, other chemicals such as acetylcholine, which help slow our systems down, are produced by the parasympathetic nervous system in greater amounts.

It eavesdrops on information received through the thala- mus, looking for an emotional match to previous experience. Working at high speed, if a match appears to be found, it communicates to the higher regions of the region affecting our behavior and decision making.

There is a considerable body of evidence suggesting that overdominance of the sympathetic Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) - W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins can result in hyper- tension, and imbalance in these two branches underlies many chronic diseases.

Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes Figure The Emotional Axis In addition to the autonomic nervous system there is an addi- tional axis of human experience that profoundly infuences our response to threat: the emotional or hormonal axis. If negative emotions, such as fear, anger, worry, or anxiety are present, the body produces more cortisol. If these negative emotions persist cortisol levels can increase to the point that they can negatively impact health, productivity, immune function, and sleep pat- terns.

The detrimental effects of raised cortisol levels are fre- quently exacerbated by simultaneous increases in adrenaline levels. The ANS consists of two branch- es, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The heart, brain, immune, hormonal, respiration, and digestive systemsall are connected by this network of nerves. Most traditional stress man- agement techniques focus on relaxation and seek to bring down the level of arousal.

While it is very important to be able to relax, the effects of relaxation are often short-term. Therefore relaxation is only part of the answer, because low arousal, relaxed states can be detrimental if associated with a negative emotion such as boredom, apathy, resentment, or withdrawal.

In other words, relaxation isnt the answer if the passion is gone. The vertical axis represents the au- tonomic nervous system described in Figure The horizontal axis rep- resents the emotional domain. Negative emotion on the right is associated with excessive levels of cortisol, while positive emotion leads to increased DHEA levels. DHEA is an essential hormone and is known as the vitality hormone because of its anti-aging properties. If our emotional state is more positive and coherent, even diffcult external factors do not destabilize us, and we are able to move between excitement and contentment more of the time.

The generation of a stress response with increased adrenaline and cortisol levels should not be seen as negative. They can be perfectly healthy so long as the chemical activation does not persist and become chronic. Similarly stressful situa- tions should not be viewed as negative but as a wake-up call, an opportunity to switch gears and fnd more productive perspec- tives and solutions. Chaos isnt the problem; how long it takes to fnd coherence is the real game. The Perception Loop The crucial factor here is that Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes have control over the whole process.

We have control over our perceptions and the under- lying reactions we generate, which create a cascade of events that either enhance or limit our effectiveness. Perceptions gen- erate thoughts and emotions, which in turn produce measur- able changes in heart rate, hormonal balance, immune system strength, and a host of other internal processes. These phys- iological effects, in turn, alter the neural circuits themselves, which affects our perception.

This is a feedback system. When we are in a negative mood, for example, a distorted perception can generate negative thoughts and emotions, causing physio- logical imbalances in the heart, immune, and hormonal systems, which reinforce the circuitry, and the negative cycle continues.

Research in emotional intelligence has shown that the most successful people in life are the ones who have learned to man- age their emotional reactiveness, neutralizing or transforming negative emotions and in the process gaining a new richness of 03 CH 3 FCTC. The human heart provides the key. Heart-Brain Communication Improving heart-brain communication is key to developing emotional intelligence.

One of the greatest changes in scientifc understanding over the last twenty years, has been the detailed understanding of how different bodily systems interact. One of the most surprising fndings is that the heart plays a critical role in a whole array of brain processes.

The heart communicates to the brain in a variety of ways. It communicates electrically through two sets of nerve pathways. It also communicates elec- tromagnetically by radiating a signal that reaches every cell in the body, including the brain.

And, it communicates mechanically through pressure waves conducted along blood vessels. The in- fuence of the heart on the brain should not be underestimated. We often speak of the importance of heart in getting things done, in having pride in our work, in having the courage to take risks or speak our truth. However, in North America and Europe, mainly over the past 50 years or so, having "heart" is often seen as a sign of weakness, irrational behavior, or being soft.

Ironically, many organizations today act in remarkably im- mature, overemotional ways because of a lack of heart, un- derstanding, and compassion. Meanwhile, heart disease has become the number one killer in much of the world. Research over the last two decades has revealed that emotional states profoundly affect the rhythmic beating of our hearts, and the signals they transmit. Re- searchers in the Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes found that the heart acted as if it had a mind of its own.

The electrical en- ergy in each heartbeat and the information contained therein is pulsed to every cell of the body. When the electrical pat- terns of the brain synchronize with the rhythmic patterns The modern-day Chinese pic- togram for listen is composed of symbols for ear, king, eye, and heart.

The meaning is to listen with the ear, giving respect as you would to a king, watching with the eye, and doing this with a full heart. The ancient Chinese pictogram for think represents a babys skull connected to the heart. The meaning is that to think re- quires an open mind connected to the heart. An ancient diction- ary defnition describes the silk threads that connect brain and heart.

The ability to self-generate feelings such as care, appreciation, and compassion is key to greater brain effciency, enhanced learning, and a more emotionally balanced life. This is one reason why heart intelligence is such a powerful meta- phor for increasing personal and organizational effectiveness. More importantly, it works.

Cortical Inhibition A negative reaction to an unpleasant interruption can cause the signal generated by the heart to become chaotic, which in turn can inhibit cortical activity. Understanding this heart-brain interaction helps explain the relationship between emotional and cognitive processes in early childhood development as well as later in life.

In practical terms, it is now clear that negative emotional states cause more chaotic heart signals so the information being sent to all these structures in the brain is less coherent. The resultant chaos and confusion in the brain, frst discovered in the s, 18 is called cortical inhi- bition. See Figure Coffee in Your Keyboard Cortical inhibition manifests itself as less effcient decision mak- ing or hesitant speech as people struggle to fnd the right words to say what they really mean.

Reaction speed is also measurably slowed at these times. Focusing on internal self-manage- ment starts to help you gain control, as you become a master, not an unwitting victim of the normal knee-jerk response. Organiz- ations of the future will study closely how learning happens at the biological level and help all the players maximize their Today Is Tomorrow - Sex Crime - Sex Crime within the organization.

Amplifed Contrast Organizational incoherencethe accumulated noise, turmoil, pressure, and confictcan increase the internal distortion people feel, strengthening and reinforcing the negative, chaotic pattern in the individual.

The good news is that a positive environment can play a signifcant role in making coherence more familiar and help dissolve the negative patterns. Even in people with lifelong patterns that are nonproductive or unhealthy, a core remains that yearns to be productive, be effective, and feel fulflled.

Increasing levels of stress in the world only amplify the contrast between the FIGURE 36 Your changing heart rhythms affect not only the heart but also the brains ability to process information, including decision making, prob- lem solving, and creativity.

