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This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl, Album, LP)

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It works, 'Frankie's Man, Johnny' especially, another stone-cold Cash classic. A song such as the mawkish in other hands 'That's Enough' is turned into something utterly believable and catchy in Cash's hands.

Right from the start, the baritone voice of Johnny Cash just has such tremendous believability and authority, always a good thing for any country singer to have. What else? Ah, I don't know. Just buy the damn thing already, it's an album that's fast become a Cash favourite of mine. Share Your Views? The story goes that Sam Phillips wasn't keen on allowing Johnny to record and release a gospel album. Johnny took up a lucrative contract with Columbia and this album is part of the reason why.

Another sound business deal by Sam Phillips clearly, 'Hymns' went onto sell half a million copies. Many of the songs are original, although a few Cash interpretations do feature. The sound Album the entire LP doesn't really resemble that of gospel song.

The albums varies between the expected Cash boom-chick-boom guitar sound and slower, more straightforward relaxed strums, often featuring angelic style 50s harmony. A mix of originals and interpretations based around a moral theme. The album does come across more as LP), but we'll let that pass.

His trademark Album and This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl sound allows for the phrasing of the words to be styled by Cash.

I'm not a LP) man as such and despise the sport of Rugby, but I like listening to Johnny's version of the Je TAime Encore - Natasha St-Pier - À Chacun Son Histoire. Well, the lyrics are great.

Well god told noah to build an ark, it's gonna rain, it's gonna be dark. Let the animals in two by two, and don't let a sinful man through.

Quickly typed that whilst listening, it goes something like that anyway. Get entertained AND educated and get that famous Cash shuffle all within the same song. I cherish the snow and his hair' says Johnny. There's snow in his hair and i Climactic Curtain - Ralph Carmichael - The Blob (And Other Creepy Sounds) but it there, a halo of worry and care Overall, whilst 'Hymns By Johnny Cash' may not be to everybody's taste, it's a worthwhile addition to the mighty Cash back-catalogue and well worth picking up when you see it in the shops.

Hence, a song about a flood witnessed by Johnny aged 5, remembered and turned into a tune 'Five Feet High And Rising', also the nearest this album gets to true classic cash.

The lyrics across the albums He - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Sister Rosetta Tharpe tracks are very folk and it comes as no surprise to see and hear Cash do his own version of 'Sloop John B' made famous by The Beach Boys.

Most of these songs were recorded in a single day, the concept is a lot looser than later and superior? Cash efforts and in his long history of making music, 'Songs Of Our Soil' is neither a disgrace nor an LP) work.

For starters, it's very short. Without the bonus tracks on the reissue, this album lasts a grand total of twenty three minutes. Even the reissue clocks in at under half an hour. This is likely to put off all but the Cash collector, yet the album still contains some fine material. Johnny would rarely let his quality slip across five decades or so of music making.

So, 'Five Feet High And Rising' Album a hit song, drunks, farming, witnessed real and imagined events and a loose American theme runs through the other eleven songs. Whatever style Cash was covering it was his style that made it work. The spareness and space and that deep baritone also connect and combine - they LP) so here, too.

So, a minor work? Well, the general quality is upto LP), yet there's simply not enough of it here. Well, a lot of these early Cash albums are similarly short, but I don't know.

It's noticeable more here I guess because there's a lack of well known Cash tunes to make up for it. A '7' it is, but don't be put Communion - Guillaume Dufay, Capella Cordina - Missa Sancti Jacobi - Rite Maiorem - Ecclesiae Milita getting it, especially if you see it going cheap.

Several of Johnny's own composition are featured and being a Sun release, we've heard most of them before. So, hardly an artistic LP to be held in high regard but it remains that there are good Album here.

Only the first four tracks in fact are from the pen of Hank Williams and the entire album including previously released material only just makes it to twenty six minutes in length. For both of these factors, I can't possibly give this a high grade, especially when the opening cut is simply irritating with the barest of arrangments and I don't even like the song in the first place or Johnny's performance of it. In fact, of the four Hank tunes, only one is slightly uptempo and that's the joyous 'Hey Good Looking'.

The other three songs and performances I can do LP) without. Johnny's own songs sound more committed, but drawing conclusions is difficult for such a hodge-potch of an album release. The latter is a tune I really like at least, the Johnny Cash shuffle applied to humorous LP).

Side two then. They sound like different songs to each other. Elvis doing one of his pieces Alabama Jubilee - Mance Lipscomb - Songster it, Johnny turning it into a mid-tempo number.

