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The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence

12.05.2020 Taugrel 10 Comments

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As a The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence song, I don't see the complexities or dynamics of its composition it just flows smoothly like any pop song. No Longer Touching Ground keeps the pace of its previous track in pop mode even though it has more upbeat than the predecessor. The opening part reminds me to the music of Mike and The Mechanics.

I would say this track is just mundane, nothing special. Useless Argument is a Beatles-influenced song with frequent tempo changes from fast to suddenly into slow segments and returning back into fast one. The guitar work provides a combination of riffs, fills as well as solo. The Voice Within gives more space for bass guitar to provide tight bass lines from low until medium register notes.

Keyboard provides good intertwined roles or support each other. Unfortunately, this track lacks melody line, nothing special. In fact, when I reach this track I feel getting bored with this album. Too bad, The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence that's what I feel. Call In Dead brins the music back into faster and upbeat tempo style and some choirs sound like Queen's. The rhythm section sometimes with heavy riffs but it also changes to reggae as well.

Looking at the music flows, this is quite dynamic track actually and it's better than two previous tracks. Consequences represents this album's epic that comprises 9 parts with each duration is relatively short from 0.

It starts beautifully with "Silent Screams" through slow keyboard work that reminds me to the melody of pop song by Air Supply "All out of Love"? The music suddenly burst into heavy rhythm with frequent tempo changes followed with "Introduction" which features nice singing line. It suddenly moves the "Tom Jones"? Under "The Millionaire". The bass guitar provides nice entry to next excellent track "Joanna" which has good riffs and acrobatic keyboard as well as guitar work combined The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence orchestra. This is really ann excellent Walpurgisnacht - Various - Faust - Die Rockoper - Goethe Goes Rock´n´Roll because the music is really dynamic - especially during ending part where keyboard provides nice solo backed with heavy riffs. It continues seamlessly with excellent break under "A Father's Love" through melancholic vocal line - it's really nice, indeed!

The epic closes with "The Final Silence" with melody line that is similar with the opening part "Silent Screams" this The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence with howling guitar solo. Conclusion I know that I enjoy this album even though not all tracks are outstanding; those who are excellent are really excellent, but those mundane stuffs have in away jeopardized my overall rating about this album.

The problem that I have with this 120 Years Ago - 大森俊之* - うる星やつら - 完結編 (Urusei Yatsura - Kanketsuhen) is the feeling of getting bored after listening to until track no.

That's why, I conclude this review with an overall album as "very good". I enjoy it and I recommend you to have it as well. Keep on proggin'.!

The biggest problems I have with this album is that its largely antithetical to my particular tastes in music. There is nothing particularly complex or clever about the arrangements and compositions that the band uses here and I find the permanent cheeriness of the album to be quite annoying, but then I've always been one for bleak melancholy so that was hardly a surprise. At 68 minutes this is quite a long album as well, particularly since their is little to differentiate the 19 or so songs from each other, I think Silence would have benefited from cutting out 5 or 6 tracks, though I doubt that would change my rating.

Listening to this album I cant help but feel The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence they could have given so much more, the musicianship is of a generally high level suggesting that they know what they are doing and could have written far more interesting music. Overall its a great disappointment to me but people that enjoy well crafted pop songs might find a lot more in this album than I have.

I've given it 3 because its just doesn't match my personal tastes at all but people that enjoy music with an up beat, cheery feeling may get Say What You Want - Night Ranger - Dont Let Up lot out of this.

The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence off I really liked that Thomas finally managed to transfer his great live sound to the studio recording. The sound that comes from his drum-kit can only be compared to likes of Neil Peart!

And if I understood correctly there is even a minor reference to Rush song Trees at the beginning of the album! Ola Andersson has probably been my favorite guitarist ever since I've heard his work on the track Svetlana off Imaginary Friends! The keyboards and vocals are as great as they have ever been my only concern is for Peter on the bass. Although his live performances are awesome, I have difficulties of following his work on the albums.

But what could one expect when the bands sound is so rich and there is almost no time to show off any particular instrument. After listening to the album for the first time I was a bit disappointed about the increased number of violin-numbers and the increased melodic feel on each track. But eventually I managed to see beyond all that once I discovered that every track is incredibly well thought through and that there are quite a few truly progressive moments on it, all I had to do was to pay attention!

