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The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents

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Knorr, City. The Committee on Finamce submitted a report recommending that the City Council pass. That am ordinance passed by the City Council on July 6, appearing at. The City Comptroller shall set up a separate account for this project.

The City Comptroller and the City Treasurer are authorized and directed. The City Clerk is directed to transmit two 2 certified copies of this. The Committee on Finance submitted a report recommending that the City Council pass a. Borrower shall deliver to Lender an original copy of each policy of.

In the event Borrower at any time or times. Said policy or policies shall be duly endorsed identifying the City as a. Collateral as hereinafter definedfree and clear of all liens, claims, security interests and.

Financials fairly and accurately present the assets, liabilities and financial conditions and. Collateral to any person, or permit, grant, or suffer or permit a lien, claim or encumbrance. Within 90 days following the close of each fiscal year of Borrower, Borrower shall provide a. In addition, upon request by.

Agreement, Borrower may eauTi credit for interest paid on the City Loan as follows:. Borrower maintains said levels, Borrower shall accrue one year's credit on interest paid in. Agreement, any accrued shall be a set off of the Loan payoff amount, and any accrued credit. Commercial Code as adopted in Illinois "Code" and the foreclosure provisions of Collateral is adJixed to real estate, such removal shall be subject to the conditions of the.

Lender which is reasonably convenient to both pairties. Unless the Collateral is perishable. Lender will give Borrower at least five 5 days notice of the time amd place of amy. Lender may. Borrower will take affirmative. This covenant may be enforced solely by the City and. With copies to: Corporation Counsel of the City of Chicago. Borrower shall certify to City that Borrower has sufficient fimds on hand or. Borrower shall have The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents to Cityduly executed financial statements to be. Borrower shall have furnished to City insurance policies indicating that Borrower. Sadd policy Blueneck - The Fallen Host (Vinyl, Album) policies shall be duly endorsed identifying the City as a. Collateral, as hereinadter defined free amd cleair of all liens, claims, security interests and.

Finamcials fairly amd accurately present the assets, liabilities and financial conditions and. Borrower shall furnish Lender. Collateral to any person, or permit, grant, or suffer or permit a lien, cladm or encumbrance. Collateral is affixed to real estate, such removal shall be subject to the conditions of the. Lender which is reasonably convenient to both paurties. Lender will give Borrower at least five 5 days notice of the time and place of any. Agreement at least five 5 days before the time of the sale or disposition.

Lender The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents buy. Borrower will take afiirmative. The Committee on Finamce submitted a report recommending that the City Council pass a. Aldermam Burke was excused from voting under the provisions of Rule 14 ofthe Council 's.

City of Chicago is authorized to enter into and execute on behalf of the City of Chicago. Redevelopment Agreement which will obligate the City of Chicago to assist Wheeler. City of Chicagosaid Agreement to be in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit. Development "Plam"which among other things provides for the City to contribute funds.

Whereas, Purchaiser has requested City assistamce in acquiring the Property, by. All plams and specifications for the expansion shall be in. City will furnish Purchaser with an appropriate instrument so certifying. The certification. If the City shall refuse or fadl to provide the certification, the City shall, within Cityneither Purchaser nor amy successor in interest to the Property Nena No Me Toques - Various - El Hit Del Verano engage in any.

Neither the City nor Purchaser nor any successor in interest shall be considered in. Cityif the pairty seeking the extension shall request it in writing of the other party. Section XV. No member, official or employee of the City shall have any personal interest, direct or. No member, official or employee of the City shall be personally liable to.

Purchaser or Catch Me - Noel Pointer - Direct Hit successor in interest in the event of any default or breach by the City or. Discrimination as used herein shall be interpreted in accordance with federal. This covenant may be enforced solely by the City. Purchaser for itself and its successors and assigns agrees that, during the construction of.

Purchaser will taike aiffirmative. This covenamt may be enforced solely by the City amd solely. Chicago through the attraction and expansion of economic development activity in the. Development Commission of the City of Chicago passes a resolution approving the.

West Rosehill Drive, ChicagoIllinois, and all buildings, facilities and structures now. Borrower shall deliver to Lender am original copy of each policy of. Borrower shall certify to City that Borrower has sufficient funds on hand or. Collateral, as herinafter defined free and clear of all liens, claims, security interests and. Finamcials fairly and accurately present the assets, liabilities amd financial conditions and.

Agreement, Borrower may eaun credit for interest paid on the City Loan as follows:. Borrower madntadns said levels, Borrower shall accrue one year's credit on interest padd in. Collateral is aiffixed to real estate, such removal shall be subject to the conditions of the. This covenant may be enforced solely by the City amd. Kentucky - Sammi Smith - Sammi Smith will increase the development and rehabilitation of the depressed areas on the southeast.