Jagged rhythms, shown at top, lead to cortical inhibition, while smoother rhythms, below, are associated with cortical facili- tation. As the gap widens between how people feel and how they want to feel, despair or resignation too often flls the gap. Biologically, this only makes matters worse and our effectiveness in dealing with problems is weakened or distorted.

Identifying personal reactive patterns and understanding their consequences is the frst step in reprogramming them. Research suggests that reprogramming ineffcient thought and emotional processes indeed is possible. Big Babies and the Storefront Emotional states are contagious.

Smile at a baby, and the baby smiles back. Treat a customer sincerely, and the customer ap- preciates you and rewards you with loyalty. You get upset, and the baby cries.

Treat employees with anger and disrespect, and employees internalize their resentment and lose the motivation to do their best. You can sense an immediate shift in a babys emotional state by virtue of muscle tone and the way it holds its whole body.

Ever noticed the same shift in an uncomfortable staff meeting or customer interaction? Usually, this is much more subtle and covert than with babies, who have no social condi- tioning to edit their behavior.

By adulthood many Z-People - Blue Planet us have per- fected the storefront, hiding Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes real feelings behind a facade of strained niceness while the internal engine of discontent revs furiously.

This requires massive quantities of energy, and is in stark contrast to the spirit of connection that has emerged in the last few years. But the level of insecurity is so high in many organizations, interactions between supervisor and supervised are flled with the silent noise of uncertainty, the fear of criticism, and the resistance to input.

A supervisors warmth and coherence can do much to dissolve this resistance and ten- sion. Conversely, a managers discomfort, frustration, or anger will reinforce the resistant attitude on the part of the employee. In the excellent book, First, Break All the Rules, the authors remind us that most people quit bosses, not companies. It is the all-too- often incoherent leadership decisions that convince people its time to move on. The frst impression within the buyer usually is an emotional one: feel- ings of discomfort and distrust or security and comfort with the salesperson.

The emotional state of the salesperson sets the tone for the exchange that follows. When people are being sold they tend to observe more acutely and, rightly or wrongly, form opin- ions about the salesperson at high speed. People often buy from someone they like, and if a salesperson seems insincere, pushy or emotionally unstable, the buyer often has reservations about making a purchase.

An old axiom in the sales Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes is that nothing is as ineffective as a desperate salesperson.

Conversely, increased coherence in the salesperson fosters greater respect and trust in the buyer, deeper, more effective listening, more 03 CH 3 FCTC. Now we can see the biological and electromagnetic roots of that observation. Rewiring Neural Tracks People can learn to rewire maladapted neural tracks that in- hibit the learning, growth, and emotional maturity necessary for success in any aspect of life. II Allegretto Moderato - Allegro Molto - Jascha Heifetz - The Complete Stereo Collection (Remastered practice, profound results can occur.

These changes can be measured using spectral anal- ysis of the ECG as improvements in cardiac coherence, 21 with concurrent brain wave entrainment, 22 enhanced immunity, 23 and improved hormonal balance These powerful effects are brought about through the application of techniques that foster the entrained state. Caring and appreciation, consciously ap- plied, are perfect examples of how heart intelligence changes physiology.

More Than a Pump The term heart intelligence implies that the heart is far more than just a pump, mechanically beating at leasttimes a day. In fact, its electrical, magnetic, neuronal, and hormonal properties make it a truly remarkable part of the human system. The surprising conclusion of a number of recent strands of re- search is that the heart possesses even more intelligence than those functions suggest.

We know the heart is fundamental to our existence, and in fact use the word heart to describe any- thing that is core, central, or foundational. Ironically it was only during the last century that the West assumed the supremacy of the brain and intellect, the heart fell out of favor and was viewed as a sentimental trap. But viewing the heart as weak, emotional, and irrational is an old-fashioned mental model that is not only incorrect and outdated but also no longer serves our highest 03 CH 3 FCTC.

Its time to stop blaming the heart for mismanaged emotions and to start to see the heart for what it isthe source of our core power and essential in helping us to access new intel- ligence.

The heart we are talking about is not synonymous with emotion. Research conducted at the Institute of HeartMath and elsewhere suggests that the heart possesses an intelligence be- yond the emotional or analytical. The heart does indeed sense emotional information and is capable of transcending the traps of unmanaged emotion. Evidence is mounting that the hearts intelligence is a core operating system in the human Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakesca- pable of the coherent organization of mental, emotional, and cellular intelligence.

Frequencies of Intelligence Frequencies are everywhere. We can see light frequencies, hear sound frequencies, and sense the varying frequencies of thought and emotion. Eyes are receiving stations designed to pick up certain but not all frequencies of light.

Ears are designed to detect Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes frequencies in a specifc range. People cant hear what a dogs ears are designed to hear, although the sounds a dog hears are just as real. AM radio is designed to receive frequencies in Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes AM range of a radio dial; FM stations broadcast in another frequency range, which an FM radio is designed to pick up.

Although the heart and brain each radiate electrical frequencies vibrating within yet another range, primarily Hz, the amplitude of the hearts signal is times stronger than that of the brain.

At the same time, these intelligent organs also receive incoming information and can produce a host of biochemical and electrical changes in response to this sensory input. Heart Intelligence Defned Heart intelligence can be defned as the intelligent fow of in- sight that arises once the mind and emotions are balanced and coherent.

Appreciation, caring, courage, and compassion are examples of core frequencies within the bandwidth of heart intelligence. Each time you generate one of these frequencies, or positive emotions, your physiology shifts into a more eff- cient mode.

Activation of heart feelings is an intelligent use of the bodys emotional power and serves as the ignition key for intuitive intelligence.

Often, in moments of peace, stillness, or appreciation, intuitional insights start to fow. Even the most restless mind gains new perspective and Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes in the presence of a caring heart. Positive emotions have a specifc fre- quency pattern, as seen in HRV heart rate variability traces, and their frequency is quite different from negative emotions.

Intuitive Intelligence We defne mental intelligence as that range of human intelligence in which the brain can analyze, deduce, reason, and memorize.

Emotions infuence and perturb these processes, which are central to human interaction. HeartMath defnes heart intelligence as that part of human intelligence that operates in a bandwidth embracing mental, emotional, and even cellular intelligence. As ones mental process comes under management by this heart intelligence and the fuel of emotion surrenders to the intelligence of wisdom, intuitive intelligence unfolds.

New understandings about oneself, the orga- nization, the market, or anything important are quicker to emerge. Intuitive insight often emerges. Mental intelligence is to analysis as heart intelligence is to intuition.

The management of ones emotional nature and the ability to consciously generate positive emotion provides the doorway for unleashing intuition. Without active intuition, life becomes rigid and infexible, so we eas- ily miss important cues on lessons to be learned or oppor- tunities to be created.

Many Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes in this accelerating business environment seem to be based more Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes a keep- up-with-the-Joneses mentality than balanced, mature insight. Ironically, intuition operates at high speed, so we can keep up without blowing up when we activate intuition.

