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Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83

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Miki Yui: An electronic wash of sine tones and reverberat- country's favourite entertainment, heard at farming ceremonies, fami- ed scratches, a brief glimpse into her fascinating small sounds and spa- ly celebrations and raucous drinking parties. When you witness Lao tial creations. Surge: a distant cousin of rap music. Molam is such a popular genre in Laos A bizarre slice of minimal techno with stuttering, skipping qualities. Taylor Deupree: Part of an ongoing vast numbers of cassettes of electric Molam and the related Thai Luk series of experiments with a doeper a modular synthesizer.

One of these stars is the singer Pornsak Songseng. When listen- Utilizing signature hypnotic repetition and pure tones, sakata creates ing to this largely drone-based and pentatonic music, two impressions subtle interactions that play with acoustic space and Ein Herz Für Kinder - Michael Schau Und Seine Wersi-Orgel - Top Hits Im Party-Sound listener's per- leap out: one, that Pornsak's bass guitarist plays a lot like Jah Wobble; ception.

Shuttle Sparse ambient that such a fine group of Lao traditionalists was living three hours melodies and digital generations perfectly juxtaposed. Laotians were bowled over by the antics of Inoue's painstakingly detailed DSP abuse with Deupree's keen ear for Wobble and engineer Cai Murphy on the mixing desk, and each mix repetition and rhythmic loops into a fragment-based composition that was concluded by the whole studio bursting into applause.

We were all is simultaneously jarring, random, intricate and melodic. Affiliated with the Submerge family of labels, they are received Wobble CD for several years. For the potent new album, most famously known for their Transmat single "I Believe", a bit of a Wobble has brought in the awesome talents of young drummer Mark tech-house epic and considered an all-time classic Detroit track.

Drama queen Second full length CD from the Submerge-associated trio of Burden wind players Jean-Pierre Rasle and Clive Bell carry over from the first brothers, which collects various single tracks recorded throughout the album. This team of musical mavericks has been handpicked by Wobble 90s. Features their most infamous track, "I Believe" originally issued as for their willingness to lay aside their egos and lose their individual Transmat 10 inwith guest vocals by Lisa Newberry, written in contributions in the greater whole that is Deep Space.

Musical refer- collaboration with Anthony "Shake" Shakir. This track was also includ- ence points are the Panthalassa 'mix-translations' of Miles Davis by Bill ed on the infamous Virgin European blow-up comp Techno! Dance Sound of Detroit.

Most of the rest of the tracks appeared on var- This is the most robust mystical music you will ever hear, and the most ious West EPs in the mid-nineties; plus this CD features 2 exclusive P. Box Waltham, MA P. An obscure but relatively crucial picture in the Detroit tech- "Formed in the fall ofunited under the credo 'disturb the equi- no puzzle. Sayyid and the aural alchemy of E.

Blaize con- "The first release by the Remote Viewer brings together ten tracks of verged as a matter of happenstance at the downtown offshoot of the high quality downtempo machine-made music. An almost the X-ecutioners. Skills return, the first offering "A new LP straight out of the deep south, Alabama from one-piece their forthcoming full length Unleashed.

The dream team collabora- electronic wizard Chris Jeely. The music contained within is floaty, tion of underground heroes J-Live, Mr.

Limited to copies. Features four mixes of "What Am i? There are also many guest original, acapella, remix, instrumental and four mixes of "Laundry" appearances on the CD from various other underground Australian original, rinse cycle instrumental, acapella, original instrumental. Musically there are few immediate 12" version, same 8 tracks as the CD. Nineteen years of instrumental out of print on Mo'Wax.

Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 Inst. Gerbik", "Halfsharkalligatorhalfman". Fijne Was Afpompen is maybe the most "Ultra rare. Originally a limited pressing of under Out of print for almost 2 years. Quite a groovy and surely funny one from DR. Jojo Schlammpeitzeiger and Felix F. Randomiz, perusing the. Randomiz is one of of the more memorable slices of 'technology music' witnessed binau- those you might have met musically but you won't be sure when.

In rally in some time. Werner now Mouse 'Las Vegas', only with a bit more 'pep' and a much more 'tweaking'. On Mars on that tiny Gefriem label.

Now it's time that California-based Phthalo label with a different title: Navy Warship. Recent Phthalocyanine is Dimitri K. Fergadis, whose first single was released by releases were remixes for Microstoria's Reprovisers CD and the Plug Research, and he represents the first American artist on the illus- Schlammpeitziger 10" A-Musik as well as the duoproject Holosud trious A-Musik label.

A groovy, some- 'wrong' melody clusters unlike just about every other 'scene' currently times melodic album but radical treated sampled and synthesized in media recognition. And he's based in the US. Pretty unbelievable sounds will catch your attention. Possibly it will satisfy groovers and stuff, fully deserving of this official release.

A record for consumers and producers. Here he presents a collection "An album from the morning hours of the Melt-Banana history, the of soundtracks he did over the last years. The music is in a tradition of 2nd release on Melt-Banana's label was originally released in on good old German 80s electronics. Influenced by people like Holger cassette by Scottish label Chocolate Monk. Euler- Tokyo University; the second half is made up of four-track recordings Donnersperg. Melt-Banana is nothing if not a force to be reck- new wave, don't worry!

Because they have unlocked the secrets of prime-number pak with a full color art booklet as well. Bungle, they appear to a fairly wide range of freaks and 9.5.-N.A.S.T.Y.

- W.A.S.P. - Live. In The Raw Plateaux, Instinct Ambient, Subharmonic and his own label lovers of high-decibel controlled chaos. Not as abstract as his latest CD AB: outputs, he presents two warmhearted, dreamy tracks of new Exotica.

Expect the for good measure. Strange, instrumental atmospherics. At its peak this grazes upon Sun City Girls- tense, cool and rich of superb pranks. A a contributing member of POL and Kontakta on the same label. Most neglected classic in the Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 City Girls oeuvre. A Liebezeit.

This CD consists of two pieces: "Wabi Sabi" -- a devastating full spectrum of SCG angles is presented, from introspective improv to 33 minute 2-channel spatial composition that mixes gorgeous flowing Alan Bishop's death lullabies and full fractal organization. An excellent electronics ala Francois Bayle with moments radio-static density and presentation. This parts unknown by one of the most consistently outside groups includes 3 of the 4 tracks of the first L N LP A4plus 2 of the 4 tracks of this or any other era, and for those who prefer the more on the 2nd L N LP A7plus 2 exclusive tracks, totaling 71 minutes of 'song' oriented material by SCG, you don't know what your blissful Risky (Summer Remix) - FPI Project - Risky (Remix). Recorded both live and in the studio, these 2 produce missing.