Avenue, tfien north along Cfiamplain Avenue to th Street, tfien east along th Street to. Island Railroad right-of-way, tfien northeasterly along said railroad right-of-way to a rail.

Gately Park, tfien Lucifer - Blutengel - Labyrinth along said east line to the north property line of the Electro Motive. Division complex, then east along said north property line to its intersection with the west.

Avenue continuing north on Cottage Grove Avenue to 87th Street, tfien proceeds east on 87th. Street to tfie eastline of tfie Illinois Central Gulf Railroad right-of-way, tfien north along the. Illinois Central Gulf Railroad right-of-way to [83rd] 85th Street; then east [on 83rd] along.

Island or the first alleyway east of the intersection of Stony Island Avenue and 87th Street. Attachment A. The taix incentives provided in the Chicago Enterprise Zone Ordinance. Karp, wishes to secure. Street the "Project"and has requested The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents City to issue its revenue bonds to provide. This City Council hereby determines that the assistance ofthe Partnership.

Mayor, or the City Comptroller is hereby authorized. Upon the fulfillment ofthe conditions. This Memorandum of Agreement the "Agreement" is by and between the City of. In such cases the greater depth is reflected in the pri. See depth tables. In this issue The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents be The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents revised rules for determining the enhance- ment due to corner influences. The rules are based on the new zoning ordinance which provides for the occupancy allowed on corner lots over inside lots, as well as the cubic contents of improvements on each.

These regulations largely govern the value of a corner, outside of its natural advantages of light and air. Manu- facturing property is quoted on a square foot basis. Unsubdivided property is valued at acre prices. These new maps show the alleys in each block of the entire city and suburbs covered. It also shows the difference of the depth pf the lots if any, between one side of the street and the other.

In this issue Calypso Of House - Various - Italian Dance Classics - Underground & Garage Volume One also be found, four new map Fifteen - Taylor Swift - Speak Now World Tour Live (Blu-ray), covering the city of Hammond, Indiana The growing importance of this prosperous neighboring city and La Cumbia - Sailor - Treasure Trove - Anthology 1975-2005 fact that it is within the metropolitan area surroundng Chicago, makes it a valuable addition to the Blue book.

It was made possible by the co-operation of the Hammond Real Estate Board. The unit values given are derived from sources which we consider reliable. All of the figures were not obtainable this year but will be found in our next and succeeding editions. This publica- tion forms a very important part to all interested in real estate values, as it gives complete information of the zoning provisions under which each lot in the city comes.

Besides the zoning laws governing the city, the zoning book shows all the paved The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents of the city, what material was used and the year in which the pavement was laid. All this is important as it enables a pros- pective buyer or seller to calculate in advance the probability of a special assessment in the near future.

The Zoning book will be issued at the sam. What changes have taken place are generally those wliich show up on the wrong side of the ledger. Transfers show a decrease of about 20 per cent in number. Building operations fell oft about one-third, over a like period the previous year. There were of course excep- tions to the rule of declining operations in building.

Enterprises involving the expenditure of large sums of money, continued in some districts on a high level. The falling off was principally in the residential districts, devoted to one and two family dwellings.

Besides these there was The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents usual number of large hotel and office building operations which would seem to more than meet any possible demand for same.

However the same thought has often been expressed in the past but Chicago kept on growing and eventually the space was all An Eye For An Eye - Gods Tower - The Turns up.

Let us hope that this will prove true of the future. There was a slowing down in manufacturing improvements and in small apart- ment house and bungalow enterprises.

Perhaps the most disturbing element in the market the past year, was the tax situation. The order of the State Tax Commission for a revaluation of all the real estate properties in Cook county, owing to the gross inequalities revealed by a survey of the quadrennial assessment, tended to retard investments in this class of property.

The revelations of the astounding- profligate expenditures of public funds in almost every department of the city and county government, besides the Valenti - Various - A Love District and Board of Education, made buyers cautious and sellers anxious Tiada Lagi Indah - Jaclyn Victor - Gemilang unload.

The story of inefflciency, alleged corruption and fraud, brought to light from day to day, read like a page of ancient Roman history and the rottenness of the French court in the reigns of Louis XIV and XV in France. Another factor in unsettling the market, was the frequent and constant changes made in the zoning ordinances. Since its first publication inno fewer than alterations have The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents made. Since our edition of the Zoning book was put on the market, some changes have been made. Many of these were warranted and justifiable perhaps, but in many cases political influence was used to have modifications that tended more to private benefit than public good. While The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents majority of the changes may have been small, in the aggregate they amounted to a good deal and had a disturbing influence on the i-narket.