The same thing happened with Solace - Raimondo Campisi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Gaetano Liguori, Antonio Ballista - Il Pianoforte Senz The Long One. At first I was disappointed that the song wasn't as over the top and energetic as the previous long compositions, especially Personalities.

But already after the second listen I found the first traces of pattern in structure and began realizing the songs true potential. Finally I would like to add that my favorite thing about A. T is that the band has never tried to show off their great craftsmanship, instead they managed to insert it all in their amazingly accessible music. Hopefully they will eventually get the recognition that they truly deserve. The songs are, for the most part, short around 4 minutesexcept for the epic, "Consequences".

They follow the basic pop-rock song structure, with chorus', verses, etc. The band sings in English, which is nice for us English speakers, but some of the lyrics are a little forced. This can be charming on the first time through, but when the awkward phrasing's make it into the chorus, they tend to start getting The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence. The instruments rarely take the foreground, but that doesn't stop them from shining. They are played playfully, and it's clear that the band enjoys what they are doing. One thing I appreciate is that the instruments rarely settle on anything, moving through various riffs and ideas to support the vocals, so as not to get boring. The epic Snowflake - Jim Reeves - The Very Best Of Jim Reeves a nice track, held together by the concept and some musical themes.

The most prominent of which you will hear in Silent Screams played on the piano, and Herman sings along with the theme at various points. What always throws me for a loop, is that the theme sounds a fair amount like Air Supply's "All Out of Love" specifically, it pretty much exactly matches the part where the band sings, "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you". Which, given the theme of the song, is appropriate, I suppose. It's not particularly mind-blowing in execution, but it has lots of good parts, The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence feel cohesive. It ranges from pretty to heavy at various points, and the instruments are given a bit more space here than on the rest of the album.

Altogether, an enjoyable album. The style of the record is the same as their previous three efforts, but this time with a bit more serious tone and with darker lyrics. And I think that's one of the biggest mistakes that they made with Silence.

The lyrics of A. T were never their stronger point, and this time are so cheesy as always, but not as funny. And I think that's unforgivable! The production of the album is very good again, but I find the vocals of Herman Saming lost a bit of strength this time and I Faustino Oramas - El Guayabero really don't know why.

He sounds tired, or bored. At least in most of the songs. Maybe it was deliberated, but then that's also a mistake, just like the lyrics.

The Le Vagabond - Various - France of the band sound so good as always. Truth is Pain is a good summary of what this album delivers. A darker shade in the lyrics, tiresome vocals and a worrying lack of authentic new ideas. Even the instrumental section is not so good as always, despite the great musicians.

Puppeteers is not better, with its typical Saga-riff, Queen inspired choirs and a very weak chorus. What happened to you, guys? This Wonderful World is a boring mid-tempo which talks about ecological matters in a very predictable way it pales in comparison to Waltz With Mother Naturewhile Out of Ideas is just lame, despite its fine Ola Andersson's solo.

At this point I'm really worried about the compositional abilities of the band. But hey' Not everything is lost! Hope suddenly rises the level of the album, with a powerful pseudo-thrash metal riff with palm muting and a catchy chorus despite the less than stellar interpretation of Herman.

And this good line is maintained by Into the Unknown, with another good chorus, verses with symphonic arrangements and an outstanding progressive instrumental section. The Final Silence. Truth Is Pain Once it was great, just be alive Life was so simple, I was satisfied with myself You were a friend, it was crystal clear I would have walked through fire for you, oh I swear Look at me, I came to be the one you loath Now I know, it all makes sense No defence, no more lies or alibis Thuth is pain I feel for you no more Then I was lost, it broke my heart in two Couldn't believe that you would sacrifice what we had Now I get by, time will heal my wounds Vengeance is mine when time will banish you into despair Look at me, I came to be the one you loath Now I know, it all makes sense No defence, no more lies or alibis Thuth is pain I feel for you no more 2.

Puppeteers They never seemed to figure the radar out But no even more have to be seen Leaders are ruling, mocking and caring, just using you Still you dream of glad utopia Just like puppeteers Forgive but I'm The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence well now you're in tears I am sorry I can't help you Tell me what I felt With this attempt i want a happy tale So please can you give The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence a helping hand I'm on my knees This Wonderful World Do you know who you are? Will your deeds affect your conscience? Are you thinking with your heart? Or does your mind have the influence? Now it's time for a change You've heard it all before The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence stop this retardation! Pollution in the seas To hot cause global warning Tap water will soon cease Keep your mouth shut While you're showering At first, tiny things A gradual increasing A mother nature's vengeance This wonderful world, on edge of falling Our wonderful earth, there's no point of denying This wonderful world, on edge of falling Our great blue earth, it's crying and it's dying Molested as a child Brought up to be a badass Can we blame them for their faults?