This is one of those records that one might find a bit multi-channeled trance electronic epics of perfectly proportioned amorphous as background, but the pleasures available to those rhythmic synchronicity.

Tuned in to the German legacy of Neu-inspired who will allow themselves to swim in it are significant. Fantastic booklet design by sum of it's parts. Aggression's making a comeback, buy some stock Augustus Pablo's debut full length LP. With the help of Errol T. Classic stuff. Conceals potentially massive First full length album by this SF-based group, two previous 10" EPs on frontal lobe damage. Real punch drunk music. Virginia Dare is the sound of release. It feels familiar, it feels right, it just feels.

Previously released in very small quantities. More to the minimal tech- Mary O'Neil's autoharp no drums here. The texture comes via Brad no side. UK only vinyl issue of this band's recent return-to-form album, in a full The duo has endeavored to break new ground on the terrain of untra- color Sav X gatefold sleeve.

Featuring 8 long, spacy extended havor on the pre-established notions of sensible music-making. If not quite at the Chicago 'whoompf' necessary for post-rock cred. Clear vinyl LP edition. Whatever forearm s Cowell not only extended keyboard technique but also label can be applied does not do them justice.

Described by one writer turned his attention to the inside of the piano This is more thunderous minimal house from "Strut kick off their new Afrostrut sub-label and begin their explo- Iceland, clicky, post-Basic Channel filterism and a heavy lo-sunlight ration of the wealth of funky Afro-beat and Afro-fusion that still groove. Hot on the heels Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 his new Icelandic clubculture since the late80s.

He went from breakdancing Black Voices set on the French Comet label, these albums show how DJing and hosting underground radio shows. Recorded between andthe majority of these Double vinyl version. Available again in a they also targeted Fela's own oppressive regime with his band.

Featuring all orig- perpetual, aural melange of odd locations, spatial relationships, absur- inal artwork and new sleeve notes, including extensive Tony Allen dity, and overviolence. These recordings were manipulated and remixed by two master- a much reduced price Kultbox, etc. For the Psychomat. Kumo's name is already a familiar figurations heard on planet earth. Pretty much every Kaminari is a successfully ambitious blend of organic sound and tex- home could use at least 1 Borbetomagus recording; this CD is a reissue tures, an exercise into musique concrete or 'future sound'.

It gathers an of their debut album fromwith the addition of Brian Doherty on impressive array of squidges, hum, and clicks with the help of analogue electronics. With a previously unreleased track. Harps and traffic merge to form a melody, dark mum- Reissue of the trio's self-titled 3rd LP. A brilliant, legitimately experimental drum Adam Nodelman plays bass to give Borbeto the full quartet sound.

They last gave us the plan- cato rhythms was the sound of the moment. Then S. This con- 'Mutant Jazz' by T. Power vs. MK Ultra. In September of '95 T. Power tinues that immaculate spectacle. The only remaining and enters a space previously unobtainable. Check the time signatures, Agaric vinyl title in print.

Quartet session with the power-bass addition of Adam Airlock's affinity for modern electro stylings. Functional club-floor fare Nodelman. Sure to do your head in at the next block party. Fuck Lynyrd Skynyrd, to me video games responsible for the melodies on this CD into instruments.

Borbetomagus and Voice where one just has to stroll out behind the trailer and harvest all of the Crack are organizing sound -- new sounds. And they are playing in tune psilocybin one could ever want.

With a playing style that actually -- not with the western notions of tonality but in tune with each other. Stupid, endless guitar solos. Stupid improvise together but in how much room they leave each other to lyrics. And the occasional well placed falsetto by Mr. Caveat improvise. There is no assault or confrontation, but a genuinely organ- Emptor: Of Fingerprints - Patsy Cline - Walkin Dreams - Her First Recordings, Vol.

1 two bonus tracks, the first is a ten minute version of ic collaboration. Fiesta En Cuernavaca - 101 Strings - Passport to Romance and Adventure on tenor good thing. Rating: 4 out of 5 bongloads. Originally issued by his Outer Galaxy Publisher's label out of "The gram vinyl version comes with a free 7" 'Jingo' and Orlando, FL in but brought to more international acclaim when 'Persuasion'.

SF acid and psychedelic guitar geous post-Hendrix echoplex guitar hero his first released track was sound at its best, produced by Matthew Katz. Featuring all the mater- the infamous "Hey Jimi"and for all we know he's probably still plow- ial ever recorded by the band -- the original pressing is now very rare ing through the FL club circuit even today.

Luckily we don't have to lis- and expensive to purchase. The obligatory bonus tracks suck. The Tripsichord album "Summertime Blues" and the beginning of their documentation to be itself is essentially what the world was hoping Shady Grove would be! Later practitioners may have best- The album is a wealth of riches both musically and in it's dark and men- ed then on at least a scientific level in terms of decibel or pound mea- acing Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 imagery.

The dual guitar interplay on this under-rated surementsbut for pure trouser-beltage, the sound of Blue Cheer is album gem is as good as anything by some of the best San Francisco instantly iconoclastic. Psychedelic bombardment from the times Most notable for the side 2 inclusion of the entire out- Gypsies.

Bonus tracks included. Holden would leave Collection of tracks dated and recorded at different locations like the group quickly and went on to release his Kyrie - Beethoven*, Karajan*, Gundula Janowitz, Agnes Baltsa, Peter Schreier, José van Dam, Orchestr solo album the Fillmore Auditorium, the Ed Sullivan show, and their own studio.

Minus Chris Bell. Nifty new from Eye Bookstore and the Bridge Theater, First issued as privatepress, from A significant item of California's political released on their own Good Records. Beautiful ringing guitar work in and psychedelic era. The 3 LPs are pressed on yellow, purple, and green a style very similar to the Grateful Dead. Contains over 30 minutes of vinyl. Originally release only as "Live material recorded in SF in Valenti - Various - A Love classics like 'Evil Ways' a privately pressed tape.

Analogy's distinctions were Jutta Nienhaus' unique version. The 17 Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 title track is the highlight, full of acid guitar vicious vocals, Thurn's and Pankoff's impressive instrumental skills on work and incorporating the band's reworking of 'When Johnny Comes guitar and organ respectively and the overall dark atmosphere of their Marching Home'.