More and more it is becoming realized that zoning is very important element in values. Most subdividers provide for this in deed restrictions in new territory. Even in old territory zoned for one use, deed restrictions some- times place it in a different category. Quite often a change in the ordinance is secured in the hopes that it will increase values. This desire is without a good basis for a more favorable zoning only increases prices when there is a demand for it.

Otherwise a change i"neans nothing- so far as values go. It is difficult to predict what the aggregate land values of the city are, this year, in view of the fact that while there were a few districts that showed some improvement, the majority of the districts recorded no advances but just about held their own. There has been no facts which would v. Adams St. Jackson Blvd. Exception is made in the Central Downtown and adjoining dis- tricts, on pages 71, 72, 81 and 82, where the valuations are for lots feet deep.

In some districts where the lots were originally subdivided unusually deep, the unit is for the prevailing depth. The rule, however, applies in the great majority of cases and particularly so in the case of short and irregular lots on diagonal streets and triangular corners. Besidence Apartment Commercial Mfgr. OO See Olcott's Revised Edition. Blue Book valuations.

Add 10 per cent of the side street unit foot value to the frontage unit foot value. If divided into 2'5-foot lots, 50x comes under the corner influence. Excess depth calculated as a side street lot. If not given, the side street unit foot value may be estimated at 80 per cent of the frontage unit foot value. Considered separately, 75 per cent of the corner enhancement attaches to the immediate corner lot; 25 per cent to the second lot.

Add 20 per cent of the side street unit foot value to the frontage unit foot value. In detail, lots 1 and 2 considered separately, same as above. Add 25 per cent as above. In detail and all other respects, calculate as above. Unit Un Ptit Tour Dans Paris - La Roulotte - Mandolines Et Guitares inside lots feet in depth. Multiply unit by width.

Result base value. Gives premium for corner influence. Add the two. Result whole corner value. Calculate corners from highest standpoint as above.

Add 60 per cent of side street unit. Volume 3, 4 and 5 Rule. Add 50 per cent of side street unit. Compute lot as inside lot on high valued street using depth factor.

Compute lot on low valued street using corner factor. Sum equals valuation. Central Bu. Of Depth. Comer iro. OO 6O. Add the unit foot value of the frontage street to the unit foot value of the side street. The side street unit, however, should not be less than 30 per cent nor more than 60 per cent of the frontage unit.

This applies only to retail business streets. Transfer and boulevard corners are exceptions. If divided into two holdings, 75 per cent of the total premium for the two lots attaches to the first lot and 25 per cent to the second.

The corner influence extends to 50x on ordinary corner and x on transfer and prominent corners. In computing corners on a retail business street, that part of the side street zoned for commercial purposes, should have a higlier value than the balance of the block, if zoned for residential purposes.

Same as for volume 1 district except 50x comprises a corner. Any exce. Same as for a volume 2 district. In detail, Lot 1 commands 65 Boyo - toe - Hear You cent of the total corner enhancement; Lot 2, 25 per cent; and Argens Bag - John McLaughlin - Extrapolation balance of 30 feet, 10 per cent.

Divide into right angle triangles. Multiply the unit on the high value street by the depth factor g'iven in the triangle table. See page All. The product times width gives base value in high unit side. Repeat for low unit side. To determine corner influence use low value unit times 50 number of feet coming under corner influence.

The unit, however, should be not le. This applies to a volume 1 commercial district. See table 14, Divide up into right angle triangles, rectang-les and parallelograms wherever possible. In the case of triang-les, consult tables published. Bond Issues A43 B Baldwin, E. Douglas Rl.

LaSalle St. Rogers Park Real Estate Real E. Kedzie Ave. Belmont Avenue Real Estate. Rl, Est. Madison St. Michigan Boul. State St. A small percentage goes to one of three charities, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Attendees tweeted and blogged from the conference.

CNN co-hosted the summit and linked to online content from the day. Like so many technology fests, New York Internet Week is a booze-soaked labyrinth of panels, launches, and networking events.

It provides a brief, face-to-face respite for guests whose lives and professions revolve almost entirely around a glowing computer screen, so getting them to commit to one daylong event, in a week crammed with dozens of different initiatives, requires a compelling pitch. That was the dilemma for social media blog Mashable, whose previous Internet Week outing was a mixer with little opportunity for branding or audience education. Since it was founded inMashable has become the de facto authority on marketing with social media and is only bested in U.

Looking to create a signature event that could cater to the varied interests of its readership while providing an attractive opportunity for sponsors, the brand put on the Mashable Media Summit at the Times Center on June 8.

Instead of typical conference panels, the summit lined up an entire day of presentations from social and digital media experts in arenas as diverse as hospitality, music, consumer branding, video production, and location technology, all speaking about how Web marketing and promotions worked to their advantage. By casting the widest possible net, Mashable hoped to court an equally diverse group of guests.

