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Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin

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Download Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin

A Long Way From Home. Classic African-American Ballads. The Very Best of the Blues. Greatest Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin of All-Time. Blues Festival. Blues Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin. Les Plus Grands Artistes de Blues. The Tomato Delta Blues Package. All About Blues. Cripple Creek 2. Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Volume 1. The Ultimate Blues Collection. America's Folk Heritage.

American Folk Anthology, Volume One. Blues Anthology. Blues Explosion. Blues: Must Have Classics. American Folk Anthology.

Beginners Guide To Blues. The Originals of Blues. Coffee House Blues. The Very Best of Blues. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Alabama Bound. Essential Folk Revival. Walk On. Driving With The Blues. Blues Festival, Vol. Mardi Gras Festival, Vol. Nothing But the Blues, Vol. The Roots Of Garage Rock. The Acoustic Blues Box Set. The 1 Folk Album In the World! American Folk Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin.

The Blues an Acoustic Anthology. Blues Blowout At the Ash Grove. Leaving Blues. Blues Masters. Straight to Blues. Back to New Orleans. Stranger Blues. The Blues. Harmonica Train. Bothers In Blues. Green Corn Vol 1. Blues 50 Platinum Masters. Chicken Hop. Sonny Terry, Vol. Pawnshop Blues. American Blues Legends. The Bluesmen. Best of 1. Two's a Party. The Corner of Bleecker and the Blues. The Essential. Whoopin' the Blues, Vol. The Bluesville Years, Vol.

Fox Chase. Key to the Highway, Vol. Authentic Folk Blues to Sing the Blues. Blues from the Archives. The London Sessions. Blues Masters Vol. Midnight Special Remastered. Good To Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin Bone Crying My Heart Out Wildcat Tamer Scratchin' Tracks of Disc 2 1. Harmonica Twist 2. Daisy 3. Cut And Dried 4. Drunk Again 5. Baby Please Come Home 6. Hard Rock 7. I Don't Mind 8.

I Don't Need Nothin' Else 9. Possum Belly Overalls Candied Yams Baby Please Come Back After Hour Blues All My Life Kansas City March South Poke, West Virginia Harmonica Hop Shim Sham Shimmy Jump For George Tracks of Disc 3 1. Second Floor Rear 2. Jookin' 5. Lonesome Melody 6.

The Hammer 7. Work To Be Done 8. Highway Blues 9. Gravy Train Don't Dog Your Woman Walkin' Stumbling Block Blues Jackpot The Clock Raisin' Hell Please Don't Go Makin' It Cross Your Fingers.

Barbecue Blues 2. Midnight Rambler 3. New Prison Blues 4. Decatur Street 81 5. Lord, Stand By Me 6. Good Feeling Blues 7. Cocaine Blues 8. Worried Man Blues 9. Dupree One Way Gal Worn Out Engine Blues Fairy Blues We Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin Got Hard Times Runaway Woman Thousand Woman Blues Runaway Man Blues Dough Rolling Papa Oh Lawdy Mama Back Home Blues You Can Go Home Old Country Rock Defense Factory Blues Mississippi River 2.

Farewell To You Baby 3. Sit Right On It 4. No Woman No Nickel 6. Church Bells Blues Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin. Barbershop Rag No No Blues Rolling Mill Blues Unfair Blues Spider And The Fly Louise Louise Blues Old Time Blues Insane Blues It Must Be Love Strange Angel Chocolate To The Bone Deep Sea Diver.

Fannie Mae 2. Bright Lights, Big City 3. Nothin' But The Blues 4. Wine Headed Woman 6. I'm The Hoochie Coochie Man 7. Boogie Chillun' 8. Everyday I Have The Blues 9. Drunk Again Ooh Daddy Twelve Year Old Boy Hey Miss Bessie Don't Think 'Cause Your Pretty While Shepherds Watched - The Cookham Consort - Christmas Carols From An English Village Boss Man.

Blowin' the Blues CD. Mean and No Source Code - Chinese Hackers - (Wiretap) Woman 2.

Train Whistle Blues 3. New Love Blues 4. Mountain Blues 5. The New John Henry 6. Harmonica Blues 7. Harmonica and Washboard Breakdown 8. Somebody's Been Talkin' 9. Harmonica Stomp Blowin' the Blues You Got to Have Your Dollar Bus Rider Blues Working Man's Blues Lonesome Train Shakedown Blues Sweet Woman Fox Chase. I Love You Baby 2.

That's How I Feel 4. You'd Better Mind 5. Treated Wrong 6. Brownie's Blues 7. Southern Train 8. Gone But Not Forgotten I Need Some Money 3. Give Me Central 4. Black Pony Blues 5. Bottle It Up And Go 6. Walking Alone 7. Rats In My Kitchen 8. Ain't Nobody's Business 9. Mississippi River Blues Careless Love Shake A Leg I Split Personality (Visitation Day Remix) - Basehead - Split Personality My Baby All My Money Gone Barbecue Blues Notoriety Woman Take A Little Chance Why Should I Worry?

