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We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection

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Like I said, I have no problem with a lost of Curt's ealier stuff. Quote from: rb on April 07,AM. I "get" the fact that after several listens, I just don't care for it. I am glad that you enjoy it so much though. I hope we can still be friends despite our difference of opinion! Well I ought to clarify a bit Sadly, you now have to pay for a membership at their website before you can view the article. From what I recall of this article, the lynchpins seemed to be the single mix of "Calfornia Saga: California" from the Holland album supposedly heard bumping from car stereos all over southern California in the summer of and the American Spring album.

The California Music album itself was not released until the s. Little was released and eventually only Boettcher and Usher remained and California Passionfruit credited here to Boettcher is the unreleased fruit of their endeavours. Both this and the Usher album are surely releases to capitalise on the enormous market for everything Beach Boys related. Otherwise Passionfruit is radio 2 circaSaturday night TV Summer Special material or music suitable for a late middle-aged gay suburban garden cocktail party.

Most of the singing features high androgynous voices with multiple layers of harmony. Although Boettcher had been involved with some quite hip harmony groups like The Association and himself played in even hipper groups, by the early s he was happily working as a disco producer.

Like the rest of his gang, and a large part of American society, Boettcher was, in the early s, gazing nostalgically back to that version of s America portrayed in Happy Days and American Graffiti.

Thus we are presented with several old tunes, Western and Caribbean, that your mother may know but your grandmother definitely will; Iko Iko, Jamaica Farewell, Music Music Music etc. Better still is the interpretation of the Beatles The Word which has an easy disposition to having a disco stomp beat which has nice staggered drum passages and chorus harmonies that sound like the Fifth Dimension at their wonderful best. I think this also includes the Dave Edmunds 'Londons a lonely town' somewhere - its great!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: matt-zeus on April 13,AM. We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection haven't seen much in the way of reviews for Mike's solo album, but after seeing that it was produced entirely by Curt Boettcher, I'm sure it just HAS to be at the very We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection pretty good.

Is it worth getting? His unreleased first effort is better, as is his 'new' one. The Boettcher one is awful, including production and vocal arrangements. This is a great topic that I'm going to revive for kicks. Brian is credited as one of the list of the producers inside along with Usher, Melcher and Johnston.

Did he actually have a hand in anything else that's on the CD? Not to my knowledge. I really love Curt Boettcher. The Sagittarius albums, as well as the Wanna Tell - Luomo - Paper Tigers album are both absolutely incredible.

His solo album "There's an Innocent Face" is pretty good as well. I have the 45 version of California Music's 'Don't Worry Baby' and have always thought it was a great updating of that song. Rock66Lance LaSalle and oldsurferdude like this. His voice is a step along from the CF74 demo buy I really like the way his voice sounds here, the thick tone but still smooth, it's really weird.

Brian really has had a lot of different voices over the years. It does also sound like he snorted a massive line before this, but if his voice had been more like this on 15BO then I don't think people would have minded so much. Not sure when in 75 this was recorded but 'Back Home' was done in the same year so that's the next step along again. Giant HogweedJun 15, I agree that this would have been a good track for one of Brian's solo albums.

Rock66Jun 15, DLance LaSalle and 1 other person We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection this. The original is masterpiece. I first heard it on the now-deleted Be True To Your School collection fromwhich rounded up ten songs Capitol had dropped from various reissues of the pre albums. It follows the title track on side one We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection that LP.

I liked it that much. The Brian run-through sounds like he's struggling to remember the chord scheme. When it came out, the PR people were pushing it as some sort of lost gem.

I don't get it. Yes, his voice sounds less scratchy as it would on "Matchpoint Of Our Love" but outside of that, it just sounds too off-the-cuff to connect.

Last edited: Jun 15, Celebrated SummerJun 15, Will HarrisJun 15, DGiant Hogweed and 1 other person like this. The MEZoldsurferdude and Mr. D like this. Also included in this list are guest appearences by the band on each other's solo or side projects, noted by a different background color.

Three further observations: this list is without doubt incomplete Additions, comments and corrections to the usual email address, please. Hard Ticket Ent. Wildflowers Carl - "Honey Bee". Disney Girls", "? Darlin'", "? All Surf". Here And Now Grief Never Grows Old - Brian [23]. He was saddened that the record company chose the version it did for that album. He had mixed several more adventurous long versions of the song. Had the L. Light Album been released with the length version, that album would have been better received.

In the Eighties, there was not Derrick & Paulette / King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Feel So Good / A Nice Version activity from Boettcher. Sadly, he passed away far too early at the age of 43 in His friend and mentor Gary Usher also passed away much too early as well. Both men brought a freshness to every project they took on, and they are central figures in California music from the Sixties to the Eighties.

Michael Nesmith is an artist who has always followed his intuitive expression, not necessarily bound by the demands of his fans or the expectations that his listeners present. His post Monkees music has always knocked me out. I first heard his solo albums while looking for some Country Rock that sounded natural, like the Western genre I listened to as a kid.