Coordinating with business and editorial staffers, Petersel brought in more than 20 experts, including Foursquare co-founder Dennis CrowBrett Petersel ley; Starbucks vice president of brand, content, and online Chris Bruzzo; and actor Edward Norton, who made a recent foray into social media with a fund-raising Web site called Crowdrise.

Securing marketing partners ended up being easier. He had worked with many of the brands before, though typically on events that offered less exposure.

The biggest partnership of all was with CNN. However, as might have been expected in a group so focused on social media, it was the guests who provided much of the content promotion.

Mission Statements Decor can be more than just a backdrop. If you are interested in getting your association connected with BizBash events, please contact Marissa Rubin at or marissa bizbash. Those same views with a top-shelf cocktail in hand. With affordable bar packages, catering solutions and a person capacity, the Observatory is the perfect venue for a high visibility event. This national initiative will train industry professionals to mentor their peers on how to incorporate sustainable practices into their meetings and events.

Keep an eye out for more information at classicpartyrentals. Learn Their Secrets Mighty 44 (Radio Edit) - Mighty 44 - Mighty 44 Success. It had the feeling of not being in the now. So we were talking attendees, including Signage, Web Site Design about the future, which we hope is a world with- interior designers, Sparc Inc.

The producers of Comic Con brought a new expo—and stormtroopers—to Chicago. The Chicago area alone has about three times as many comic retailers as all of New York, and a really strong educational community. The city has a great mix of fans, students, and creators. The show drew around 27, attendees and offered exhibitors, panels and screenings, and appearances from industry names such as Neil Gaiman, Chris Ware, and Alex Ross. Throughout the weekend, guests gathered around the Marvel booth to watch video game demonstrations and participate in giveaways and mock game shows.

Marvel was one of several major comic book publishers to exhibit. Others included Dark Horse and DC. Orman, Dr. Mehmet Oz, designer Nate Berkus, and others—and a small trade show of participating sponsors. Those other elements included a separate registration event to welcome the attendees For the 10th Anniversary of O, from all 50 states and abroadthe live evening NEW YORK The Oprah Magazine, the media program with Winfrey at Radio The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents Music Hall on queen brought in all of The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents different properties Saturday, and the public charity walk. LeadDog Marketing Group different events.

Attendees tacked messages onto the Inspiration Wall at the Javits Center. New Addition The I. Lakra exhibition, servers donned T-shirts with tattoo designs by the artist. Packed The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents entertainment and special activities, the fete included henna tattoo stations and a photo booth that projected the images it took around the building. Local band Endway provided live music for a secondI.

Contemporary Art —Erica Corsano. During the park-theme cocktail reception, guests helped themselves to cocktails in water coolers. In one hour, they plastered chalkboards. A blue-and-purple concert on a skull-adorned stage. With a park theme, the cocktail reception offered an indoor swing and daisy-lined sod. A team with opera-singing horses and of 14 assistants then unloaded the props, covered beribboned hay bales.

But this time, Production All Things Party implement their vision. Young equestrians assisted with the ribbon-cutting ceremony that kicked off the event, and then stuck around for dessert.

A crowd of more former, while a tented hookah lounge reprethan people attended the event, among them sented the latter. Our room really has a view At 1, feet, our event venue is an all time high! Call us for a cozy private event space, or book the entire Observatory The company also with champagne and a Vera Wang show.

Fig produced a short arrangements for a room that showcased design trends. Guests forts with publisher Amy Allen. The Vanity Fair team lit the trees on the grounds in green, blue, and orange, and put out pillows printed with humorous political quotes. Lucky Floral homey food circulating the party. Mellon tables were piled high with sweets Auditorium from Edward Marc Chocolatier. High-end sneaker boutique St. Alfred partnered with Nike in April to open Six Points.

On April 30, the brands celebrated the opening of the pop-up space with a cocktail party for 80 guests, tapping Experient to produce the intimate soiree. So another At the end of the night, a dessert goal for the event was reception took place in the vault. Mailed invitations included numbered safedeposit-box keys, which guests presented for admission to the bank. Models wearing s-style makeup and hairdos posed as bank tellers, and presented some guests with locked silver metal briefcases.

One by one, guests were escorted into the vault, where they used their keys to open safe deposit boxes. Inside, they found cards printed with access codes that would help them unlock their suitcases, which each held custom jerseys.

Event and meeting professionals, corporate planners, PR and marketing professionals, and third-party planners ready to gather, learn, and network in one spectacular day. What sets BizBash Expo apart from the rest? To register for the conference program and view the full Expo schedule, visit bizbashchicagoexpo.