Contains a rare poster that was included in some music. Garage punk with acid gui- "Originally released in on Charmisma. The second solo album tars from Hollywood, CA. One of Akarma's best strokes. With ala Sandy Denny. And we have Towa Tei of Dee-Lite to thank for this! Anyways, "Originally released in on the BDS label. Mario Schifano the Harriot's been severely under-documented in the 90's his career paral- amazing painter and sculptor from the Italian pop scene recruited lels Dolphy, right up to the Indian stuffhe's about to blow up Ray four young and unknown musicians to record this innovative album.

Russell style, you can be sure of that. Starts out with a killer side-long track that almost not found on US version on Emperor Norton. Tracks include: "Neonlights ing female vocals, screaming, heavy lead guitar all add up to a first chachacha ", "Trans Europe Express cumbia ", "Tour De France class psychedelic cacophony.

Unknown and good-to-astounding, depending on your rhumba ", "Autobahn drum 'n' cumbia ", "Numbers mambo ", "Sex relationship to the psych universe. Features appearances by Steve Lacy and Paul a few shows, I wasn't one of the privileged who actually got to see Lytton, the original artwork on a gatefold sleeve and gram vinyl.

If that doesn't surprise LP edition, full color gatefold sleeve, gram vinyl. Featuring Demetrios Stratos and two members of Premiata long shot, an entire record of Kraftwerk Sé - Medina Azahara - Sus Tres Álbumes En CBS seamlessly reconfigured Forneria Marconi.

A rare and great more than once, at least to see your friends jaws drop when they hear album of South American rock blues. Here is great sound. This is their first album after 18 Alchemy is the Japanese Kingdom of Noise label they also release Fado Menor - Amália* - 4 Êxitos of their history. Jojo Hiroshige from Hijokaidan guests on guitar. Forest City Gallery in Canada in Mikawa, with 1 track of new material.

Silence Killer. The 9 members are unique, happy and intensive. Their astonishing live The 2nd NSB album, as originally issued by the Music Gallery label in performance, the 'absolute' noise music has replayed and recorded in Using only 1 voltage controlled oscillator as source material.

Tokuyama is ground of by one of England's pioneers of the use of the record- from the band Auschwitz, here playing unspeakably vile wanky gui- ing studio as a musical instrument in its own right. Sisho plays sensitive folk rock. Yamamoto delivers don't follow the normal procedures, much deployment of dub tech- strange off-kilter claustrophobic rock. Try to imagine a artists.

It rocks the brain. The selection was wigging-out and a few poignant instrumentals. Lyrically without done by the band from their last Japanese tour in March Also equal, it's a foray into toe-tapping inventiveness -- ironic, witty and a includes studio session track with Jojo Hiroshige from Hijokaidan.

This volume is swooningly epic ballads, Smut recognizes that a record release should noise guitar battle with artists all over the world. Noisier than other in be an event, not just a document or a manifesto. Far away from Dominant 7th - Jamey Aebersold - Gettin It Together recording of NY's noise giants.

The I Dont Want to Say Goodbye - LIONELS DAD, Mark T. Williams - In a dream took place at La contemporary music intellectualisms or from synthetical noise purists, Mama in Tokyo in June The memorable performance blew 5 PA this was certainly Μη Με Φοβάσαι (Βραδιά Μπαλέτου) - Άλκης Αλκαίος - Οι Τροβαδούροι Της Καρδιάς Μου of the most original and creative records of the speaker at the venue.

Now, due to the new growing interest, Alga Marghen quilt with geometric irregularities and varied patterns. Originally conceived in two parts, Une Eclipse The spatial illusion does strange vocals by Tazartes, trance-ethno backing splices, droning organ not result from the stereo panorama, Black Sabbath - Never Say Die from the spiral or screw and childish naivete, in a spirit all of its own.

A digipak CD with an eight intended for music for not. One Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 is taken from a page insert. A big surprise for those who think low-fi music was creat- performance at Merce Cunningham's studio, performed by David ed between the US and New Zealand notso much time ago.

There is also a per- a-days one of the best examples of low-technology creativity, the music formance with Bill Fontana and Corner "long metal pipe with active of this compact disc was recorded in the heart of the European moun- microphone as well as a short version from the Avant Garde Festival in tains more than 20 years ago. Tuning whistle, toy and party Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein, and has since then been per- gag instruments, electric razor, model ship engine with propeller, CH- formed all around the world.

Conceived as a canon, the multiple struc- Phon, feedback speaker-microphone, double shawm, falling down ture of superimpositions is powered using electronic effects and spoon, tearing scotch tape from spool, hair dryer, etc Digipak CD with fold-out poster of masterpiece is followed by 'Transports 1' and 'Transports 2', both com- concrete poetry.

This CD features studio recordings from We are here in front of a different tone-waver and mystery of the highest order. The concept of this series of works respond the composer's young daughter, brings a poetic and more relaxing to the Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 feature of presenting some homogeneous and magic to end the program.

The almost narrative thread of the "The sound carrier accompanied by a series of photos depicting the Antibarbarus set of pieces doesn't intend to suggest, in a strict sense, a Aktion, which took place in in the patio of the Frankfurt simply allegorical metaphor; not 'representation' but a diagnosis of a Stadelschule where Hermann Nitsch has been teaching a class for inter- fatal paralysis, where the musical consciousness vainly struggles.

This media art sincefocused on musical creation within a coinciding appears not without supposing an inversion of its dialectical sign, in event. The first musical statement of the Orgien Misterien Theatre is order to oppose the antithesis of a radical humanism to the barbarity the scream, an uncontrolled, subconscious shriek uttered outside the of utilitarian and instrumental reason.

An attempt at folklore-like ritu- familiar factor in Swedish, as well as international, musical life, a al behavior, as well as at aggressive chromatics of the bruitist tradition; unique forum for the presentation of experimental art. Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 very early Nitsch produces a collage, he triggers collision, and he thereby sheds it began to work in collaboration with an electronic music studio in light on the common origin of all these elements.

A digipak double CD Stockholm for the creation of technically satisfactory performance pos- in box with more than 2 and a half hours of pure Nitsch sound; con- sibilities. This new title Another Fylkingen-related release; both of these feature previously follows the two CD reprints of Tazartes records; again a music difficult unreleased material, in limited editions of copies. What was really impressing to a fighter pilot in the s and came into contact with literature after the first listening was the special and particular quality obtained using a bad accident which resulted in a long spell in a hospital.

In the s very poor technical equipment, and how Anton Bruhin's creativity han- Hodell made a comeback with strongly experimental art -- concrete dled these low-technology means to reach a unique sound. In the first poetry, picturepoems, multi-media work -- playing a a Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 role track, 'InOut', thousands of very short sound fragments coming from in text-sound composition.