Intuition is a Bandwidth One Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes the key insights that has shaped our research over the last 15 years was the sugges- tion that intuition is a type, or develop intuitive intelligence to round out intellectual capacity I ntuition exists in a bandwidth of intelligence beyond what most people have developed.

Ev- eryone is born with the capacity for intuitionthe ability to know something without knowing how you know. The propensity towards rational, linear methods of prob- lem solving has muted the voice of intuition in most of the developed world. What if the human system actually possessed a high level of intuitive intelligence, but we just hadnt learned to operationalize it? The accelerated age in which we live demands that we optimize it.

The kinds of personal Communion - Guillaume Dufay, Capella Cordina - Missa Sancti Jacobi - Rite Maiorem - Ecclesiae Milita or- La Cumbia - Sailor - Treasure Trove - Anthology 1975-2005 breakthroughs that are needed to move through the inertia and the old ways of doing things will not come from an anal- ysis that is based primarily on past experience.

The development of intuition is the next frontier in op- timizing human performance. Ask your heart how to have more of it.

All people are born with the capacity for intuition. It is just as central to humans as the drive to survive or to care for others. It can be blocked and obstructed, but that makes it no less powerful in its potential to guide peoples lives or guide the organizations in which they work. Consistently tapping into ones innate intui- tive intelligence represents the most effcient method of internal self-management available. We suggest that the human system is preprogrammed to operate with a high level of Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes intuitive intelligence, and that in this accelerated information age we have created the perfect La Mentira - Lucho Gatica - Por Siempre. to optimize it.

With consistent practice, it becomes automatic instead of random. Tamed Complexity Intuition does not always appear as the ingenious breakthrough or something grandiose. Intuitive thoughts, feelings, and solu- tions often manifest themselves as good old common sense, which as we all know is not that common.

Common sense is effcient. Simple, common sense should be respected. Simplic- ity is complexity that has been tamed and reduced to something that easily can be applied. It is like a complex math equation that fnally results in equals.

The equation can be quite long, but eventually it resolves itself and produces just a few very appro- priate and accurate numbers. Intuition often leads to simplic- ity and Known / Unknown - Otomo Yoshihide / Carl Stone - Monogatari: Amino Argot sense.

How many situations do you face right now that you wish could be made simple and dealt with through common sense?

Did it for you? Probably not. A new way of thinkingcollaborative, compassionate, and creativewill be required for success and coherence Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes the future. Activating heart intelligence will be key to creating the internal coherence to make it possible. A mind or organization without heart is scattered, im- pulsive, and easily distracted.

Emotions and organizations without the intelligent balance that comes from the heart cre- ate fash fres of instability and waste, causing people to stay locked in self-justifed mental loops, missing a heart intelligent perspective that could offer deeper understanding. Incoherence rules. People leave. Groups operating only on instinct arising from gut feelings and often based in fear stay constrained in modalities that Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes the spirit and age Give Thanks & Praises - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation. The heart puts frst things frst, from the 7 trillion cells it nourishes to the life it sustains to the vitality it ensuresintuitive, intelligent, businesslike; core, fundamental; the frst priority.

Early on, the process of speaking the lines, sing ing the songs, and bounding around the stage be came au to mat ic; for an actor, the challenge in a long run is mechani- cality, not mem o ry.

One night, about per for manc es into my run, I went totally blank. Time warped for a split second and I ex pe ri enced total terror un til, without my con scious mind know ing what I was saying, the words started coming out of my mouth, automatically. I was relieved and amazed words were be ing spoken with no apparent conscious input. I had been saved by the medulla. A portion of the brainthe medullahelps us bail out of the con scious thought process because of Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes are called ste- reo typed be hav iors.

This is the part of the brain where we learn functions that soon can become au to mat ic. With ste reo typed behaviors, we often are unconscious we are do ing them. People who commute to the same place daily often have no actual rec ol lec tion of how they got to work, because they may be so preoccupied with business problems or per son al is sues. We do many things automatically, without really un der - stand ing the impact of the behavior or its cellular con se quenc es.

As a boy grow ing up in northern New Jersey in the s and s, I made frequent trips into Manhattan. The Hudson River was in bad shape in those days and I won dered how fshor any thingcould survive in such murky, oily, gar bage-in fest ed water. Later, in the context of what I had learned about human adaptation, I mused how a fsh raised in the Hudson perceived life. Grow ing up in there, the fsh knew noth ing else, had no other life ex pe ri ence to compare it to, no benchmark of a clean, fresh river.

Born and raised in that en- vi ron ment, the fsh was forced to adapt, no mat ter what the health or survival consequences might have been. In deed, we heard sto ries of a depleted fsh population, we were warned not to eat fsh caught there, and we saw pictures of dis eased fsh be- ing caught on poles The Dream - Religious Vision - Gods Of The Eternal Silence the old docks in low er Manhattan.

What if one of those poor Hudson Riv er fsh won a dream va ca tion to Lake Tahoe? That fsh might at frst be shocked by the pu- rity and pris tine na ture of the lake but would quickly adapt and thrive and prob a bly would fnd the ca si nos on the Ne va da side es pe cial ly intriguing.

Many people are so familiar with a certain lev el of anx i ety, ten sion, or frustration in their organization or in their lives in gen er al, they think that is the only alternative; an- oth er way We Je Die Bass - Skudero - The Killer Album func tion ing seems a distant or cruel dream.

They have adapted. Then, if they hit the jackpot, their com pa ny goes pub lic, or they achieve a new status in life or move to a nic er neigh bor hood, within a few months they can adapt again and take that for grant ed. The nov el ty, and the re gen er a tive pow er of ap pre ci a tion, has worn off.

The adaptive power of the human system is es- Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes tial in accelerated times. For more Informatlon, call Theft —Atheft was reported at a. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at p. Marken Street. Unauthorizeduse —Avehicle was reported stolen at p. Theft —Atheft was reported at p. Highway Valid Sun-Thurs, Now - Feb 12, A new neighborhood of farm style homes inMidtown not to be missed.

Floorplans for everyone and homeswith alley accessed garages. I ocated near family-friendly OrchardPark. Bend's award-winning neighborhoodwith parks, schools,eateriesandshops. Business 97west on Mt. This tranquil newhomeneighborhood in southeastBendfeatures a collection of livable andattractive one- andtwo-story homesbyhand-selected builders.

Somehomes have Cascademountain views andall are Earth Advantage certified for energyefficiency. SE Avery Ln. OA Enterprise Dr. SE RubyPeakLn. SE CougarPeakDr. Anup-and-coming areaof Bendwith positive growth underway in the form of newneighborhoods, parks and schools. Legislation to be introduced by state Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, seems to be on track to a solution.