Learn how to decipher proposals to Everything I Do Is Wrong - Jimmy Page And John Paul Jones - No Introduction Necessary surprises down the road. Main Stage, 5 P. Cocktail reception following the Event Style Awards in the registration lobby. Learn from their experiences. Catering Trends: A Comprehensive View of Current Trends in the Event Industry This session will cover everything about the latest catering trends, including menu design, creative themes, service, beverages, and adding those special touches that are even more important in the current economy.

To The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents the full Expo schedule and register, visit bizbashchicagoexpo.

Inventine, savory cuisine. Impressive entertainment. Call to learn about our restaurants and nightclub for your next private and non-private events for guests. Catering Office: Hubbard Clark Illinois McNabb Roick Here are ideas from real holiday parties and the people who plan them.

Hargrove Inc. Use white plush fabric adorned with white and silver ornaments. Incorporate height by propping white feather mini trees on either side of the table, which can be adorned with a touch of red. Employees of Astellas Pharma U. Activities Instead of a single evening of festivities, Minnetonka, Minnesota-based Carlson Companies held 12 days of events.

The guests had a blast creating their own unique scenes, and it was a great take-home for them as well. Our employees loved it. Boca By Design Online magazine UrbanDaddy held a holiday party for its New York readers with a dessert bar piled high with macaroons, cakes, and other sweets from several local bakeries.

Gourmet grilled cheese is in high demand. We serve spicy Genoa salami and The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents cheddar with tomato and green apple and Brie with crushed walnuts and watercress. Psychedelic trays held chicken dipped in gooseberry-plum sauce. The New Reality These days event strategists are facing an evolving set of expectations, from tighter budgets to an increased respect for the power of face-to-face gatherings.

Of the respondents who completed the survey, Budgets Are Down, Pressure Is Up To what The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents do you agree or disagree with the following statements about event planning today as compared to two years ago? In-house planners. How often do you re-evaluate the following types of vendors each time you plan an event?

All planners. What percentage of the time do you issue R. How important are the following factors when selecting vendors for your events and meetings? The Chicago Venue Report In the past year, new venues have opened throughout the city and suburbs, providing a variety of fresh spots in which to meet, lounge, or—should your guests need some pampering—get a massage. The luxury hotel has two restaurants, Balsan and Ria, each with its own private dining room.

Additional function spaces include the Sinclair Ballroom, which can host receptions for ; the Fitzgerald Boardroom, which can accommodate meetings for 12; and the Hemingway Salon, which can hold receptions for or meetings for The property also houses guest rooms and a 14,squarefoot health club and spa.

Amenities will include a parking lot, a new kitchen, and elevators with built-in bars. Taste America will be the exclusive beverage provider, and can arrange for catering from Lettuce Entertain You restaurants such as Tru and Ben Pao.

Hosts are also welcome to bring in vendors of their choosing. The 18,squarefoot space will host seated dinners for more than.

Decked with candles, antique mirrors, and tufted leather sofas, the underground space can host private events for The drink list offers throwback options like punch bowls and Hemingway daiquiris.

Gilt Bar opened in December. In a former mill Communion - Guillaume Dufay, Capella Cordina - Missa Sancti Jacobi - Rite Maiorem - Ecclesiae Milita, the contemporary American restaurant has several areas that can host events, including a mezzanine with seating for 50 and a inch TV that can hook A Fortune In Lies - Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite to laptops or DVD players.

Also available for buyout, the sprawling venue can host cocktail receptions for With views of the downtown skyline, the venue has three levels, each with 12, square feet of raw The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents. The entire venue can be bought out to host receptions for 1, Preferred caterers include Limelight, while Event Creative handles production and decor. Logan Square Kitchen A shared-use commercial kitchen, stocked restaurant-style appliances, and a walk-in cooler allow chefs to cook on site.

The venue can host dinners for 75 and receptions for An degree oven cooks up specialty pies, which come with toppings like fresh mozzarella and sopressata salami.

Exposed brick walls, lofty ceilings, and metal ductwork lend a laidback vibe to the space, which seats Upstairs, a private party room can host dinners or receptions for A 12,pound oven—built with volcanic bricks that the owners had imported from Mount Vesuvius—churns out authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

A glass-enclosed party room. Bottle service comes with an unusual roster of mixers such as strawberries and vanilla sugar. Craft cocktails like orange bitters punch come in vintage crystal bowls and serve four to six guests. With dark wood paneling, a DJ The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presentsand brown leather banquettes, the intimate lounge can host receptions for Mixologists work at an exposed cocktail station, whipping up specialty drinks.