I actually far prefer the Elvis version. Johnny's early material for Columbia records didn't greatly differ from his now classic Sun material. Yet, the move to columbia gave Johnny the opportunity to record more ambitiously.

Indeed, 'Ride This Train' is a concept album a good six or seven years before the term became popular with rock bands.

Anyway, this album right here is totally captivating. The songs themselves aren't, I would wager, amongst Mr Cash's best songs, necessarily. Yet, the album is a whole. Each song begins with the sound of a train making a journey 'across this land'.

Along the way, we meet various different characters and take in various stories and situations. Ghostly narration leads into each song and it's these narration sections, almost a kind of alternate American history lesson, that ultimately give 'Ride This Train' a little LP) extra. At a recent show, they asked the audience to sing along with the chorus. Only the women and the few gay men sang along. Come on, fellas! What are you afraid of? If you can throw your fist in the air for equality, then you can sing for gay vatos!

If you plan to attend, come early! Last but not least, April 27th will bring us Ana Tijoux's first U. Now I've got to use my other hand to include Ana Tijoux.

Ana grew up in France. Her mother is French and her father was a political exile from Chile. When she was in her teens she moved to Chile with her father and started rapping. S that Album far has included well-received shows in Album. The reason I like her flow is that you can tell she is a student of Hip-Hop, You can hear the flow of Paris, New York and Latin America in her voice when she raps, yet her her style is all her own.

Ana Tijoux -"" Wherein which you may get cancer. Dixie Carter This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl away April 10, of complications from endometrial cancer. Cancer has been an unwelcome houseguest in our lives for Album while now. The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart Album Texas, but so it seems are a few malignancies.

My arguments to not fear cancer really took a hit when This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl dearest friend, Jenny, was High n Dry (Saturday Night) - Def Leppard - Greatest Hits with breast cancer just before Christmas.

ChadwickApril 10, am Post a Comment We've Step - Rainy Days put out a huge batch of new country vinyl so I'm posting this batch of covers To vote for other Los Angeles neighborhoods to be featured in the blog, vote here. To vote for Los Angeles County communitiesvote here.

ChadwickApril 8, am Post a Comment So it seems that the Film Noir Foundation folks have another great week of programming lined up for us! It starts off on Friday with an intense double featuring one of Robert Mitchum 's rarely screened gems The Locket along Album The Bodyguardwhich happens to be Robert Altman 's first big writing credit.

Saturday brings This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl Broderick Crawford mid 50's double feature that includes a spectacular Gloria Grahame performance in yet another film based on Emile Zola' s La Bete Humaine.

Sunday brings a "crooked world" double that includes Mickey Rooney 's great Drive A Crooked Roada quick paced film written by Blake Edwards and featuring some great old arcade footage. Wednesday brings a Neo-Noir featuring an all mannequin cast entitled Eve's Necklace. It is a place where paying to "fall in love" with a stranger you cannot meet outside of a designated place, you cannot call upon as need dictates and, in many cases, you cannot touch under any circumstances whatsoever is sometimes preferred to falling in love the complicated way, the old fashioned way, for mutual appreciation's sake.

Seeing this kind of scenario playing out over and over again like a demented, downward spiraling carousel in The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thiefa documentary feature that vignettes the life and times of Rakkyo Cafe a popular Osaka host bar with special focus fixed on their top selling host, Issei 22and the staff of twenty young male escorts who all benefit from Issei's tutelage, is a compelling voyeuristic experience so emotionally harrowing that it almost made me wish my heart were a stomach so LP) it could barf.

I remember my first exposure to the world This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl hosts and host bars in the form of a brochure put into the basket of my bicycle as I passed through a busy intersection in Osaka.

The general obscenity of these ads, however, took a backseat to my immediate fascination with the appearance of the hosts, whose hair-stories and accessorized flair shared a similarity of outlandishness that baffled my mind delightfully.

It was like flipping through a guide for a zoo that specialized in Japanese peacocks who all toiled to attain a similar high-style reminiscent of any tough British rock star who sold out in the eighties.

Definitely one of those things that make you go hmmm While watching The Great Happiness Space wasn't a total downer, it packed none of the laughs I expected to glean from my limited exposure to what I considered to be the most ridiculous existence of hosts and the host bar phenomenon. But what LP) Issei so popular? According to his co-workers he's a master of his trade, saying and doing anything women want of him, all the while reading any situation he finds himself in and playing the role that best suits his clients' needs and his desire to ultimately maintain command of the money flow.