The Oregon Supreme Court declared in December that a seriously injured skier did not forfeit his right to sue because of a blanket liability waiver at Mt. Bachelor ski area. The courtsaid such release agreements are"unconscionable. Skiers and snowboarders voluntarily participate in a sport with inherent risks.

Even the best snowriders can catch an edge and crash. They don't have to be trying a jump or whippingthrough the trees. At the same time, ski areas want to give people the opportunity to participate in snowsports and to be a successful business.

Lawsuits in the wake of injuries and deaths could force ski areas to close, when they shouldbear no responsibility. States with ski areas have generally provided that liability protectionin one of two ways. Some states, such as Oregon, have used release agreements. The idea is that the agreement is clearly communicated to people who buy lift tickets. They are giving up some of their rights to sue. Warnings are posted at the ski area. But with the court's decision, it's not clear that ski areas or anyone else who hosts recreational activities with inherent dangers have adequate protection under the law.

Other states use a statutory approach. They spell out in the law that there are inherent risks in snowsports.

Skiareasare protected as long as they are not willfully or wantonly negligent. One example of that would be if ski area employees were to build a jump in a terrain park, knowsomethingis wrong and don't fix it. We have not seen Knopp's bill. It hasn't been introduced. But local attorney Andy Balyeat, who represents Mt. Bachelor, helped draft the language. Balyeat said his goal is to strike the right balance for protecting skiers and snowboarders and ski Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes.

Skiers and snowboarders need to assume the inherent risks of their sports. And ski areas can't have a "come what may" approach to safety. Need to change law regonians knew even before voters here approved Measure 91, Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes legalizes the growth, sale and use of recreational marijuana, that state legislators were likely to make changes.

Lawmakers have at least 14 marijuana bills to consider. They cover thelegal weed gamut, everything from barring sales near schools to Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes marijuana taxes. There's another ordering courts that are asked to set aside convictions to treat pre-July marijuana offenses as if they had occurred after legalization. It will take the Legislature time to work through all the proposals, clearly, but at least one bill already makes good sense.

It makes two particularly important changes to Measure It would give cities and counties the right to tax marijuana for themselves. As 91 was written, only the state has the power to tax weed, andlocal governments were specifically barred from doing so.

In hope of being given a grandfathered taxing power once the m easure was adopted, at least 70 cities, including several in Central. Oregon but notBend, and three counties in the state passed taxing legislation last fall. There's good reason for wanting to impose a tax. Oregon's cities and counties rely heavily on property taxes to support their general-fund operations, and they are constitutionally prohibited from askingvoters for more money except under limited conditions.

That means they, like the state, are particularly v u lnerable in economic downturns. Being able to tax marijuana might not make them rich, but it would give them the opportunity to pick up a bit of badly needed extra revenue. Too, SB would allow cities and counties to prohibit the sales of recreational marijuana. That's no small matter in a state where voters in 22 of 36 counties rejected the pot legalization measure in November. Clearly, rural Oregon was against legalization — Deschutes was the only Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes east of the Cascades in which it passed — and counties and communities should be allowed to ban pot shops, if they don't want them.

SB is a good place to start a serious look at tweaking Measure It should be approved. The singing is not for the performer's self-aggrandizement. This is our Silicon Valley, our Napa Valley. We and its heritage, its unity and heroic have a great opportunity to be the women and men, past and present, leader in the country.

So we will be able to say, hey, we Dale E. McCoig might be last in the nation in high Bend school graduation rates but we're. Enough lawsuits Regarding the Casey Roats lawsuit. Oh my goodness! Enough already. Real Face - 51 Black Super - 51 Black Super you have better things to do with your time and money?

Pleasemove on! Roats was elected to his position by the people of Bend and the council. Like I said before, 5-yearolds play nicer and they aren't such sore losers. Please do us all a favor. Anyone who is a parent of early year-olds knows what a hassle this is. Kids get their licenses at age.

Enjoy life! And let others enjoy theirs. God bless! Julia Oldham. But please stop doing what cal growth spurt, when their facial so many of you do to our national features change radically into their more "adultself" face broadens, anthem! Almost every time our nation- hair line changes, nose and eye feaal anthem is presented at import- tures rebalance, etc. The and historic melody and lyrics can "child" gets the license at age 16, barely be recognized and joined in then the DMV will not redo their because of the highly stylized, and photo image for eight years age The state-issued license photo at age "The Star-Spangled Banner" was 21 becomes a major identification conceived, composed Dont Wanna Lose You - W.J.

Francis* - Ragga Love then ad- issue at airport TSA check-in, international travel border crossings. Drop the lawsuit I am dismayed to see yet another lawsuit has been filed regarding the election of Casey Roats to the Bend City Council.

I will admit that I vot. Roats because I believe he will be a good city councilor. I have never met the man, nor have I met any of the individuals bringing the lawsuits. However, as a resident. They seem to. These now-adults end up agenda and are costing the city preotic citizens. It should be presented havingtocarry a m ore recent pass- cious time and dollars, which could that way and should not be sung in port photo just to be considered to be used on other more important a manner more intended to Finest Worksong - R.E.M.

- Green (25th Anniversary Edition) (CD, Album, Album) have valid photo identification. A female's adolescent an impropriety. It is time to move on all American citizens hearing the growth occurs somewhat earlier and let City Council get on with the presentation to stand, face our flag, than males. Thus this is more prob- business of running the city. Feature-wise they Bend. We welcomeyour letters.

Letters should be limited to one issue, contain no more than words and include the writer's signature, phonenumber and address for verification. Weedit letters for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons.

Wereject poetry, personal attacks, form letters, letters submitted elsewhereandthose appropriate for other sections of TheBulletin. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days. In My View submiss! Weedit submissions for brevity, Rhythms Of Life - Gover Dhan - Inner Tai Chi 2, taste and legal reasons.

Wereject those published elsewhere. In My View pieces run routinely in the space below, alternating withnational column! Email submissions are preferred. Box Bend, OR Fax: Covering combat in person is a significant — and potentially life-changingevent. At least 61 journalists were killed in doing their jobs, ac. Division could cross on them. Two You don't "misremember" whether of our four helicopters were hit by your helicopter was shot down by an ground fire, including the one I was RPG in Iraq.

Building trust is a significant challenge, especially in a unit that is working withan unknown embedded journalist in a dangerous place. Twenty-three of them now saying that he "misremembers" died while covering combat inwhat appears to be such a memorable rupted the newsman, who quickly compared to 26 in and 25 in event does nothing to help the prob- continued. And that's to say nothing of situations such as the executions of James Foley, Steven. Virtually any W.

Bush's military service. Williams recanted the story Resign. Williams added that "our captain. That also would. Charles A. Bigelow, of Bend Sept. Services: A funeral Mass will be held Tuesday, Feb. Francis Catholic Church on Lava St. Contributions may bemade to:. Obituary policy Death Notices are freeand will be run for oneday, but specific guidelines must be followed.