Amenities include Wi-Fi and inch TVs. Chizakaya North Lincoln Ave. The venue features an exposed kitchen, blond wood tables, and murals of geishas and cherry-blossom trees. A private back room holds The entire For private events, an on-site talent booker can bring February. In a former pool hall, the venue has in comedians, musicians, or psychics.

An adjacent an upper-level room that seats 35 and can host receptions for The menu offers hearty private dinners. Gold Zum Schreien (Live Improvisation) - Amuthon - Wirklichkeit Cinemas East Boughton Road, bar fare such as pulled-pork and cheeseburgers with brie, and the bar pours more than kinds Bolingbrook, Seasonal menu options may include jumbo three spaces to check out.

A specialty cocktail list includes and numerous heat lamps, velour robes and the White Rabbit, made with orange vodka faux fur blankets are on hand to keep guests and carrot juice, and a special menu of lounge warm. Spiked snow cones, hot specialty cocksnacks is in the works. In the meantime, hosts tails, and sushi are all on the menu. Two new steak houses are providing classic settings for business dinners or two-martini lunches.

The restaurant dishes out U. A former Alinea sommelier presides over the bottle wine list, and a rolling champagne cart allows for tableside drink service. A front bar area can host receptions forand the main dining room seats The restaurant, which serves steaks, daily seafood specials, and oversize martinis, has a patio that seats Inside, a large private dining room seats and can host receptions for The downtown business district is now home to two hotels with ample space for meetings.

The boutique hotel houses rooms, each equipped with free high-speed Internet access. Some 5, square feet of event space includes a 2,square-foot ballroom, and the hotel can host meetings for or receptions for For overnight guests, perks include an enclosed rooftop pool and in-room spa services. Some 44, square feet of event space will include two ballrooms and more than 30 breakout rooms. Green meeting packages will be available. The overhaul will add 24, square feet of The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents exhibit space and 9, square feet of meeting space. New amenities will include a built-in concession stand, Wi-Fi, additional You Aint Going Back Dey - Tommy T - You Aint Going Back Dey docks, a full-service business center, and an additional parking spots. Cuvee West Erie St. With BOOM - Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 2013 decor, the champagne-themed venue can be bought out for groups ofand there are semiprivate areas available for smaller groups.

Hosts are also welcome to bring in their own suppliers. With an foot bar, eight plasma TVs, and black-and-white photographs of British rockers, the pub is available for buyout and can host events for Smaller sections can also be reserved. Flights of whiskey headline the drink list. Beauty Bar West Chicago Ave. The West Town nightspot is available for full and partial buyout and has a total capacity of National Venue Guide!

Chicago Venue Directory Activity Venues p. One of 17 Brunswick Zone locations in Illinois, this entertainment center houses 40 bowling lanes, an arcade with 60 games, a seat lounge with a bigscreen TV and a jukebox, and a seat bar area with three billiard tables. A meeting room seats This retail shop and kitchen offers beginner and advanced cake-decorating and candy-making classes. The retail area specializes in baking supplies, while the classroom kitchen features double ovens and counters where 10 can participate at once.

Cakewalk can host receptions for There are three banquet and meeting facilities, and American food is served in the restaurant and grand dining room. Putting Edge has three locations in Illinois. The 14,square-foot Norridge outpost holdswith a game arcade and a bilevel glow-in-the-dark mini golf course. A private meeting room holds 20, and two rooms can be combined to hold Guests can The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents shooter games on four virtual-reality machines at this 2,square-foot gaming center, which opened in VRmage, which holds 25 people, was designed to look like the inside of a computer, with walls and a ceiling that resemble a circuit board.

Computers are also available for gaming and Internet use. Independent Event Spaces p. Outdoor Spaces p. This cooking school has two locations in Chicago. The larger, 8,square-foot Chopping Block in the Merchandise Mart Plaza has three private kitchens that allow as many as to cook at once.

The Saffron Room seats The Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite This bilevel cooking school has 6, square feet of loft space. Tables can be arranged to customize an event, and private groups can enjoy seated dinners, buffets, or receptions.

Corporate logos can be projected in the rock-and-bowl-themed lane alley, and corporate leagues can be arranged as well. Originally built as a bank The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents Flavour has a foot ceiling, chandeliers, and original moldings and hosts eat-what-you-make and demonstration-style classes. The entire venue can host receptions of 75, or 20 can be accommodated in the back area.

Opened inthis bowling alley has 16 lanes for as many as people. Along with a cocktail lounge and a small arcade, Lawn Lanes offers disco light shows, leagues, and corporate packages and can accommodate blind bowlers. Food is available; catering cannot be brought in.

At this dance center, a bright-blue studio holds 12 adults for dance classes and a pink studio holds Instructors can teach a variety of styles. Mighty 44 (Radio Edit) - Mighty 44 - Mighty 44 can set up catering in one studio while the second is used for dance. The Big City Swing studio is about 1, square feet and has a foot ceiling, adjustable track lighting, a lounge with folding chairs for eight, and a DJ system.