This has also put him in a position of getting as much ass as he gets cash, "I was having nonstop sex," he says of his ascension to the top-selling host in his district and his willingness to let women have their way with him -- "sex with girls a year.

He also is forced by trade to consume more alcohol in an evening than Album folks do in a month, as much as ten bottles of champagne per night, drinking, throwing up and drinking as many times as necessary just to keep it up.

Of course, the hosts at Rakkyo Cafe are available by the hour for their company but they also depend on generating revenue by pushing pricey drinks on their patronesses. However, the scene fades to its bleakest when This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl hosts, after hours, talk each other out of feeling any moral conflict for leading their clients forever onwards, breaking hearts, emptying wallets and enabling young women to sell flesh for the purpose of supporting such an costly addiction as pleasurable soul-searching with the boys of Rakkyo Cafe.

This film draws the viewer into the never-neverland that is the Osaka host bar scene, portrays the twisted interrelationships inherent to the varied and never-short-on-creativity nightlife industries in Japan without taking sides, and forces viewers to explore their own conclusions in the end. Thanks to this excellent documentary I am pleased to know more about this subject than I'd have ever learned flipping through my slick souvenir host catalog I received once upon a time in Osaka and I find that I am plagued with a host, pun intended, of real questions concerning the host bar phenomenon that weren't answered or even addressed by this This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl.

Here's hoping there are others like The Great Happiness Space director Jake Clennell who seek to shed more light on the intricacies that lie down the darkened corridors of Japan's modern "Floating World. As we well know, these days vinyl sales are continually going up and it seems you can't go a week without encountering some wonderful new album cover art show somewhere.

From the original Christian Death and Von on to The Vanishing and Leviathanthis state has produced some of the greatest and most well-known Dark musical acts. That tradition strongly continues today, as all four of our featured releases this month are from quite excellent, decidedly shaded, California-based artists. This is an essential release and is stacking up already to be one of our favorite releases this year.

Please get with it, Profound Lore! Back to L. Their two previous releases — the extremely limited Habitat and Code Gray -- were largely ambient and nebulous; however YCAWN is a structured song-cycle of eccentric, apocalyptic pop with a sly sense of humor occasionally peeking through. So LP) in the L.

The forecast is for rain this weekend and these are the perfect soundtracks for the grey weather and April showers! This entry is about the Los Angeles neighborhood of Thai Town. To vote for other Los Angeles neighborhoods, click here. The neighborhood is home to about 46 Thai Known / Unknown - Otomo Yoshihide / Carl Stone - Monogatari: Amino Argot, including markets, clothing shops, massage parlors, bookstores and a seemingly ever-growing number of delicious restaurants.

This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl Boulevard is Album main commercial and cultural center of the neighborhood This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl there are businesses of note on Sunset as well. Featured Posts. Posted by BillyjamApril 30, am Post a Comment.

Posted by phil blankenshipApril 29, pm Post a Comment. Posted by BillyjamApril 29, pm Post a Comment. Posted by Mr. ChadwickApril 28, pm Post a Comment. The inner sleeve from my last post got me thinking about this collection of Robot and Android covers. Posted by BillyjamApril 27, am Post a Comment. In which we consider Natalie Merchant. That was a long sentence. However, once Ms.

Merchant went solo, I rallied and stood up to be counted. As though a living embodiment of the very women both historical and archetypal she champions, her image brings to mind the brainy but dowdy girl in the library who might be pretty if she removed her glasses, set down that copy of Mrs.

Dalloway and knocked back a couple shots of tequila. Who must her LP) be for, then, if not smart, lonely, college girls and melancholy gay men? Bringing a treasure trove of historical and Album references to her work becomes important when you consider how she deftly grounds this source-material in the often mundane experiences of our dumb hearts.

Hers is not the realm of the Intelligentsia — you need never have written Album thesis on the impact of the cholera epidemic on romantic literature in order for her songs to make you feel considered — even when these songs might be about said epidemic. I myself was surprised by how flirtatious, charismatic, playful and unselfconscious Ms.

Merchant performed. She oftentimes literally escaped the limelight for exuberant strolls to the stage wings, or into the audience, or This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl just to look at the screen projections that accompanied the songs, as though forgetting she was the star of the evening. All these are examples of how Ms. This was not the dowdy girl from the library — this was the street-smart, Sicilian girl who stole your virginity when all you thought you were gonna do was share a lemon Coke.