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Friday for Sunday publication. Obituaries must be receivedby5p. Monday through Thursday for publication on the second day after submission, by1 p.

Friday for Sunday publication, and by 9a. MondayforTuesday publication. Deadlines for display ads vary; pleasecall for details. Phone: Died late Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes. Mary Healy, Versatile actress and singer who starred with Orson Welles on.

Every year, the Seattle Aquarium enlists the help of. Known as one of t he smartest creatures in the oceans, the giant pacific octopus leads a relatively short. The Puget Sound hosts a The aquarium asked the healthy scuba diving comdivers to count how many munity, and the giant pacific octopuses they saw, note the octopus is one of the main depth of their finding as well attractions, even though the as the type of hiding spot.

They are terminal whereas the year before the maters, meaning once they divers found That could be havBecause the giant pacif- ing to do with population ic octopus is not on federal and mating. As they all peak endangered or t h reatened and mate, they slowly die species lists, there aren't off, then they start to grow current studies on the pop- back up again," Kegel said.

Two years ago, after a diver killed an octopus, state wildlife officials changed. Development proposals undergo a three-step process: a conceptual master plan, final masterplan andthen a siteplan for subdivisions on Bélénos - Jean-Jacques Goldman Et Roland Romanelli - Astérix & Obélix Contre César (Bande Originale property.

Construction doesn't begin until after the final master Atus - Various - Best Of Rai is approved. The conceptual plan has. The decision validated the conceptual plan, an important step before Loyal Land could move forward. That window was commissioners interpreted the between andafter conditions by assigning them appeals were settled over the to either the Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes or ficonditions for development.

Octopuses t h emselves They used the data from can be challenging to spot. The personwhocalled Sunriver Police atabout11 a. The animal reportedly moved northwest towardSunriver inthe direction of therailroadtracks and power line road. Policesearched the areaextensively but did not. Saturday, atRidgeview High School in Redmond.

Thedance is for girls, kindergarten through eighth grade,andtheir dadsor. Festivities will include a live DJ and dancing, horse- drawn carriage rides, portraits with a photographeranda buffet of kid-friendly food, according to the Rotary website. Proceeds benefit RedmondSchool District programs. But seeing her mom work so hard at school is also encouraging. And the situation has forced her to become more independent.

Some nights she is in charge of dinner, and next year she won't be that kid going Mañanas De Terciopelo - Demis Roussos - Los Super 2LP every weekend for help with her laundry.

In her essay for the scholarship application, Morales wrote about volunteering. It the past three years, she has feels good. Parking will be available at the Skyliner Sno-park and along Skyliners Road, between the trailhead and Skyliner Lodge.

Road, he said. This year, students At school, Morales plays from across the country rethe French horn in the con- ceived scholarships from the cert band, is vice president of Horatio Alger Association, the National Honor Society which administers one of chapter and in student gov- the nation's largest privately ernment. She spent hours funded, need-based scholarthis week cutting out ship programs. Knower and staff member at Ma- ingsomeone out there is willdras High School on them, ing to invest in her future at then hanging them in the college is a confidence boost.

Loyal In July, county commissionLand could choose to take the ers had to figure out whether decision to the Oregon Court of the conditions had been fully Appeals or ask the county for complied with or at least start.

But he said analysis has shown increases could be minimal depending on whether the forestland is being actively managed. Ruralpropertiesare eligible for tax deferrals if timber is beingharvested. She plans teacher at Madras High to get a job on campus and School who has known Mo- take out loans to cover the with Madras Gospel Misrales for three years. For years, Saylor talked to students and civic groups about his audacious mission, hinting at it s significance with wry understatement.

Saylor was born on March 15,in B r usett, Montana, and grew up Badge 251 (Deep Cover Mix) - Benji Candelario - Benji Candelario In The Mix a cattle ranch.

Until he joined the. After weeks of In fact, it was more than seen a train or a bus, except machine. Kobe, Japan. Fifteen other Tori Amos - American Doll Posse travel, they made it to "I didn't have any parts left planes, including one piloted safety. M any h i storians see in the movies. He signed up, the U. The Doolittle Raidthe myth of the empire's in- Tracy - Lou Donaldson Quartet - Forgotten Man, he heard that Lt.

The planes were to take off in Japanese prison camps, ers were awarded a Congresvulnerability. It also was cru- James H. After the war, Saylor rereeling from the devastation members on a mission whose the morning of April This Two drowned off the China mained in th e m i litary, retop-secret Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes he couldn't forced Doolittle to send his coast, and one died while tiring from the Air Force as of Pearl Harbor and other losses in the Pacific at the be- disclose.

Saylor volunteered. He was ginning of World War II. The secret idea, it turned f rom Japan, than h e h a d Running out of fuel, Say- also involved in real estate "It was a p sychological out, was to launch 16 heavy planned. Lorraine Saylor, his wife of colonel CV. Glines told the aircraftcarrier Hornet the mission," Saylor told the Saylor didn't know how to 69 years, died in Saylor's Times in D allas Morning News i n swim but struggled to a near- survivors include his daughsome real effort to show the A master mechanic, Say- Villagers eight grandchildren and nuwould fight back.

Themeeting will take place starting at p. Current association members and prospective new members are encouraged to attend the meeting. The meeting will include orientation for new members and first- second- and third-year returning umpires. Also, Oregon School Activities Association and national federation rules interpretation will be covered in asession that all Central Oregon high school baseball and softball coaches are encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact Ron Berg, association president, at Change - Ron Ron Clou / Samanthas Favourite - Where Is My Guitar., or Bob. They did not put on hats or gloves. And they did not make the coaching staff hold its collective breath waiting for a. Andersen was left with a small window of time after taking over as Oregon State's.

Bulletin staff report wins by forfeit propelled Redmond High to a road wrestling dual meet win over Ridgeview on Thursday night, the Panthers' final event of the regular season before next week's district championships.

They just got beat by a team with more experience. I was on the phone until midnight communicating with family and parents and kids," Andersen said Wednesday.

A pretty rough score against Redmond is not because we're a bad team. It's because they're a tough team. While he's still growing accustomed to the somewhat ridiculous honorific of "Mr. Commissioner" Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes "I've been. Rob for a long time" — his word now carri es weight it did not a year ago.

So when Manfred dives into baseball's. According to a press release from the Southern OregonNordic Club, which organized the event, much of the course is completely bare. TheNational Weather Service is calling for rain — but no snow — at Diamond Lake over the coming weekend.

The Portland Winterhawks professional minor league hockeyteam will host a viewing party tonight in Bend for its Western Hockey Kill Each Other/Live Forever - System Of Down* - MP3 Collection game against the Seattle Thunderbirds in Seattle.

Live broadcast of the game via Root Sports begins at p. Winterhawks teammemorabilia will be given away during the party. Take, for instance, the pace of play.