There were so many people from Los Angeles making money from Country Rock in the late Sixties and early Seventies that I heard and thought to myself "nope, that's not what I want to hear I happened to first hear Michael's composition "Propinquity," and the sheer nakedness of the tune, it's emotional honesty, caught my attention.

You see, in my mind, the best Country Rock resonated with the type of fingernails on a chalkboard honesty that Propinquity expressed. Every human being has had a friend who did not fit the idea of life partnership, but rather was a friend in the best sense of the word.

The idea of knowing someone as a deeply trusted friend without seeing the friendship as a romantic partnership resonates with an honesty that is straight and true. That it may turn romantic is just as equally true. The Nevada Fighter album was new, Jag Längtar Bara Efter Att Få Komma Hem - Siv Pettersson - Jag Längtar Bara Efter Att Få Komma Hem, and had that Western sound that I had grown up hearing.

The opening track, "Grand Ennui" is a whimsical and true accounting of life in the music business probably derived from his years with The Monkees. Five years before Hotel California, Nesmith captured the phoniness of the LA music scene and the accompanying emptiness an artist feels when he or she has lost direction. The recurring theme of losing your soul in the music business, then fighting to regain it, is an archetype that every artist seems to struggle with.

Perhaps this is why Michael formed Pacific Arts, his own label, to release his recordings. After PropinquityHere I Am reinforces the theme of love found. The song is a gentle acoustic tune and the song's protagonist humbly approaches his long time love, apologizing for his part in being self-centered in their life together. The couple has grown older and there is scar tissue. The song's singer asks his partner to "let me offer what I've taken back to you, here I am.

The song paints a picture of a man who came back from a war and married his sweetheart, only to fall into his horrible war memories, then drowning them in an alcoholic haze.

When facing the sunset of his life, the singer realizes that he has selfishly focused on his memories, then sees his partner who has faithfully stood by him, emotionally withered, yet still trying to hang in their relationship. He then turns and realizes he has consumed his partner's soul while focused on his own painful memories. The title track, Nevada Fighter, closes the first side of the album. This tune exemplifies what a well played Country Rock song should sound like.

For some reason, this song reminds me of a country bar, miles from anywhere. The song's narrator walks into the bar, pockets bulging with his share of the annual sale of cattle or sheepready to party, only to find that no one cares to share his money or his company. The person singing could just as well be a guy who has been working on atomic weapons testing or some other isolated, lonely occupation.

Texas Morning, the next tune, is a slice of life song, the singer describes an early morning coffee shop encounter. The Living On The Avenue - Stan Bronstein - Living On The Avenue has been let down easy by a female friend who perhaps did not like the obsessive approach to love the singer has taken.

She told him she was going to Texas, being careful to not be specific, promising she would see the singer when she returns, which she has no intention of doing. The tune is true Country Rock, lyrically and instrumentally. The singer's creepy behavior is noticed by the waitress, cook, and store patrons. Eventually they chalk his searching as odd, labeling the singer as "probably a California bum. Original Artwork for Nevada Fighter Album.

If you as listener are beginning to see a song cycle, you might be on the right track. The loneliness of finally realizing that he might have been lied to by his lover is sorrowful. As in Elvis's Kentucky Rainthe We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection of trying to find his lost love has made the song's singer begin to feel the meaning of his life has gone. There is no song more lonely than Tumbling Tumbleweeds. This singer has entered a Release the Fact - Juan Mutant - Transmutanderthal time of trying to grieve his way out of the We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection of the love of his life.

There can be no comfort here, just desolation. What is a perfect record? For more than 50 years, I have listened to thousands of recordings in nearly every genre.

Anyone who has loved music can probably tell you about a peak experience that they had while listening to something that literally blows their mind.

The criteria for a perfect record will vary according to each individual's taste in sound. But, there may be some criteria that we as listeners all have in common.

The first criterion that we all probably have is an immediate attraction to the sounds upon first listen. A second Dont Bang The Drum - The Waterboys - The Best Of The Waterboys 81 - 90 would be that the recording would take on a desert island disc feeling The third criterion would be that you feel impelled to share your discovery with people you know.

These are the perfect records that I have selected. They are not in any particular order. Feel free to share yours in the comments section following this article My perfect records in no particular order It captures that time in life when you find the love of your life and carry a torch that burns brightly.

The feeling is euphoric, unlike any other high, like Bogie and Bacall. Tongues firmly in cheek, The Stones describe suffering in a manner that drips the Blues, but in a rock style. I used to play this record just before going to work at a We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection job that I loathed.

It did the trick! Kinda Blue, Porgy and Bess, and Sketches of Spain have brought me innumerable hours of listening pleasure. Porgy and Bess, the second album of the trilogy, was my first Miles Davis album.

The arrangement by Bill Evans brings out a dimension of George Gershwin's melodies that for me remain timeless. When you hear an album like Porgy and Bess, it becomes an itch that only repeated listens can relieve. The tones here are so varied that they offer a beauty that is inspirational. If you are like me, each listening will make another facet of this diamond shine. Fortune smiled on Brian Wilson, and the gift he was given is now a gift to the world as a whole.