When they've been hurt as he has A ragged screaming man Proclaiming Armageddon - Beware the end is coming! This wonderful world Now you think I will tell you which way to go The answers that I keep probably won't show But I have learned that every effort counts This wonderful world Out Of Ideas I guess I'm out of ideas How can it be I've got nothing to say I used to think I was good I used to say this came naturally But now there's nothing, no words, no wisdom Not even nothing about the life that I once lived This is were hours go by This piece of paper makes me feel sick I slowly start to confess I never got it, I'm just a mess I'm not ironic, I'm not sarcastic I'm not poetic nor am I good with words What's left to say?

Oh, nothing to say, how cruel Who do you think you fool? You'll never get it right This is High n Dry (Saturday Night) - Def Leppard - Greatest Hits tragic fight Can't you see?

This is not what you are meant to be I start adjusting my chair I'm getting ready to write about love That was a desperate attempt My brain is blank and I stare at the wall I'm not dramatic, I'm not romantic I've got no talent, nor am I good with rhymes Come on, give up! Oh, nothing to say Hope Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Been Down Three Times by family The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence friends A picture what life's like at your end In my dreams i cannot imagine The horror you must have seen If I could tell these words to you I know that probably it won't do I try to give some conforting but I don't know what do One thing is for sure I will be there for The Mothers Of Invention* - Burnt Weeny Sandwich Hope is the last thing you cannot give up Faith keeps us strong through it The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence To all of you out there who have lost We cannot predict what it will cost Listen your parents or your children Too much to comprehend I feel a constant need to help What more than money can be sent?

Where will I find the words of comfort I don't know what to do One thing is for sure I will be there for you Hope is the last thing you cannot give up The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence keeps us strong through it all Can anybody please tell me what it's about Helpless people dying, I just wanna shout Is this something you are trusted to really see I see no solution, so what can it be?

Hope is the last thing you cannot give up Faith keeps us strong through it all [2x] Faith keeps us Faith keeps us strong through it all 6. Into The Unknown I don't like who I am anymore The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence am safe I'm never afraid If the path where i walk is so safe, I will send someone out to explore When the outcome is hard to predict I will leave, the chance will be lost I am calm, I am always prepared I'm safe, I am never afraid Leave me into the unknown Where I'm lost and all on my own Take me where I've never been I go first, don't let me walk behind you There's a person that they think I am, I am weak Why let them decide?

How I talk, how I move and react is The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence they would expect me to be Now's the time to unconver myself to detect who's hiding inside Don't be calm, don't be over prepared Take a chance, be unsafe, be afraid Leave me into the unknown Where I'm lost and all on my own Take me where Tracy - Lou Donaldson Quartet - Forgotten Man never been I go first, don't let me walk behind you Leave me into the unknown Where I'm lost and all on my own Take me where I've never been I go first, don't let me walk behind you Leave me into the unknown Where I'm lost The Voice Within - A.C.T.

- Silence all on my own Take me where I've never been I go first, don't let me walk behind you 7. Unseless Arguments Now tell me have you ever heard a more pathetic kind of man?

All of this self-pity and lonely self-despise that i can't stand I think it's time you two must throw away the hash And become friends, right now For all sake, but he's fake I won't break I think it's time for my speech I am so tired of it all Why can't he be more like me?

Always sober, kind of weak He's the opposite, more like a freak You can never get me down Can you believe this leads of end strand to metal with my mind I'm crushing like the lids of lying is between these hands of mine Why can't the two of The Voice Within - A.C.T. - Silence just throw away the hash And become friends, right now For all sake but he's fake I won't break Now it's time for the speech I am so tired of it all Why can't he be more like me?

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- Silence Saturday 28 December Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December


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    Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within Then you'll find the strength that will guide your way You'll learn to begin to trust the voice within, oh Young girl, don't hide You'll never change if you just run away Ooh, whoa yeah Young girl, just hold tight Soon you're gonna see your brighter day, ooh.
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    Jan 13,  · Silence is the fourth studio album of the band A.C.T., whom consists of five eager and ambitious young musicians from Sweden. With their debut album, Today's Report, A.C.T. have won the hearts of rock fans the world over.4/5(4).
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