Acco r d ing to data Taxman - George Harrison With Eric Clapton - Live @ Big Egg 3rd Night by Baseball Prospectus, major league games took an average — an average — of 3. Ten years earlier, the average was 2. T h a t is an increase of almost 17 minutes per game. Women's college, OregonState at Washington. Pac Ore. For Love Alone - Richard Kerr - Songwriter 6 p.

ES P NU p. ESPN p. COTV 7 p. Girls basketball: Bend at Mountain View,7 p. Wrestling: SistersatJunction City, 6 p. Australian, Perth at Adelaide 1 a. Melbourne Ci t y a. F S 2 England, TottenhamHotspur vs.

Arsenal a. Men's college, Delaware atNortheastern 9 a. Root Men's college, Notre Dameat Duke 10a. FS1 Men's college, Georgetown at Villanova 11 a. Fox Men's college,JamesMadisonatTowson 11 a. Bonaventure 11 a. Root Men's college, Mississippi State at Arkansas 1 p.

SEC Men's college, St. Louis at Fordham 1 p. Fox Men's college, Northwestern at Wisconsin p. Root Men's college, Mississippi at Auburn p. Men's college,GonzagaatSan Francisco p. F ed Cup, first round, Poland vs.

The figures for the personal decision on abortion fluctuated slightly on the male side: 78 percent of those men polled could approve of their wives having an abortion; 19 percent would dis- approve, and three percent were undecided. Virtually every woman in the local sample opted for the same answer as in the general question.

ACCORDING TO a recent Gallup Poll proposing a Con- stitutional amendment limiting abortion, 46 percent of Protestants and 52 percent of Catholics would favor such a pro- posal It is interesting to note that the more sophisticated an education a person Wish You Well - Last Chance Dave - Chin Up, the more liberal his or her decision becomes.

While only 30 percent of college-educated Americans would want an official govern- ment limit on abortion, 49 percent of high school graduates and 56 percent ot grade school graduates would wish to do so. By contrast, the Floridian survey suggests that 84 percent of Jewish men and 87 percent of Jewish women would oppose such an amendment. The remaining small percentages are distinctly in the minority.

It is likely that the high level of education that Jews enjoy and their medical sophistication explains why the Jewish woman is most likely to seek a solution to a difficult medical problem. IT SHOULD be noted that the American public made a resounding statement when it de- nounced the anti-abortion presi- dential contender, Ellen McCor- mack, with less than 2 percent of all votes cast in 21 presidential primaries. If we have learned anything from the most recent campaign, it is that the American people do not equate the abortion issue with governmental politics.

Abortion is and should be a very private matter. Sunny Computer Stores, Inc. Play from 16 and up. Per Person Double Occupancy Includes: Round trip, non-stop, jet transportation Deluxe accommodations at the new Marina Hotel on the strip Transfers to and from hotel Baggage handling and bellman'tips All meals at two fabulous restaurants Unlimited cocktails in Casino and Lounge Nightly entertainment in the Mirage Showroom Tour Escort, and We make it memorable!

Now your guests may savor true Glatt Kosher cuisine. Delicious gourmet dishes prepared by traditional chefs; under con- stant Rabbinical Supervision. Whether you plan a Bar Mitzvah, wed ding, luncheon or dinner party, telephone us now. We'll make it a jewel of an affair. Miami Beach l Sunday. Hyman T. Beitscher is the president of the Woodside Apartment Association and active on behalf of many community organiza- tions, and Mrs.

The entertainment program will be headed by Danny Tad- more, Israeli folk singer and Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes. Milton Samuels. Entertainment will be provided by Larry Dorn, American-Jewish folk humorist. The chairmen an- nounced that refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome. On Dec. Rebeca Gold is Chanukah party chairman.

Schusel, vice president of the Intercontinental Bank of Miami Beach, was pre- sented with an award at the annual installation of Temple Beth Solomon, for his distinguish community service and dedi- cation to the temple as president of its men's club.

Leonard Haber pre- sented him with an award for de- voting his time, energy and talent to the causes of the youth, and the senior citizens of our community. Miriam Schneid will speak, in Hebrew, on "The Paintings of decorated with many plaques and citations for his involvement in charitable, civic and fraternal organizations which have con- tributed to the betterment of the city.

Beach Theatre of the Performing Arts. Highlighting the program will be Mordechai ben David and Shelly Lang, national recording personalities. It will be the first time ever that these performers will be appearing together at a single concert, and they will introduce many original songs.

Also performing with them will be the Neginah Orchestra, a piece Chassidic band, conducted by Yisroel Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes.

Also on the program will be a Chassidic dance group from Jerusalem and New York. These dancers are known for their vari- ations of the Russian Kazatzkah and the "Dance of the Resur- rection.

The audience will be invited to participate in the song and dance as the program progresses. At this concert a special presentation will be made of a mural depicting Chabad Chas- sidism, painted by Jonas Gerard.

Lipskar, dean of the Landow Yeshiva complex. Tickets for the event may be purchased at the Landow Maxim Caters To Coffee Mayvin's With all the entertaining you'll do during Chanukah, you're bound to have some mighty par- ticular coffee mayvins as guests.

Don't panic. Just stock up on Maxim the kosher freeze-dried coffee with delicious perked coffee taste. The fact is, Maxim tastes so dose to fresh ground coffee, you'd swear it perka. How come? Because Maxim actually starts with fresh perked coffee, freeze-dried into big rich chunks that come alive with fresh perked flavor the instant you add boiling water.

That's the flavor that everybody coffee mayvins especially love. This time, prepare for Chanukah with plenty of Maxim. Spread Bright Day evenly on chicken about 1 tablespoon on each piecethen coat thoroughly with bread crumbs. Place chicken on foil-lini-d shallow baking pan. Bake in preheated oven F. Makes 4 servings. In large bowl combine cabbage, carrot and onion.

Add Bright Day mixture and loss well Chill before serving. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Cutting cholesterol out of your diet also meant cutting out a lot of the tastes you love. Well now there's a cholesterol-free dressing. Bright Day. Bright Day has less fat and fewer calories than mayonnaise.

And it has absolutely no cholesterol. Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes means you can put delickws Bright Day in a lot of things you usually do without worrying. Try the recipes below and start getting back some of the things you gave up. Serve over strawberries in dessert glasses.

Mr Grocer: United Food Industries. Inc wiUredccmthiscouponfof lOcplus 5 cholesterol-free dressing For redemption of properly received and handled coupons, mad this coupon to United Food Industries. PO Box Pennsylvania Coupons will not he honored if presented t hrough t htrd pantes not specincaly authorued by us This coupon may not be assigned, transferred or reproduced This offer void in any state or locabty prohibiting, bcensmg.