When you made these absolutely beautiful and unique music. A seventy minute long mysteri- things at home, on the best equipment you or your other poor friends ous tape it was probably recorded in the south of France in the late could find?

Electronic music from the s. And you had that s or early s with sounds from a swimming pool, wind, envi- Japanese taperecorder with built-in mike; indeed that was the only ronmental recordings and synthesizer-like drones but for sure there piece of furniture on your tatami floor on the Lower East Side that were no synthesizers there. Bernard Heidsieck, who was present in the summer of The first track, 'Lucinda Pastime,' was the soundtrack for a Machine were taking part to the Gysin recording.

A digipack Mr. U.F.O. Man - Kelis & Macy Grey* - MP3 Collection with dance piece by Lucinda Childs: 'the tape was made in the kitchen sink, a little insert reproducing a painting by Brion Gysin, plus a photo por- with primitive equipment and all the different kinds of plates and trait of the artist.

Previously unpublished recordings. The principle of this tape is the recombin- Huston, son of the Madrid aristocracy and very close friend to Walter ing of recorded performances from the past, my past, this time.

Marchetti, who personally coordinated this edition, during the ZAH Because the idea, and practice, of collage was really around in that group period.

The record LP features the author's reading of three con- time. The purpose of mostly extracts from Massenet opera, mix after mix to get thrown these readings is to transcend writing so that in the immediacy of expe- around fragments Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 the opening until the thin, otherworldly quality rience there is only freedom. Only the monotonous voice of the author of the ending.

But also an LP I was very happy to include in the at home Mixed into the Darkest White Noise ever made. After the sold-out LP edition, Alga Marghen now multimedai'; this is the only piece on this compact disc which uses pure- presents the long time awaited book documenting the renown work ly generated tape sounds.

A hardbound book, 40 pages, inspired crazy-fun, from burlesque to creaking doors. This sound-poem was com- A digipak CD with David Behrman experimental music from to missioned by Roberto Altman in for an exhibition Complications - Steve Forbert - Alive On Arrival / Jackrabbit Slim (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album) Vaduz, the Conceived as a canon, the multiple structure of super- piano and Christoph Caskel playing percussions.

Here they when something radical happened, in which established techniques play a wonderful Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 very inspired duet on Paul Fuch's self-built instru- were thrown away. A powerful feedback piece live performed with ments with the pot-production collaboration of Will Neubauer's Gordon Mumma. Privately issued on LP record in for the materials, here a combination of live electronics and amplified acoustic artists' own label Altepfarhof, these two 17 minute long improvisa- sound.

Due to artists' cooperative which John Cage, David Tudor, Sari Dienes and the intensity of the recording, Alga Marghen, in agreement with Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 other friends had established. The last piece, Rebecca - Demis Roussos - Los Super 2LP was made artists, decided not to add more material to the CD reprint.

Presented for performance by members of the sonic Arts Union: Alvin Lucier, on digipack CD in a first pressing of copies. They had been travelling ers; Time Records released a different version of this piece in The edition includes a 12 page book- building up their stage.

After touring, they spent three isolated days in let. This digipak CD will ly focused on the problem of a poetical direct communication and introduce you Johnny Cash - Happiness Is You some American neo-avantgarde music classics, a directly inspired by Nono, Stockhausen, Boulez and Cage.

The latter crossover between John Cage exploding influences and the experi- two works were included in the Passe-Partout series, a formally more mental art atmosphere of the early s in Europe.

The compact disc experimental one, based on electronic and reel-to-reel Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 program includes two essential documents: 'Duo For Voice And A machine manipulations.

When the work was composed, init was clear that a unexpectedly, out of some unknown place, Space Cowboy - Atomic Rooster - Made In England new entered the huge change in electronic instrumentation was just beginning, a process -- Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 The other three tracks were recorded in Milano espe- change that would involve computers and sound producing devices as cially for this release; for this purpose a collaboration was asked to yet undreamed of.

The piece consists of an electronic orchestra of 42 Philip Corner, Walter Let Jah Be Praise - Chris Lion / The Disciples / Monkey Jhayam / Dubbing Sun - Let Jah Be Praise, Davide Mosconi and a few more sound producing modules.

The technique of the string quartet is for friends. These newly recorded pieces include 'A Simple Opera'a each player to make a stream of intentional but unpremeditated that repetitive hommage to Emmett Willons on his 70th birthday; 'Paper is, random very short sounds, pulses, somewhat like pitched clicks, but Piece'the work that cut the umbilical cord to all of the author's with the formats and overtones of a string instrument this Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 came previous classical and contemporary musical training and experience, from the rumor of a performance by Takehisa Kosugi.

These sounds go and 'Pond'a piece that reminds of Richard Maxfield's electron- directly to a set of four loudspeakers, but at the same time they are ic music with voice collage. The edition includes a fold-out 16 page delayed electronically, and those delayed sounds are sent to a series of insert with original scores and photos. The oper- "Walter Marchetti's Nei mari del Sud may Look For The Silver Lining - Various - The Song Is You, Capitol Sings Jerome Kern regarded as the 'epitome' ation of the networks as a result of the coincidence can, in the theo- work of all his recent musical output.

Firstly for it represents the origi- retical world of electronics, produce almost Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 sound imaginable. In nal re-elaboration of a former work achieved in ; secondly, the the performance recorded here few of Rise And Fall - Pallas - The Sentinel technical resources were manipulation techniques here applied rise in the same principles for- available.

Now, of course, there are computer 'patching' programs that merly developed for recording the Antibarbarus set of pieces, a cycle would make the job possible, but complicated. Such are dreams, when to which the new work therefore refers in terms of an ideal continuity, technology promises a 'new world'. Sort of like The hills and though it preserves some peculiar characters strictly connected with mountains separating San Fransisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean are the source of its basic music material.

The former version of 'Nei mari filled with a labyrinth of endless concrete tunnels constructed by the del Sud' was originally conceived as an environmental music or, more military in the s in anticipation of World War II, to defend San properly, as a piece of 'acoustic theatre'; to accompany an installation Fransisco Bay from invasion.

At the entrance of every tunnel is a huge staged on June 9,during the international contemporary music steel door. When the door is slammed, the reverberation through the festival Musicalia at Teatro Carcano, Milan.

In this stage installation, labyrinth seems to last forever. It is one of the wonders of the world. Marchetti expanded for the first time on a larger scale the same figu- Naturally, Robert Ashley tried to record this phenomenon.