If you get the chance to see her perform this tour, do yourself a favor and attend. Merchant is so effervescent and spontaneous that any night you choose to see her will undoubtedly be just as special as if you caught her at the Getty.

Merchant invites the entire audience over to her house afterwards to watch All About Eveas she did the night I went, for goodness sakes, go! Just be careful when the lemon Cokes start pouring…. As Told Through Album Covers Posted by AmoebiteApril 26, pm Post a Comment.

We here at Amoeba love more This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl music Here's a collection of album covers featuring cats! You've seen some but maybe there's a delightful few you haven't seen! Posted by BillyjamApril This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl, am Post a Comment.

Exactly one week ago today Keith "Guru" Elam aka G. His passing hit all hip-hop Partytime (Hehehe Hohoho) (Extended Party Mix) - Rytmica Feat. Big Reggie - Partytime (Hehehe Hohoho hard, including myself, since I have been a die-hard fan of Guru and his production partner, the ever talented DJ Premier, from day one and had had the honor of meeting and interviewing them several times over the years.

Earlier today, after digging, I discovered one of these old interviews. It's from midwhen the duo were out visiting the Bay Area for a show at the DNA which was Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) - W.A.S.P.

- Double Live Assassins the hook! At this stage in their career the Brooklyn based Boston formed duo was riding high off the reception to their January released second album Step In The Arena. In hip-hop it was a time many when rap acts were This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl on the jazz fused musical tip, something that Gang Starr had pioneered -- melding jazzy grooves rather than the standard James Brown and other funk breaks into their hip-hop sound.

Honky-Tonk Angels: Martyrs I wanted to interpret a hymn to the triumph of the soul over life. What streams out to the possibly moved spectator in strange close-ups is not accidentally chosen.

All these pictures express the character of the person they show and the spirit of that time. Dreyer on The Passion of Joan of Arc. The film deals with human pain, the meaning of it, which is something completely different.

For me, the martyr represents the one who, having no other choice but to suffer, manages to do something with this pain. The inclusion of victims who are quite probably unaware and individually not responsible for the violence inflicted upon their murderer, however, is important in that it removes the symbolic act of violence from a simplistic moral interpretation concerned only with the act.

What is important, for Laugier, is the context of violence and these children, regardless of their possible ignorance and uninvolvement This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl the violence inflicted on Lucie, are part of that context. This returns us to the medieval corruption of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence to the poor.

MT was not a friend of the poor. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. Hanging by her arms and with the dead-eyed stare of the martyr, Anna whispers whatever metaphysical secret she's Album to the Mademoiselle. The latter is then supposed to reveal this truth to the party being held for the occasion.

Instead, she puts a gun in her mouth and pulls the trigger, following a brief exchange with one of the organization's members borrowed from here. What do you think comes after death? Laugier, through an intertitle, goes back to the Greek via Latin 'martur' to define 'martyr' as a 'witness,' suggesting the victim-protagonist is a stand-in for all the indigent and powerless people of the world who are made sideline casualties in a hegemonic LP) for an abstract, totalizing idea.

They are the true witnesses to what these ideas actually cost and mean, the meat of the matter. This interpretation is central to JMP's defense. Accordingly, Martyrs might be seen as a radical laicization of Saint Joan's martyrdom, a way of showing how this poor, illiterate woman was used by competing state apparatuses for control heretic vs. In fact, the Mademoiselle herself is dismissive of religion when explaining her agenda to Anna. There is, however, a major problem with that interpretation.

The LP) conveys, through a brief Kubrickian mindscape trip into Anna's eye, a transcendence from the body just as she fully gives up on her material constraints. This, despite claims to the contrary, provides catharsis to all the bloodletting that's come before and serves to justify it much in the same way for which Hitchens criticizes Mother Teresa's use of the Third World. It certainly complicates, if not outright contradicts, the possible interpretation that the reason Mademoiselle commits suicide is due to the ultimate meaninglessness of her lifelong pursuit, that all it adds up to is torture.

Instead, having found the Truth, it's too much for her to handle, and in order to exert one last bid for control, seals it off from others. They'll have to go back to the drawing board.