A Offer limited to one coupon per purchase. Invoices provwig purchase of sufficient stock to cover coupons presented for redemption must be made available upon request. Offer expires March Donald G. For many years. She attended Emory University in Atlanta and is a registered nurse. Rosenberg, the mother of two teenagers, has also been active in the high blood pressure screening program conducted by the Heart Association. She is a member of the Parkway Hos- pital Auxiliary.

Rosenberg will direct the efforts of over She is the wife of Donald G. Rosenberg is the physician who worked with Jim Brosemer on "The Quitters" the anti- smoking campaign which was integrated into the 11 p. Heart Sunday will be conducted on Feb. Volunteers are needed for the door-to-door drive. This year's Heart Sunday goal, which includes the door-to-door campaign on the mainland and the Miami Beach Letterwriting campaign is S The chairmen of the Beach campaign are Mrs.

Bradlev and Mrs. Stuart Simon Contributions to the Heart Fund are used in the community in the Heart Association's programs of research, education and community service. The program is under the direction of Mrs. Charles M Rubel. Carl Jacobs, Clay Wallen. Barry and Michelle Moskowitz, Mark E. A special presentation will be given by Rabbi and Mrs. Haneros Halolu, a prayer recited after the Chanukah blessings. The community is invited to the program.

A Chanukah Oneg Shabbat will follow. On Tuesday. A candle service will be conducted by the children pre- ceding the party. Rose, instructor in the Sabbath School. David Moskowitz, president of Vita - Pathfinder - Fifth Element congregation, is also chairman of the board of education.

Gad Ohana, Well knowr Israeli singer. Playing guitar one Singing Hebrew songs for happy! Dinntr and si : AV :. Maxwell House A. So you'll be glad to hear that good old Maxwell House has created a marvelous new coffee especially for automatic drip coffee-makers. It's called A. And it's so delicious, the makers of automatics actually recommend it. What else would it be. Moie Tendrich, honorees of this year's coming, reach for Maxwell House event on behalf of Israel Bonds, which took place in the con- A.

The commentary will be given by Arthur Pickman. Members of the first grade will kindle the traditional Chanukah lights. Carole Lentin, PTA Ways and Means vice president, in charge of the event, announced that her committee including Arlene Green and Marsha Fingerer, PTA president, has been busy fitting the children with fashions from the children's boutique shop.

Latkes, applesauce, punch, coffee and danish will be served in honor of the Chanukah holiday. Reservations and further infor- mation may be obtained at the school office. Eugene Weiner. Coffee at a. It will be a return home for Dr. Irving Lehr- man's rabbinate at the Miami Beach synagogue. Wide-eyed washable plush Teddy needs someone to cuddle him Snoopy dog house cork board To hang in your room or locker The bag that's shaped like a house features the Peanuts' gang This Snoopy is a bean bag' He's lots of fun to toss around Snoopy shoe bags organize your room and keep it neat as can be Beeper button T-shirts in three cartoon styles.

Washable cotton. Snoopy print bubble umbrella perfect rainy day companion' Steven Robin, public relations staff member of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation second from left and Wilson Griffith third from leftalso from Channel 7, were also honored at the luncheon. Rabbi Ralph P. Kingsley, president of and Rochelle Nelson.

Each of the recipients were responsible for handling a membership campaign spot announcement and for the successful promotion of helping American Paid The Price - Nick Lowe - The Abominable Showman Congress bring the aged of the community nursing homes and day care centers out for a cultural evening at the Theatre of Performing Arts concert, with Zubin Mehta conducting the Israeli Phil- harmonic Orchestra.

Moller was honored for donating the fund-raising luncheon. Sherwin Stauber, attorney and civic leader, will be guest speaker. Kozolchyk have been residents of Miami Beach for over 15 years and are mem- bers of the synagogue.

The synagogue is honoring Mr. Kozolchyk and family for their contributions toward its new Aren Kodesh, Mizrach Wall and shul renovation, dedicated to the memory of Bruce Oldak, son of Mr.

Ernest Oldak. Following the meeting a mini- auction will be conducted by Betty Kasper, vice president of Ways and Means. Maxwell House, A Household Tradition Welcome your guests at this frosty time of year with a delicious, cheery cup of Maxwell House coffee. A tradition in Jewish homes for more than half a century, Maxwell House is a sign of real hospitality.

A delightful way to say Good Yomtov. Nothing, but nothing, beats a steaming cup of Maxwell House as a satisfying end to Chanukah dinner or to an evening of noshing and funning. Better be sure Maxwell House Coffee is on your Chanukah market list. Certified Kosher, MaxweP House coffee comes in instant and regular grind "always good to the last drop. Jorgen and Monica Moller, proprietors of the Prince Hamlet Restaurant, were awarded a special plaque of appreciation for their donation of the entire luncheon.

Moller have donated their restaurant to many Jewish organizations for fund-raising functions on behalf of Israel. The Brick Luncheon helps to support the Louise Waterman Wise Youth Hostel in Israel, which is a center Dont Know Which Way To Go - Eric Clapton - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Rush world travelers, and also the dialogue center for Arab and Israeli widows and their children.

This Brick Luncheon, which was the first, will now become an annual event. Bellock's home last week for a pre-campaign briefing. I Over 2. The Grandchildren Gadabout is a sightseeing program of major Miami attractions offered to Senior Adult members of the Center. Fee includes transportation, all admissions, full supervision by trained staff, insurance, snacks each day and a JCC Tee Shirt.

Senior Adult memberships are available. Registration is limited and the deadline is Dec. Myrna Loman or Ellen Reiff can provide further information. There will be six one-hour clinics from a. For further informa- tion call the Center. Featured Sunday, Dec. Admission is by ticket only due to limited space, but tickets are free by calling Herb Rubin or Ellen Reiff. The players range in age from 2Vj to 5 and were to perform the traditional Chanukah candle lighting ceremony in addition to Chanukah songs and dances.

Brim's a Favorite With Late Nighters Chanukah is a happy holiday and as you entertain with late night suppers, the coffee to serve is Brim. It fills your cup with great ground flavor, not caffein. So you can enjoy that late, relaxing, con- versational pot of coffee without worrying about tossing and turning all night, because Brim is decaffeinated 97 percent caffein-free, percent full- bodied ground coffee flavor.

Brim is certified kosher and comes in regular grind, drip, freeze-dried, electric perc. Get Brim for Chanukah week and every week and sweet dreams.

We're not talking about a movie. We're not talking about Hollywood, California or Hollywood, Florida. But, we are talking about the. No, this isn't just a black and white premiere. It's full of color and credits and all of them going to Harry Hollywood the director of many fine performances.

Harry Hollywood Cadillac. Always a premiere. The annual celebration of the temple auxiliary is slated for Tuesday, Dec. Irving Lehrman, rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, will extend greetings. Cantor Zvi Adler will lead the kindling of the Chanukah can- dles, and will sing a selection of Chanukah songs, according to Irving Schatzman, president of the Forty-Niners.