On the occa- rative scheme that usually marks his major work in progress: a series of sion of the recording, just as the reverberation seemed to die away, a installations invariably entitled 'Musiche da camera,' where the 'icon' motorcyclist, miles away in the tunnels, started coming closer. The of a piano defines its role in a seemingly paradoxical context. In the effect, which took minutes, was as if the reverberation had been scenery of 'Nei mari del Sud,' as shown in the photographic sequence reversed, as if the tape recording was running backwards.

A perfect reproduced on the CD fold-out, Childless Love - The Crowe Brothers - I Knew It Wasnt You (The Telephone Song) black carcass of a grand piano case of coincidence as illusion. In the background, the of the reverberation and the motorcyclist, using the 'String Quartet' as slow, progressive unsticking of the blue paper-curtain, accidentally an 'orchestra', in the way it was intended to be used in the opera.

A digipack CD edi- ence. This equipment simultaneously played the tracks of six magnetic tion including an 8 page booklet with scores and liner notes written by tapes, whose signals were displaced out-of-phase by inverting the two Robert Ashley.

Not being possible to reproduce with absolute Rosa, Walter Marchetti. Among all the events involving John Cage dur- fidelity, in a studio recording, the acoustic design originally conceived ing the long stay in Europe that followed his controversial appearance for spreading the six sound sources in a theatre space, Marchetti chose at Darmstadt Ferienkurse in Septemberthe concert he held in to create, using the same material, a new work that could express the Milan on January 21st perhaps Sophie B.

Hawkins - Right Beside You a less well known episode. Answering to an always implicit exigency the complete recording of the concert, and that restore the measure of in Walter Marchetti' oeuvre and coherently investigated by the com- the exceptionality of this rare document can be summarized in the con- poser with more and more penetrating awareness -- the same process- trasting reactions catalyzed by this event. A piano 'Rotonda' may be considered the first event of experimental music in englouti in the abysses of that process of reification in which the her- Europe in which the presentation of American and European com- itage of musical thinking is irrevocably sunk.

Finally, Walter Marchetti posers consciously acted on an agreeing and equal aesthetic horizon. Presented on digipack compact disc, Both the set of pieces in programme and the peculiar environmental in a first pressing of copies, including a foldout Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Been Down Three Times photo docu- frame Intergalactic Boogie Express - The League Of Crafty Guitarists - Ep the concert were fit intentionally for emphasizing the radical mentation, an essay by Gabriele Bonomo, a testimony by Robert Ashley aesthetic conceptions of the compositions performed.

The Duo which opens pressed in poetry; scream of joy, of love, of anguish, of horror, of hate, the concert significantly consists of the parts for flute and viola but scream'. Premiered on Feb.

Cage first experimental film by Gil J. Wolman titled L'Anticoncept, was divid- then completed his participation in the concert, besides performing ed into two sections: Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 non-narrative soundtrack, some kind of interior some unspecified numbers from 'Music for Piano' the piece that monologue including physiological noises, and a visual part built on showed him the possibility to de-conceptualize the resort to chance the irregular alternation of black and white circles screened on a operations transcribing the paper pointal imperfectionsalso per- metereological balloon.

A 'music of light' wetting the scene and pro- forming two of the three 'Piano Pieces' with which Morton Feldman, ducing a physical movement in the audience. Wolman wrote: 'As the Wounded Horse - XTC - Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)was reconverted to conventional notation, while preserving Megapneume units created a new sonority, this disintegration repre- the same rarefying qualities his music formerly acquired by means of sents the transitory period and the beginning of a new amplification the systematic adoption of aleatory graphic notations.

Juan Hidalgo, of the arts'. And the amplification came. Even if Lettrism is not as well poral grid, structured fixing each subsequent time limit. Curiously, known today as Surrealism, Neo-Dada or Pop Art, it actually was the those procedures forerun the so-called Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 technique most organized and powerful movement in the poetry milieu of those that Cage will employ, at the end of a long creative career, in time- early days, and everyone had to face this reality many times fighting structuring his famous 'Number Gangsta - Bell Biv Devoe - Gangsta. The cyclical alternation against it.

Amazing is the fact that a record of the leader of this group between the instrumentally always-heterogeneous ensemble works has never been published. So Alga Marghen went to Paris to record the and the slight sonority of the solo piano pieces, was presumably regu- exhausted voice of Isou and is ready now to introduce you to his lated, in fact, by an evident principle of symmetry.

More than consti- poems, most of them recorded for the first time ever. Also included are tuting a restriction, a so rigid Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 frame plausibly acted as an two Isou poems recorded by Dufrene in the s and an historical per- efficacious form of conjugation in strict connection with the environ- formance of Dufrene reading Isou.

Extract from the sleeve notes: mental space. According to Cage, in the Isidore Isou definitely broke with the words of versification and with integration of the physical space into the performing process one can the notes of music proposing to the sound arts a new era of evolution recognizes a basic requisite that consented to transform music compo- founded on the sole value of the Latin letter.

All the works proposed sition in an unforeseen event in which the physical separation of the by Isou are dictated by this imperative: building all the different stylis- performers allows the sounds to issue from their own centers and to tic facets of Lettrisme. The selected works cover the most different con- interpenetrate in a way which is not obstructed by the conventions of figurations. Being descriptive and harmonious in the early works, con- European harmony and theory about relationships and interferences trasting and ungraceful in the recent ones, and at last improvising with of sounds.

At a distance of only few months since Cage described with a particularly touching scansion'. A few others who appreciate life's more mys- works that accepted the indeterminacy as their own operative premise, terious pleasures, will be well pleased Blues At Sunrise - B.B.

King - The Complete RPM-Kent Recording Box (CD, LP) archive this most unusual set but also for having been a collective event in which the individual con- of items.

It is also the first art book produced by Castillejo in solution of continuity, the dislocation of the sound sources in the about 20 years; one line of 'J' letters in the center of the page, a con- space, mutually acted as autonomous elements, but interrelated in the tinuous frieze running along pages.

No essays, no introduction, no comprehensive design of their concordant dimensioning in the envi- two pages the same. A pages hardbound top quality art book ronment. The edition includes a 36 pages essay with photos and full cover cm.

Also included in the edi- documentation of the event. La prima band di Shane McGowan Pogues! Art-wave sound sbilenco punk? CD con 4 live bonus. Considerato un vertice della produzione "italo elettro" wave-disco Sul CD in aggiunta il loro primo demo. Francisco, ingegnere del suono e figura costante nella scena del Mabuhay, noto per aver prodotto dischi mitici come il secondo 45 dei Crime o Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 come i Nuns.