Taylor Mae Death Valley Blues 2. Better Day 3. Catfish Blues 4. Little School Girl 5. I Don't Want Your Money 6. Key To The Highway 8. Sad News From Korea 9. Spoon's Blues Pistol Slapper Blues Little Boy Sue Canned Heat Blues Stomp Down Rider Dirty Mother For You Highway No. Dark Night Blues Joe's Jump Misery Blues Old Battle Ax Frankie And Johnny Black Spider Blues Trouble In Mind.

Jump For George. Mojo Hand 2. Dimples 3. Hand In Hand 4. News For You Baby 5. My Baby 6. Frustrated Baby 7. Hush Hush 8.

Mean Mistreatin' Mama I Ain't Superstitious Number Nine Blues No Hug, No Kiss Stormy Monday Talk To Me Daddy Honest I Do Shine On Moon. Cornbread, Meat And Molasses 2. Ham And Eggs 3. Lost John 4. Chain Gang Blues 5. Betty And Dupree 7.

Stockhole 8. Rock Me Mama 9. Long John Red River. I Get Evil 2. Hide Away 4. Hold That Train 5. Crying At The Station 6. Train Done Gone 7. Casey Jones 8. Too Close Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin 9. Stewball Highway Blues Roll On, Buddy Love My Baby Jack Went A Sailing Just Make Love To Me Johnny Runkins I'm Crazy 'Bout You Baby Boom Boom Tracks of Disc 2 1.

The Hammer Song 2. I Wanna See My Baby 4. Mean Ole Frisco 6. Man Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin Stone 7. I've Made Nights By Myself 9.

Patrol Blues Love Henry I'm A Mojo Man A Worried Man Wreck Of The Old '97 Bye Bye Baby Late Last Night Heads Up Peg And Awl Hoochie Coochie Tracks of Disc 3 1. Mean Old Frisco 3. In The Pines 4. We're Gonna Rock 5. I Wonder Why 6. Tom Dooley 7. Mind Your Own Business 8. Down On My Knees 9. The Yellow Rose Of Texas Don't Start Cryin' Now I'll Never Be Free Jackhammer Blues Strawberry Roan Swooshy I'm In Love Goodbye, Little Bonnie, Goodbye Goin Down Slow Dust My Broom 2.

My Babe 3. Lost In A Dream 5. Evil 6. Woman Trouble 7. Highway Blues 8. Sick Feelin' Blues I'm Achin' 9. Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin Boom Early In The Morning Bad Luck Blues Ain't That Lovin' You Baby Merry-Go-Round Doctor Brown Evil Hearted Woman. Oh What A Beautiful City. When It's Love Time 2.

Diamond Ring 3. Got a good teacher here in Wilmington NC. Thanks—send more! Sonny Terry is one fine talented musician. The control he has in his breathing technique to be able Fiesta En Cuernavaca - 101 Strings - Passport to Romance and Adventure play both the harmonica and hoot at the same time is nothing short of miraculous.

I would love to see the harmonica become a more prevelant instrument. It transmits so many feelings to the soul. Lou Piskura. Another example that music reflects life as it really is. If only everyone could have that experience. Thank you for YOUR inspiration to others. I just read all of your comments posted and I went from smiling to laughing to smiling. This is so darn cool to feel connected to a harmonica community when I living here all alone in Kauai, Hawaii with absolutely no harmonica Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin some…but not like my days living in Austin, Texas….

It is amazing to play to the setting sun over the ocean here in Kauai…so Blues Night club or setting sun…. Guatemala, Central America. I have really enjoy this video. Gave me a couple of minutes of fun. My dad gave me a Harmonica when I joined the Boy Scouts back in Your lessons and videos have been a great help to me. Great video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your lessons are awesome too. The wait is over. Thanks for everything, Joe.

It brought to the scene the very essence of harp playing, this extreme happiness and naturalness of improvising over a few chords. I already knew the video. Sonny Terry in his best!!! Thanks a lot for the video. Now we have a band with the name, Dr. Blues Band and we play our own songs, later send you a video. Take care Eduardo. Greetings JP, I enjoy all of your emails. I recently picked up the harp after seeing your videos, and others on youtube.

Best regards to you and all your followers. Thanks for the newsletters, JP. Hey I have really enjoyed all your e-mails! I used to love to play piano and guitar but loss the use of my International Observer - Escape from the Dungeons of Dub (File) about 12 years ago to inflammatory arthritis.

I think the only thing I can play is the harmonica! I worked in the ministry for many years and now am in financial services. I have looked at Leicester - The Chalk Giants - These Things Ive Done.

A Compilation Of The First Ten Years of your preliminary courses online and I love your positive approach and your warm smile and attitude! Please keep in touch. It is a blessing to me. Great playing. Got anything on or about Herb Schriner? I really enjoyed this, what a great talent.

Thanks JP — this was awesome. I agree with the others, Sonny Boy sure was one talented individual. Geoff Down Under. I love it. Actually, since I heard you first, I think he sounds like you. Btw, last night I played some harmonica songs for friends around the campfire — thanks to you. One friend got out his banjo and played around, too. I recently bought a cd by Sonny Terry and B. Magee great stuff. Thank you JP Allen.