Don't be fooled Kosher poultry should have a TAG that certifies it is Kosher. If it does not, you have a right to question the product. From left, James E. Miller and Mayor Clark. Students Practice 'Tzedakah' As part of their ongoing Tzedakah project deeds and lov- ing kindness the first and third grade students of the Torah Academy of South Florida will entertain the senior citizens at the South Dade Activities Center on Dec.

A Chanukah party with singing and a candle lighting ceremony is planned. Tzedakah, an integral part of the school curriculum, was also exhibited by the nursery and kindergarten school students. These children contributed pennies each day at prayer services.

Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes ceremony was to Cold Ethyl - Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare (VHS) held on the lawn adjacent to the JCC facility and conducted by the ele- mentary school age children in the After-School program, teen- agers and senior adults.

Fran Levey, chairperson of the South Dade Program Committee will be on hand to address the partici- pants and following the candle lighting the traditional latkes will be served. The community is welcome.

The party will be held in the Teen Lounge at p. On Sunday, Dec. A kosher dinner which includes brisket, latkes, salad and dessert will be served.

There will be a Menorah lighting ceremony, Israeli dancing, Cha- nukah games for all ages. The dinner is open to the public but reservations closed on Dec. President of the Cut Me (Ill Bleed Like Any Man) - Shev And The Brakes - Shev And The Brakes. Shari Silverman, will greet the guests and Frances Makovsky. Reservations may be made by calling Anne Tannenbaum or Hennv Jaffee. A Happy Chanuka To All. A Pleasure to give, a Joy to receive, when nothing But the Best will do.

Famous White's Candies of Surf side Inc. Take Out Only N. SUbbmtcal fage devoted to discussion of themes and issues relevant to Jewish life past and Stella (Intro) - Apocryphal - From Depths co-ordinated by the Various - Mighty Mellow Miami Rabbinical Association co-editors Dr.

Max A. That is the question we seek to ask, find an answer: Some will is the answer, that it repre- Jewish loyalty and courage, teaches us of the struggle eligious freedom which is to democracy.

What is the basis of the id death struggle waged by Jaccabees and celebrated in gtival of Chanukah? Maccabees were, after all, quered nation facing the st military power on earth. Hacked a government, an training and arms. Yet nerged victorious. Chanukah itself created a surprise.

It was the first time in the history of man that people felt that religious freedom was an ideal worth dying for. Theretofore people were more than ready to accept the gods of the nations that conquered them. Suddenly there arose a group of Jews who said that they would be loyal to their God and fight for their right to worship Him as He willed them to do. December,marks not only the month which the Jewish people will commemorate the victory of the Maccabees in their struggle for religious freedom, but also the close of our cele- bration of our Ameiican Bi- centennial and start of the last quarter of our century.

As we kindle this year's Chanukah Lights, we are reminded that there are still enemies seeking the destruction of our people and the State of Israel. As Judas Maccabee and his brothers and their father Mattathias were determined to perpetuate their Jewish way of life, and carried their struggle against the idol worship, so must we strive to expand our Jewish way of life. Judaism, without the Sabbath, without Kashrus, without edu- cation, and a return to synagogue life and worship, will not con- tinue.

This is the meaning of Chanukah. Dedication to God, to his laws, and the survival of our traditions will keep our faith strong, and the Menorah lights burning bright forever through Torah and Tzedakah. Of all his sons, Jacob loved Joseph I His obvious favoritism, and Joseph's account of his liose dreams, produced hatred and jealousy among the ers. Joseph's brothers sold the hated favorite to some laelite merchants, who took Joseph to Egypt with I.

There Potiphar, an officer of the Pharaoh and captain fe guard, bought Joseph as a slave. The Hebrew lad fly rose to a position of responsibility in his master's phold. However, Joseph rejected the advances of fhar's wife; she slandered him, and he was imprisoned. God was with Joseph, and he won the ience of the jailers.

He became known as an inter- r of dreams by correctly reading the significance of the is of the Pharaoh's butler and baker when they were rison-mates. Joseph Schlang is president of the society Ibutmg the volume. Historically it was a minor holiday. The annual occasion for the exchange of gifts was Purim. How did Chanukah become a giant among Jewish holidays?

This change did not begin recently. It goes back to the mid- 19th century, which ushered in the Age of Reason and Nationalism. The Maccabean victory in- spired those who dreamed of the day when the Jewish people will unite and win recognition among the nations. The story of Cha- nukah was taught to the children as ihe 'good guys" and the 'bad guys.

Chanukah reminded them that in ancient times there was a powerful section of the Jewish population prepared to throw overboard their heritage and swallow Hellenism, hook, line, and sinker. Greek language ideas, and cultic forms, entered the main citadel of Judaism. Nineteenth century nationalism threatened Jewish life again. The story of the Maccabees reinforced those who were de- termined to end Balaam's prophecy that "Israel shall not be reckoned among the nations.

It provided impetus to Jewish aspirations for political freedom and spiritual emancipation. Reform Jews used the story to stress the "mission" concept of Judaism, but the great con- tribution of Chanukah was in the rising movement of Jewish nationalism and Zionism. A nationalist movement is in need of heroes to fire the imagination of a new generation. Nineteenth century movements in Kurope could point with pride T.

Programs Sunday, Dec. Being a "people of the 'book" was not enough to inspire courage and sacrifice. Jewish Garibaldis were not easy to find.

Nineteenth and Twentieth century Jews found their Garibaldis. Other conditions, of course, were also responsible for the change. Chanukah might have been a minor festival in the Jewish calendar, but Christmas was, and is. The holidays more or less coincide. Chanukah began to match Christmas in gift exchange, greeting cards, home decorations, and even wrapping paper. We have overemphasized the materialistic giving and getting side of the holiday.

Gifts are given each of the eight nights of Chanukah, as though to win a competition of lavishness, as if emotional security and religious values could be delivered. Our paper is blue and white, instead of green and red.

First we remember the victory of the Maccabees, who after a long struggle against the oc- cupation forces re-established the independence of the Land of Israel, and secondly we celebrate the rededication of the Temple with the flask of the Holy Oil found by the priests when they reentered the Temple. These two facets of Chanukah are well brought out in the music that is used on this festival. The melody of Mooz Tzur, with its typical martial beat and rhythm, is now an accepted traditional and Chanukah feature, although it originated from a German battle song, which also found its way into a well known chorale by Martin Luther.

According to the Jewish musicologist. Idelsohn, these German songs penetrated into the ghetto in the 16th century and were fused into the joyous theme of the victory song of the Maccabees. On the other hand, we sing many songs about the lights and the purity of our re- ligious ideals that were in danger of being crushed by the over- whelming powerful Hellenistic culture.


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