Per la prima volta ristampato ufficialmente! Con insertone poster e booklet. Imperdibile super-killer LP! Particolare stile accostato ai primi Fad Gadget Starring Down the Barrell! La ltd. No-wave trio di Chicago!

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Il loro ritorno! Soli 13 minuti, ma di goduria punk-hardcore! Per dimostrare ancora una volta che i dischi non si giudicano per minutaggio…Ltd. Fra Beatles e Groovies! Prime copie in vinile colorato. Copertina apribile deluxe, vinile da grammi e free download. Da non perdere! Sole copie! Poche copie! Classico punk finlandese del con bonus!

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EP inedito! Those in] control I. Multi- national corporations fu- eled by greed and self righteousness, disregard human life for profit. Billions of dollars change hands as these companies strive for total world domination. Many of the products you buy each day support their cause. You might not even consider that something you pur- chase at a store is there because of human exploitation.

Companies do not care how many people die, as long as money Is Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 made. When you refuse to concern yourself with these issues, you have blood on your hands, literally. I believe these problems are more important than what band is on what label or what some egotis- tical ass said in MRR.

Another one of the many problems within the punk rock community is vio- lence. Anger has always been a driving force in the movement, but the focus of this emotion has been lost, it seems. We ail know that the society we live in perpetu- ates a machismo attitude for men. Show no emotion at least not your tender side. If anyone has a problem with that well, knock them out. Which is lame, but what the male role has been reduced to. Relying on your fists or in some instances a weapon makes you no better than a nazi.

We need to think rationally before we act. Being able to communicate to others is the key to learning. Working out differences through effective discussions will help to at least reach a point Annabella - Los Reyes - The Gipsy Kings Of Music compromise.

Going half way with an issue is a lot better than Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 physical confrontation.

It Is also important to acknowledge that sometimes you might even be wrong. I know from personal ex- perience, that frustration at a system that doesn't work can lead to a lot of anger. Lashing out in a violent manner can seem like an answer at the time of conflict. But, in the end it Is a hollow victory. Not too many people change their ideas or attitude because they got their ass kicked.

More- over, it furthers the hatred and resentment they have which only keeps the cycle go- ing. Constructive changes through non- violent means will leave you with a real sense of accomplishment. Another characteristic of our move- ment is an even more deeply rooted prob- lem. Because of years of mundane school- ing and too much media induced thought, so many of us have self-destructive tralts.

Constantly being told that you are different and weird can leave you a feeling of isola- tion. The universal response is a tendency to cover up these feelings. Over-Indulgence In alcohol and drugs has become the an- swer for many. Some might say that sui- cide Is extreme, yet they slowly kiir them- selves with the poisons they ingest. Prob- lems can never be solved with these fillers. Even experimentation Js ail right as long as you realize the effects that the drug you take has. Use your best judgment and research all you can on the subject.

Back to my point, we live in a very screwed up world. A world which tells you what to wear, how to act, etc. The bombardment of images on the television, newspapers and magazines is propaganda.

A never ending social commercial from people experts who say they know what is best for you. Never, for one second, believe you are not important! You are special be- cause you are who you are. No one person is better than the next.

Some might excel a little more in a given field but, we all have are own unique qualities and gifts. We are all humans trapped on this planet trying to survive the best way we know how. This life is the only one you have, then it is over. No second chance and no time to waste worry- ing about it. I must mention that not all is bad within our movement. Everyday a new per- son gets blown away by the sounds and words they hear on a punk rock record. Even now, I can remember the first time I heard a punk record.

A friend of mine brought me over to his house. Sitting in his room he took out a Dead Kennedys record and placed it on the turn table. I never knew music could be like that. Intelligent lyrics to a fast paced sound was a concept that top 40 radio never offered. Like the soundtrack to the revolution that always ran in Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 head.

The event gave me hope Philip Glass - Roving Mars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) there were others who felt the same way I did.

People, like me, who knew that the system was not right and wanted to change it. For this, and many other reasons, I am thankful for what punk gave to me. Over the years my concept of punk has changed a bit, but for the better I believe. Because, in the end, progress and change are necessary and good.

It all boils down to trying to do your best with what you have. Learning to care about yourself, other people and the planet Is one step closer to making this a better place for everyone. The real enemy of the All The Heaven - Amen Riccs - Somethins Gotta Give is a closed mind and heart.

To com- bat this, there is only one weapon, educa- tion. Now more than ever we must be smart. The companies and the governments they control have endless resources to commit their terror against the people. We must outwit them at their own game. If we give up now, there will never be an end to the op- pression we all face.

Time Is not on our side. We can not waste it with meaningless crap like fighting amongst ourselves. The revolution for real social change must be first and foremost in out actions. Truth and justice must prevail. The fate of the world rests In our hands. Tm trying to picture how this works Is two girls trying desperately to set up their own European tour as a drums and guitar only band, having to constantly fight against tons of setbacks and roadblocks each step of the way, but refusing to give up the battle, punk?

I tried to accommodate them because they are trying very hard virtually non-stop to make a serious go in this mindless 5. Lustig Im Tempo Und Keck Im Ausdruck - Mahler*, Sir Georg Solti*, Chicago Symphony Orchestra* - T chase Punk used to have a wide spectrum of Integral parts: Motorhead, more on the metal side of town, Rezillos, bordering on pop and someone like the Deadbeats ap- proaching avant garde For five points and the game, who were the real punks?

Thanks for the time John, Why yes, the people who as- sign the records do sit down and listen to each record. Our range of coverage is ac- I tually quite large. We cover many different I genres within punk. If we expand coverage I in one area, then we would have to expand lour coverage in the other areas as well, I Every magazine sets limits on their area of Icoverage, not just MRR, and sometimes lour definition of what should be covered I doesn't sit well with bands and labels that I fall outside our range.

The Chubbies don't If all within our range of coverage. I have a I few of your releases, so I know that you put I out Stuff that we would review. For the 53rd time, we are not defin- I ing punk! Pretty simple. I Jeff M. And of course when Ithis will be finished. He also cannot see the bands unless he wears opera glasses. His favourite movie is Cocoon. Here in France we eat snails and watch Jerry Lewis movies. Anarchy refers to non-hierarchy. Nowhere does anarchy refer to lawlessness, anti-government, or social chaos.

These views are the disinformation from a conser- vative elite which seeks to reinstate corpo- rate feudalism. Hierarchy is not natural, but an artifi- cial pyramid scheme, hence the need for pacification and repression. These priests began two separate traditions that form the basis Ho Visto Un Preto - George Papas E La Sua Orchestra - Ho Visto Un Preto / Birilli Stelle E Musica civilization, both East Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 West.