The studio can accommodate 75 dancers at a time. This bowling alley can host events for as many as The 36,square-foot venue has 18 bowling lanes, 11 billiard tables, 22 plasma TVs, and 16 projectors. Three versatile private rooms can include as many as six bowling lanes Move With The Groove - Fats Domino - This Is Gold two billiard tables.

There is also a location in Lombard. The two largest studios hold 40 comfortably for dancing. The center has been open since This venue has two old-school, manually reset bowling lanes. Southport also has six pool tables. Two private rooms hold 65 each. This club features an hole golf course and a 76,square-foot clubhouse with lounges, an exercise facility, two restaurants, and six banquet rooms. The Martini Lounge has plush couches for groups of 50, and the Cosmopolitan Lounge has booths and tables for Open sincethis public bowling and billiard center is part of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

There are 16 pool tables, 16 bowling lanes that can accommodate 80 bowlers at a time, and video and pinball arcade games. Opened inthis hole course on acres has a driving range, a putting green, and the Cecil A. Partee Clubhouse, which seats 75 in its single banquet room.

A tent can be set up for seated affairs for Two hole courses make up this golf center on acres. Inside the 24,square-foot, Prairie-style clubhouse are locker rooms, a golf shop, and the Pier 37 Bar and Grill, which can be used as a banquet facility for East, This hole public golf course offers several spaces for events.

The more private Fairway Room holds Groups of 12 to can be accommodated for golf outings. This 3,yard nine-hole public course, named after a commissioner who served on the Park District Board from tois the closest course to downtown Chicago. The 7,square-foot clubhouse at this golf club has a pro shop and seat restaurant, the Edge Bar and Grill.

A covered pavilion seats The hole golf course is 6, yards. Open sincethis 12,square-foot roller rink has a domed ceiling. A snack bar and seating area outside the rink hold A 3,square-foot room offers two pool tables, 20 arcade games, and seats for Never In A Million Years - Laura Branigan - The Platinum Collection This professional putting green in Grant Park is in a botanic garden with city skyline views.

There are nine holes to the The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents and nine to the east of a patio, which can be set with tables and umbrellas or a tent to accommodate An on-site full-service bar and grill provides catering.

It holds Bespoke Cuisine and Pastoral Artisan Cheese are the preferred caterers, and off-site wine tastings can be arranged. Selling international wines, beers, and spirits, the space can host receptions or wine tastings for The owners, all restaurant-industry veterans, can provide cheese plates or contemporary American fare to accompany the wine. Lincoln Park wine shop Poison Cup, open since Aprilcan host receptions or wine tastings for Co-owner John Witte, a professional photographer, can shoot events for no additional cost.

This 1,yard nine-hole public golf course features a gazebo, a snack shop, tournaments, and private lessons. The course is outside the Weber Leisure Center, which has two meeting rooms that seat 35 and On 30 acres outside of Chicago, this one-mile horse-racing track was founded in Four suites and dining rooms are available; the largest dining room holds This golf club is The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents acres, with two hole courses, a driving range, two putting greens, and a clubhouse. The banquet room seats and has a wraparound balcony. The seat Club Room restaurant serves American cuisine. Skatium, inside the Weber Leisure Center, has a full-size ice rink and a smaller rink that can be used for parties or roller hockey during the summer.

The Nosso Samba - Various - Jóia Rara Vol. 1 room seats 35, while the larger room holds The 25,squarefoot venue includes three WhirlyBall courts, a multilevel laser-tag arena, and arcade games.

Seven meeting rooms each hold Open sincethis acre equestrian center can host corporate meetings and company picnics for 50 to 5, people. The barn can hold 1, for receptions. Entertainment handles all catering and has an on-site team to assist with event planning. In addition to providing teambuilding activities off-site, this company hosts events at its 55,square-foot facility.

The space holds 3, people, and has six basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, an indoor soccer and inline skating rink, and a baseball pitching machine with a batting tunnel. There is also a 3,square-foot party room with a kitchen. Thirty specialty martinis and more than 40 premium beers are available. Bowling and billiard events can be held at this 7,square-foot s The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents Deco lounge.

Two private rooms each have four bowling lanes, with a full bar in one room and a pool table in the second. Other spaces include a dining room, a lounge, and a poolroom with a full bar and seven pool tables. Nine tables out front are also available. Just Grapes is a 4,square-foot wine shop specializing in tasting events, retail, and education. The private wine cellar is decorated with 21 oak wine barrels and has a mounted LCD projector with a 6- by 8-foot screen, wireless Internet, and nine seminar tables that seat a total of Operated by the Winnetka Park District, this public North Shore facility has eight indoor and 12 outdoor tennis courts.