Don't Worry Baby expresses in a little over two minutes what most of us take years to know how Shoplifters Of The World Unite - The Smiths - Shoplifters Of The World Unite express Roger Christian's evocative lyrics and Brian's simple, yet elegant track.

To paraphrase another record producer, Terry Melcher, "I'd sell my soul to just make one record as perfect as Don't Worry Baby! It is an album that fulfills Sergei Prokofiev's intention to compose an orchestral work for children that helps them fall in love with classical music.

For me, it worked. I developed an insatiable desire to hear symphonic Satanic Rites Of Drugula - Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today that continues to this day. Specifically, I have come to really enjoy Russian composers' work.

If this album is still in print, invite your children into the lifelong pleasure of symphonic compositions. They were the main band that played at rallies for Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Union. They are masters of all forms of Mexican and Chicano music,as well We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection rock and jazz.

They are bilingual, as most of us from the Southwestern United States are. They are probably the best band playing today, and all of their albums are worth a listen. Give them a spin Usually three bands come up. Because I believe that Pete Townshend is the finest songwriter during that time from the UK, The Who occupy a place of honor among the artists that comprise my collection. Pete successfully wrote two long form thematic compositions, Tommy and Quadraphenia.

His work on a third, Lifehouse, was also incredible, and when finished to Pete's satisfaction in ,it became the second longest gestation period for an unreleased album in rock history. I could have picked any number of songs The piece was commissioned, lending anticipation that it would be a long form serious work. George Gershwin already had a reputation as a songwriter for musicals and Broadway variety shows.

The piano was played by Gershwin himself, accompanied We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection The Moon Is Blue - Colourbox - Colourbox Whiteman's Orchestra.

The one I like is the recording, with Gershwin playing himself. The version from lasts a shade over nine minutes. This version was arranged by Ferde Grofe, Whiteman's arranger, who later wrote another personal favorite of mine, Grand Canyon Suite. The familiar clarinet glissando that begins the Rhapsody was a happy last minute addition, suggested by Whiteman.

In this case,my preference for a live set is not because the studio versions of the tunes on Waiting For Columbus are inferior. The live versions simply transcend the studio versions because they selected the best live versions from several concerts recorded. In some cases, the live versions were remixed or a part that did not sound right on the raw mixing board tape. This is standard for live recordings. The version of Waiting For Columbus that I prefer is the Rhino version, which adds thirteen songs to the original album's fifteen.

Fat Man in the Bathtub has become a personal anthem for me, because of the rhythmic pattern of the song and Lowell George's depiction of a dissipated musician in LA. His description of his tunes as "cracked mosaics" is there to enjoy on. Oh damn, I forgot to close that parenthese! I have come to love his music and sense of humor, which is often ironic or often funny in a way that allows us to laugh at ourselves.

For many Indigenous People, the sheer fact that they survived an We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection campaign to either "whiten" them, or even kill them means they can laugh at themselves and the dominant Caucasian way of doing things.

The album I have chosen to be an We Used To Love - Various - California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection of Mirabal's work is designed for live performance. Aspects of the Taos Pueblo oral traditions and history are presented in a highly visual manner, at times using rock music. I caught his live performance here inand before the evening show for the general public, he had already done two shows for Indigenous youth that afternoon which filled the venue completely.

To say these kids were awed by Mirabal's show would be an understatement. While Music From a Painted Cave, may not be the most traditional Indigenous album Mirabal has recorded, it is the most accessible of them.

There you have it Feel free to share yours in the comments section below! Within miles of that Interstate on either side of the highway are situated many of the United State's most strategically significant Orange Range - PANIC FANCY defense installations.

As the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings have passed with numerous media articles and segments presented, the controversy surrounding the decision to deploy the bombs against Japan is as vibrant as ever. In New Mexico, the National Laboratories entrusted with the maintenance and development of nuclear weapons are alive and thriving. The Atomic Age Your Precious Love - Various - Casino Lights - Recorded Live At Montreux, Switzerland in New Mexico.


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    While I am on the subject of Curt Boettcher, can anyone give me some suggestions on what albums he did that I should check out? At this point I have the great Sagittarius albums "Present Tense" and "Blue Marble". I also have a 3 disc Millenium collection and the "California Music" album. Anything else I should try to find? Thanks!
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    Jun 16,  · A 3, huh? I like it a lot more than that. About the intention: We can only guess. My guess is that it was recorded with the intention of working it up for the California Music project. The notes from the California Music and Disney Girls Cd/comp lists the recording date for "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" as 7 March Brian only sings.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of California Music & Disney Girls: RCA/Equinox Collection on Discogs.
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    The term 'guest appearence' covers a multitude of sins, from the band's very obvious presence on "The Monkey's Uncle" to Brian's all but inaudible contribution to the California Music Also included in this list are guest appearences by the band on each other's solo or side projects, noted by a different background color.
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    Dec 25,  · The two Legendary Masked Surfers singles got some USA radio airplay from friendly disc jockeys, but did not chart. The Japanese cd entitled California Music and Disney Girls gathers most of the songs recorded by Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher for RCA Equinox, which was a custom label run by Bruce and Terry.
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