I enjoyed this video. It truly amazes me what you can do with a Harmonica. Thanks for a great video, I really appreciate all of your information and am coming along nicely with my harp.

Not nearly fast enough, but slow and steady wins the race. I will be ordering your course soon. Now I appreciate his harmonica and mine even more.

Thanks for the instructional videos that you send also. I hope you can find more of the old blues harmonica players and post their videos such as Sonny Boy Williams and Little Walter. I bought your instructional DVD set and I am on the first one and taking my time.

Hey J. I am soon to be 65 and I am trying to learn to play the harmonica by watching your free lessons on Pet Shop Boys - Disco 3 PC.

You are an inspiration to all of us who love music; God bless you. Gracias for all this inspiration and lesson you give me, i should actually say give us!!! JP: I truly enjoy your videos. At 80 years I just started playing the harmonica for enjoyment and fun. Bought your complete set of lessons and find them helpful.

So far I prefer my Pocket Pal. Thanks a bunch. Some artists of old school are playing in so light manner as if they were walking around and came for one song by the way. I enjoy all of your E Mails and you have helped me in many areas of playing the harmonica. I have not mastered the bending technique yet.

But am working on it, Will look forward to your future encouragement!!!!! Check it out. I got it through Net Flix. The sounds Sonny Terry makes are awesome. I saw a video of Bonny B.

I have been playing a little less than two years and had a mental block for a while because I was trying to much without learning basics. You helped me with I Wouldn;t Ever Change A Thing - Rod Stewart - Maggie May and a couple of weeks ago I Navajo Rug - Bill And Bonnie Hearne - Navajo Rug played on stage at church!

I went to practice, not at all expecting to actually get to play during service the next day but the band members liked it so much they insisted I play at the church service.

And check this out, after service everyone listening said my harmonica playing was one of their Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin parts of the service. Thank you for sharing your knowlege! Don Odom. I really enjoyed watching this. I can sure understand how watching this inspired you. Thanks again for everything you do to make harmonica playing enjoyable to so many. You are an inspiration to all of us. I really like his rhythm playing.

A harmonica fits into your pocket so when on horseback its easy to get some music going. His playing is motivational and I got a big kick out of listening to him. Thanks for the additional lessons you through are way.

Just thinking down the road. Great fun, brought a huge grin to my face when I needed one on a Monday morning! HI JP enjoyed all the videos that you sent me…. JP your much appreciated….

Very inspiring. Thanks for the vidios. Say hi to Rebeca. And Wow what a blast. Talk about a HARP player. An all time insperation to play the harmonica.

I noticed that some of your favorite harpist,including this one, and quite a lot of others,including Terry McMillan play ed the harp with the lower notes on the right. Generally,this seems upside down,is there a valid reason for playing this Into The Ruins - Hirax - The New Age Of Terror It is so amazing to see the many ways these talented artists play the harp.

By the way thank you for your harmonica lessons. I thought my wife would go ape when I told her that Rise And Fall - Pallas - The Sentinel had a set of the Hohner Bluesband on order, but she thought that it was it was a really good idea since she knows that if I am whistling then I must be in a good mood.

Well its working — I maybe still mediocre, but having a whale of a time. I love these videos, truely inspiring and reminds me why I wanted to learn the harmonica in the first place. Thanks J. Hey Brooke!!! Good luck with your practicing… If you want support from some harmonica playing friends… friends that will encourage you to practice… come find us at the forum….

I encourage everyone to see their favorite harp players before they leave us. I consider it a blessing to have been in their presence. Here here!!! Thanks Sirsanto! Well, Sonny T. Lurgee - Radiohead - Data Complete the overview from an ooooooLD player from 65 Drinking In The Blues - Brownie And Sonny* - Hootin And Hollerin back.

And yes I really enjoy your e-mails……keeps me thinking…. Hey Rae! These old folks could realy jam it. The little instument can realy make wonderful music. Could you pliz tell me what key that was. I normaly play a C and G keys. I used to play my dobro with a group of people that included an 80 year old retired preacher who did a very similar song with the verbal accents.

I have always been fascinated by the harmonica. Please continue to share your knowlege and music. I try to practice my harp skills more regularly now. Glad to hear your practice time is going well.


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  1. Nigis says:
    Complete song listing of Brownie McGhee on bigband.adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.infoinfo Tracks of Disc 1; 1. Blind Boy Fuller with Sonny Terry - Pistol Slapper Blues - Blind Boy Fuller.
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    check the value of your vinyl records by searching our archive.
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    Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Hootin' Blues Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI), 07/20/
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    Lyrics to 'Hootin' the Blues' by Brownie McGhee.
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    May 11,  · Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Story (UK) - CD Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee were one of the most popular duos in not just the Blues, but all of American Folk Music. The acme of their three-tiered career is included in this 94 track 4 CD set - brilliant slices of Piedmont Blues, hard and driving city Blues and immaculately constructed Folk Blues/5(3).
  6. Shakar says:
    Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - Knockabout Blues (Carolina Blues) Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - Easy Ridin' Buggy; Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - Woman Lover Blues; Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - Run Away Woman (Hootin' The Blues) Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - Shake Down Blues; Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee.

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