A glass viewing area overlooking the indoor courts holds 20 at each court for receptions. A small building by the outdoor courts is available for use, The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents tables.

The V. The back room holds 50; the total venue capacity is The space, which opened in Junefeatures a DJ pulpit spruced up with an electric halo, and quirky decorations including celebrity mug shots and AKs designed by Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The space holds Cocktails include a cucumber-pepper margarita and a strawberry-champagne cocktail served in an absinthe-misted glass. The Beaumont Bar and Grill becomes the nightclub Beaumont after hours or for private events.

The front bar and lounge area holdsas does the back bar area. More than rare boutique wines and additional bottles on reserve are available at this 13,square-foot space. The Tasting Room holds for receptions and can provide catering with a full buffet. The Horshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana has several event facilities in addition to a ,square-foot casino.

The largest event space, The Venue, holds 2, for receptions. Other spaces include the seat Lakeview Room, two lounges, six V. All event guests must be The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents or older. This live-music venue and bar opened in June in a former auto body shop in the West Loop. The two-story space comes equipped with a stage and a Tiki-themed bar area, and can accommodate 1, Available for full buyout, the space can host around guests.

A sidewalk patio seats 75, and the main bar can host receptions for A rotating menu keeps the fare fresh at this Wrigleyville bar, while featured drinks include staples like sangria and margaritas. DJs and plasma TVs entertain guests in an atmosphere with gold accents. Chi Bar can accommodate cocktail parties for and has a light appetizer menu.

Available for private events. A private room holds 50 people, and the entire venue holds for receptions. The space is divided into four rooms, including The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents Atrium, which has foot ceilings, a skylight, and a foot maple tree in its center.

Total capacity is This Japanese restaurant and lounge opened in July The interior holds 99 while the patio holds Clybar offers party packages and will customize its music for events. Open since Julythis bar offers a menu of pub fare that ranges from traditional cheeseburgers to less so pasta with bacon and beer-and-cheese sauce.

Full buyouts can accommodate guests; a patio seats an additional A semiprivate space seats Audiovisual amenities include eight inch plasma-screen TVs. This three-room bar, with a capacity ofhas an all-new interior, including Shelter (7th District Vocal Rmx) - Deep Swing Feat.

Xavior - Shelter (Remixes) restrooms, a new V. Mixologists work at an exposed cocktail station, whipping up specialty drinks with ingredients that include egg whites and torched thyme. A retractable garage door allows for outdoor dining. Come summer, a fenced-in beer garden with a plasma TV will offer seating for The entire venue holds This L-shaped bar holds for events. This 30,square-foot sports bar is located across the street from Wrigley Field.

Cubby Bear offers live music seven nights a week, and has four private party rooms. The large main room features two full-service bars, a state-of-the-art sound system and stage, and a projection screen TV.

Upstairs, the Upper Deck and the Wrigley Room can also be rented for events. With tree-trunk stools, stained-wood walls adorned with white antlers, and top-shelf bottles housed in illuminated arches, the 2,square-foot Empire Liquors channels an enchanted forest.

The decor is scored with a soundtrack of hip-hop and house spun by a live DJ. This venue can hold The lounge has decor inspired by the inside The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents a champagne bottle. The venue can be bought out for groups of To the right, a raised banquette-lined area can hold Banquette seating areas can hold groups of eight.

Open since Maythe seat venue offers small plates designed by chef Marcus Samuelsson. A connected patio features illuminated Lucite tables and views of the city skyline and holds 50 for cocktails. Local photographers show their work at this Ukranian Village nightspot designed like a light box: The circular, barely lit bar is the focal point of the venue, which holds people.

Antique photos are a part of the otherwise contemporary decor. A patio holds This whiskey bar has a selection of The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents than whiskeys and beers. Kitschy toys and artwork—like a Bat. A photo booth in the back offers impromptu mementos. Holiday Club serves a menu of comfort food. In Lakeview, the 6,square-foot space holds and seats The owners of the now-closed Stardust recently opened this lounge and nightclub.

Before 10 p. Later, a soundtrack of funk and soul transforms the space into a nightclub. There is an seat patio and a reservationsonly V. Two downstairs rooms with different themes are available at Goodbar: The front bar—painted by muralist Jeff The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S.

First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents ; The Sound Of Blue And Green (T.O.S. First Pass) - Damen & Wabansia - Presents back bar has a more subdued design and space for An upstairs room, which holdshas a patio.

A private back room at D. The ultramodern decor— inside and out—features wood tones and metal textures. Group events feature private wine tours.


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