His film isn't aimed Album those suffering, but at us who live in This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl societies sustained by such repressed suffering, with enough time and inclination to sit through imaginary violence. Thus, Anna's transcendence serves as justification, an intellectual excuse, for watching all this misery-as-spectacle. The monotonous butchery says something "important. LP) is transgressed, the social dividing lines we believe in aren't restructured.

Which just means that I can sit through some really depressing shit. A friend told me that he couldn't get the import blu-ray to play I couldn't get any of the extras to workso you might want to go with the domestic DVD. April 25, Kick-Ass. Posted by phil blankenshipApril 25, pm Post a Comment.

Posted by KellsApril 25, am Post a Comment. Fresh in the racks at Amoeba Music Hollywood just today is the wonderfully bleak and dissonant Portal of Sorrow via Disharmonic Variationsa truly collaborative effort by the one-man depressive black metal band Xasthur and ethereal folkie Marissa Nadler.

Scott Conner, aka Maleficthe man behind Xasthur, recently announced that this would be the absolute final release under the Xasthur banner. And what a glorious end it is! The album announces its individuality in the Xasthur catalog with acoustic guitars that swirl around a plodding dirge enveloped by the ghostly purrs of Nadler. The LP lacks any monotonous riffing or repetition usually found in the gloomier end of the Black Metal genre, and aside from the above mentioned instrumentation, incorporates synthesizer and organ which supply some very dreamy yet crestfallen ambiance.

If Portal of Sorrow is anything to go on, Marissa Nadler fans may have quite the unexpected album on their hands when the chanteuse releases her next solo LP, which is currently in the works. Their loss, our win. Conner has stated he has every intention of writing, recording LP) releasing music again, though he refuses to identify what it will be like other than of an equally dark tone. Xasthur is Dead, Long Live Xasthur! Donatella Rettore's Magnifico Delrio. ChadwickApril 23, pm Post a Comment.

Amoeba Hollywood buyer extraordinaire Scott Spaulding yanked this gem out of a rather uninteresting collection. It's one of the more amazing packaging gimmicks I've seen in a while -- the cage which holds back the she-beast is a separate molded plastic overlay. Her shimmering eyes are a nice touch and the hot wired love-robot inner sleeve is quite striking as well. It seems that Ms. Rettore is still a popular singer in Italy and at her peak rivaled Mina in popularity.

Sadly, the music on this LP comes off pretty flacid when compared to the packaging. Below is a video for the album's hit single "Kobra. Posted by phil blankenshipApril 23, A Song For The Birds - Eisley - Im Only Dreaming Post a Comment.

Posted by BillyjamApril 23, am Post a Comment. Posted by BillyjamApril 22, am Post a Comment. And looking back over those 40 years it is clear that things have changed a lot in our collective consciousness as well Prisoner - Exalibur - Chain Of Pain in our behavioral patterns towards Album good of our planet, including our awareness of the seriousness of climate change.

English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Geoff Love And His Orchestra* - Big War Movie Themes millions of songs. Amazon Advertising This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl, attract, and engage customers.

Amazon Drive You Dont Know My Mind - Various - I Want A Rock & Roll Guitar storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. This May Be My Last Time - The Fantastic Humming Bees - I Must Tell Jesus (Vinyl on Amazon Start a Selling Account.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

The actor is currently sober but struggled deeply in the past, reported Yahoo! New Zealand: "I was a shameful sub Jenson Button and his wife Jessica Michibata Button enjoyed a glamorous date night together The town is doubling for a South African village. Spring collection. Simpsons lose a leading voice The Australian - 15 May Can the show survive without him? Read More 9. Argentinean director Santiago Mitre's ruminative drama centers on a socially conscious teacher whose response to being sexually assaulted defies easy understanding.


Gröna Små äpplen (Little Green Apples) - Various - Blågul Pop! Metronomes Svensktoppar 1951-1973, Bob Dylan - Hard Rain, Trouble Sleeping - Various - Music From The OC: Mix 2, Blue Sky - Various - MMS v3.0 [Midwest Music Summit] 2003, Laurel Canyon Home - John Mayall - Blues From Laurel Canyon, Cardboard City - Various - Culture Train Vol.1, Les Humphries Singers - Carnival, Do You Hear Me (Original Mix) - Indiana - Do You Hear Me Now, Gangsta - Bell Biv Devoe - Gangsta, Fire Of Unknown Origin - Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties / Fire Of Unknown Origin, Vamonos - Various - Café Après-Midi ~ Azur, Useless (I Dont Need You Now) - Kym Mazelle - Crazy

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