The first tradition was geometry, discovered by measuring Nile farmland lost in spring floods in order to tax their, subjects evenly. In the East, under Intensive agrarian slave labor demands, cosmic consciousness permitted a mass renunciation of the world, the body, and the senses.

The pose is familiar: the eyes are shut, the ears filled with chant, the mind rendered dull to the brutal horror of hierarchy. In the West, under the Greeks, geom- etry evolved into logic and free-thinking. The Greeks were seafarers and had no practical use for agrarian priestcraft. More to the point, the Greeks marginalized their state religion to the level of fairy tale and developed art, science, history and democracy and were the first to question slavery.

They did not oppose nature but found beauty in realism. By Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 In their drudge-free prudence and public leisure, the Greeks learned that freedom, justice and equality were natural and without excesses, and could only be limited by each other.

This triumph of free- dom over form allowed them to defeat ten- fold invading Persian forces at Marathon and Salamis. I Pagan intellectuals in Rome resisted the! But this backfired into victimology. I When a Christian finally became Emperor,! During the darkj ages of Europe, feudal Christians tortured, murdered or burned alive a half-million so- called heretics for not embracing the new I trarfecendental unearthly spiritualism.

Pan, I nature god of glade and stream, Joseph - Georges Moustaki - Le Grand Moustaki still demonized as Satan.

My point is that governments comej and go, but power and god exist in the mind, j Elections are a thorn to You Dont See Me - Bryan Ferry - These Foolish Things and busi-j ness.

Look at the symbolism of religion and 1 you will find an economic order tied to aj least-government theosophy. In fact, allj hierarchy is a function of the relative value j of money — the more wealth, the morej people in poverty supply and demand. I The so-called Christian parables each con- j trast the rich and poor in terms that institu- 1 tionalize both, salvation promised to the! Even the concept of charity cleverly j serves to justify amassed wealth by placing j the burden of giving on the generous few.

I Of course, most people cling to the dogma I Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 peace, love and charity. But faith in these I words imply that Ryders - Klaus Heavyweight Hill* - Maximum Bass 4 strife Is natural, notj artificial, thereby falling into a psychological j piety of submission, romantic obsession j and self-esteem from the poverty of others.

I The realist prevention of war, hate andj exploitation will always be freedom, justice, I and equality, which by definition have noj extremes. In the end, the broadest explanation 1 of anarchy is non-absolutism— the lack of j moral or mental absolutes that impose arti- 1 ficial order for profit or control: god versus humans, humans versus nature, good ver- sus evil, spirit versus flesh, labor versus j capital, white versus black, men versus!

Therefore, anarchy needs to be I practical, not theoretical, otherwise it isj contrarian. Anarchy remains the legal andj methodical curbing of wealth, power, and] personality cults. Use phone for ad reservations. Covers of Curtis Mayfield and The Who. Pic-disc is limited to SOO copies! Rave reviews in HRR, among others.

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A classic is bom. Ail the speed, craziness, and energy you'd expect from these Tokyo greats. Considered by everyone through my door as the best record they have heard this year, can't argue with them. This will fucking floor you. Includes 25 tracks, with 2 unreleased ones they were on the 1st edition. If you never heard them you are missing out. From soft acoustic intros into some of the best raging thrash you ever heard. Get it, words don't do them justice.

Fucking awesome! Rough pop punk with emo tendencies. Along the ways of early lawbreaker and Dag Nasty. This is easily the best punk album to come out of Colorado! Sweet Merciful Crap It's Box Boulder, CO www. So state alternatives.

All prices are post paid in the U. Send a Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 for the J Church newsletter and complete catalog. Send a stamp for a full catalog, or a buck Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 a sampler cassette, sticker and catalog. Prices are post paid in North America.

Elsewhere, send more dough. The Grease Comp has been delayed. Don't order yet! Their best ever! It's cheap! Some great stuff including a version of D. These guys played punk rock in that midwestern cultural desert.

They absolutely give you a good kick in the yarbles. The first get mentions in our nightly prayers. Explore the eye-opening world of atheism through the music and even further with this extensive CD-ROM. The most wildly divergent D. A, album since War On You know, clipped. Or Ben Weasel Riverdales-era. Then P. Eyes peeking from benind his Ramones- he'a smile, pant, turn in a few circles, then try to slip them the beef.

The meat. His wiener. He'd get an erection, and try and share it with his new found love. Of course, weighing in at only six pounds, being a little over a foot tall, and the fact that he's a Yorkshire Terrier, would inevitably get in the way of his street sexual encounters.

As soon as he'd mount the girl's leg, she'd say, "Ewwwww, that's gross," and walk away, disgusted. This would leave P. We Masabumi Kikuchi, James Genus, Victor Jones - Feel You the girl had actually liked it, was turned on by it, and by the attention, but couldn't admit it to herself. Also, she didn't want to be seen in public with a penis that small.

But it wasn't just women P. There were other dogs. Big and small. And even my elbow, and head, if I was laying on the couch in the right position. A couple of weeks ago, I took a nap after watching a particularly enlightening episode of "Jerry Springer". I learned that hitting your woman is Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83and could even land you on national television.

I also learned that other types of abuse are socially exceptable. Hell, profitable. Anyway, I fall asleep after Jerry's final thoughts, and dream I'm being smothered by a very hairy vagina. The dream is not all that Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83.

In met, I sort of enjoyed it. Espe- cially since the crotch smelled like Johnson's baby shampoo. As I was getting to Sin City - Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel good part, where the vagina's owner was going to let me shave off some of that fuzz, I woke up.

Stand- ing on the couch, feet on my head, tummy and crotch in my face. I instantly got up, telling P. That he should try and go for that hot Yorkie, Cassise, in the Duilding, even though she was sort of timid. Or even Bella, the Pome- ranian, with the sharp teeth, nasty snarl, but inviting ass. Later, when Wendy got home, I told her about what happened. She informed me that my son not only tried that with her, but with every dog and person on the block.

I felt proud, but embarrassed at the same time. I'd imagine my poor P. And some vet throwing his little winkie out the window. And for some reason, my crotch would hurt.

Then they'd explain that they didn't cut off the penis, but rather the balls. I'd scream, shocked. I'd then hear that it was actually an operation Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 they would cut open Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 baby, and take out his nuts, leaving the ball sack there, empty.

It had to hurt. They also told me it was healthier for the dog, that he was less likely to run away, and that he'd live a lot longer. Eventually we called the vet, because the humping got worse and worse. And also he'd begun to lick himself into little frenzies. And that would make me jealous.

It's a short operation. And simple. And I did. Would this operation ruin my I Want You, I Need You - Josh White - Josh White Sings Volume 2 for life? Besides not being able to have pups with that hot Casise, would he still be able to, you know, have sex?

Would he become a wimpy little pussy and bark in a high pitched voice? What if my dog turned into a hair-dresser? Or worse, a film critic? Then I remembered Bear.

And all my questions were answered. Even the name still sends chills down my spine. Bear wasn't a bear. Well, not technically, anyway. He was more of a, well, big fucking dog.

On his hind legs he stood well over six feet tall. He had lots of black fur, and out- weighed me by at least one hundred pounds when I was in the eighth grade. When IT happened. When Bear, umm, errr, raped me.

I was fourteen, and it happened near my bus-stop after school. After a hectic ride home, in which all the kids took turns calling me "Dirty Jew", "Fag- got", and "Pussy", then hitting me. I took lots of baths.

Anjway, the main name callers were the usual bullies. Both got off at our stop. As we stepped off the bus, Lloyd apolo- gized for not helping me fight the bad guys. I think he was too busy either getting stoned, or looking at pictures of nakea ladies in porno magazines with his pals in the back of the bus. And the thing is, they'd probably gotten the pot, or magazines from our bus driver, Jackie, bhe was a hippie. A dirty smelly one, who used to blast Three Dog Night and Hendrix, and drive like seventy miles an hour on thirty miles per hour roads.

And it was. He wasnT expected to fight every time. Which was, in all reality, everyday. Puzzled, I asked him if he meant "Kite". Michael explained that a Kike was some- one like me. When I pressed him for what it meant, he confessed that his dad had told him my whole family were Kikes, but he wasn't actu- ally sure what it meant. But it probably had something to do with my father not going to 'Nam. When I asked mm what the hell he was talking about, he punched me in the face.

So hard my nose Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 to bleed. Norman Ferdnand began to laugh, out of control.

Of course I attacked him, swinging wild- ly. I landed a few good punches before Micha- el Luders and Lloyd broke it up. And I could have. He was smaller than me, and I really, really hated him.

In fact, the next year I hit him over the head with a snow shovel and knocked him out. But that's another story.

Like to the death," ex- plained Michael Luders. For some reason, this made lots of sense to our seventh and eighth grade minds. Box- ing gloves and death. What Ishould of thought of was just going into the Luders' home and taking one of Michael's dad's guns. He had a shitload of them. Cool ones. Like on television. Machine guns. As we walked up Guinea Road to our home, Norman kept telling me he would kick my ass.

That I should come over to Michael's, wno lived a few houses down, if I wasn't a chicken. Then of course, he made the chicken sounds. It was appropriate for him. He looked like a little rooster. With his brown Video Killed The Radio Star - Various - ¡¡¡Que No Pare La Musica!!!

44 Disco Hits stand- ing straight up on the back of his head. Like Alfalfa. We approached my driveway, and of course I Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 out. I told the guys that vio- lence never settled anything, that fighting was bad, and if Norman had a problem with me, that we should talk it out. Their answer to me was to grab my arms and legs, and actually carry me to Micnael's.

While I was being taken hostage, I looked to my brother Lloyd for help. He just looked back at me, with fear in his eyes. I felt sorry for him. I'll run inside and get the boxing gloves. I Imow where they are because I beat up my little sister with them last night. Lioyd just looked at us, helpless.

I winked back at him. Finally Michael returned from his house. With red boxing gloves. And something else. His dog. A dog bigger than it's name- sake. Norman and I put on the gloves as Micha- el, Lloyd, and Bear stood by and watched. After Michael tied up the strings on the gloves for Norman, and Lloyd tied up mine, the fight began by Michael yelling, "Ding- ding! Norman then got me in the bread-basket a few times, but it didn't hurt.

We continued swinging until I hit Norman so hard in the head he fell to his knees. He said nothing, so I guessed he appar- ently had. I then turned around and asked Lloyd to untie my gloves.

As he did so, Norman got up behind me, boxing gloves still on, found a stick the size of a two-Dy-four on the ground, and knocked me in the side of the head Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 it. The next thing I knew, everyone was upside down. Looking at me. I then realized 1 was laying on the grass, with the back of my head in the Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83. I tried to get up, felt dizzy, and flopped back Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83.

Norman laughed his evil little laugh, and Lloyd and Michael stared at me, and Norman, in shock. Then he kicked me in the ribs, hard. Suddenly, Bear, who sat and watched this whole thing got up, and started to run toward Norman. Norman screamed in his lit- tle high pitched voice, and began to run. Bear chased him around a couple of trees, barking. He was so Way Out World - Various - Bloodstains Across New Jersey - Punk Rock Rarities 1977-83 I swear he set off tiny earth- quakes.

Norman then climbed up a tree, and screamed helplessly. Michael laughed. Lloyd said nothing. Eventually, when 1 was able to talk, I said "Good Boy! The dog looked at me.

At my eyes. Then ran over to me. I was still on the ground. Dizzy and unable to get up. Now he likes you. And you don't want him liking you! He stood on my stomach. All the air went out of my chest, and I found it hard to breathe. You'll just have to wait until he's through". Then he began to laugh. Michael just laughed. As did Norman, who was still up in the tree. Suddenly Cujo-Dog started to do what our poodle, Peachie, used to do to our legs.

That thrusting motion. With that little erect dog dick. Only Bear wasn't Peachie. And his dick looked bigger than the stick Norman hit me with. Bear put his legs at my sides and held me in place. Then he began to hump my crotch.


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    –Scozia punk ! Great classic punk 7” già su KBD e Bloodstains! FIRE EXIT Years Of Punk Rock 2xCD (onlyFit for the Bin) 16,50 –UK 77 punk dalla Scozia FITS -Bored of Education 7" (UglyPop) 9,90 –Ristampato uno dei top del punk canadese (), super-killer 7” da Toronto.
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    AUDIO SPORTS: Strange Emotion CD (AACD ) $ Audacious, different, new, this music is related to rock by its humorous Follow up 28 minute EP to AACD , featuring 2 tracks off of that energy, and touches the inner rhythms of the modern world." album, plus 4 new tracks.
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    Full text of "Maximum Rocknroll, No. (Aug )" See other formats.
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    CBGB, originally a biker bar that opened its doors in as a venue for what owner Hilly Kristal hoped would be country, bluegrass and blues music before becoming synonymous with Manhattan's Punk/New Wave scene, closed in for good in Patti Smith played the final concert there on October 15,
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