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(You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human

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On the other side, Swain's cow was wrenching the cool coarse grass, lifting her head from time to time, and singing in her strong deep voice her Sunday exuberance. In the warm washed air, Eugene heard with absolute clearness all the brisk backyard sounds of the neighborhood, he became acutely aware of the whole scene, and as Swain's cow sang out again, he felt the flooded gates in him swing open. He answered "Moo! Gant's delight was boundless. He turned and raced back toward the house at the full stride of his legs.

And as he went, he nuzzled his stiff mustache into Eugene's tender neck, mooing industriously and always getting an answer. And as he rushed up the kitchen steps—all the house, save the upper side was off the ground—she came out on the little latticed veranda, her hands floury, her nose stove-red.

Eugene answered him immediately: he felt it was all rather silly, and he saw he would be kept busy imitating Swain's cow for several days, but he was tremendously excited, nevertheless, feeling now that that wall had been breached. Eliza was likewise thrilled, but her way of showing it was to turn back to the stove, hiding her pleasure, and saying: "I'll vow, Mr.

I never saw such an idiot with a child. Later, Eugene lay wakefully in his basket on the sitting-room floor, watching the smoking dishes go by in the eager hands of the combined family, for Eliza at this time cooked magnificently, and a Sunday dinner was something to remember.

For two hours since their return from church, the little boys had been prowling hungrily around the kitchen: Ben, frowning proudly, kept his dignity outside the screen, making excursions frequently through the house to watch the progress of cookery; Grover came in and watched with frank interest until he was driven out; Luke, his broad humorous little face split by a wide exultant smile, rushed through the house, squealing exultantly:.

As Eugene lay in his crib, he heard through the open door the dining-room clatter, the shrill excitement of the boys, the clangor of steel and knife as Gant prepared to carve the roast, the reception of the morning's great event told over and over without variation, but with increasing zest. All through the afternoon upon the veranda Gant told the story, summoning the neighbors and calling upon Eugene to perform.

Eugene heard clearly all that was said that day: he was not able to answer, but he saw now that speech was imminent. Thus, later, he saw the first two years of his life in brilliant and isolated flashes. His second Christmas he remembered vaguely as a period of great festivity: it accustomed him to the third when it came.

With the miraculous habitude children acquire, it seemed that he had known Christmas forever. He was conscious of sunlight, rain, the leaping fire, his crib, the grim jail of winter: the second Spring, one warm day, he saw Daisy go off to school up the hill: it was the end of the noon recess, she had been home for lunch.

She went to Miss Ford's School For Girls; it was a red brick residence on the corner at the top of the steep hill: he watched her join Eleanor Duncan just below. Her hair was braided in two long hanks down her back: she was demure, shy, maidenly, a timid and blushing girl; but he feared her attentions to him, for she bathed him furiously, wreaking whatever was explosive and violent beneath her placidity upon his hide.

She Black Sabbath - Never Say Die scrubbed him almost raw. He howled piteously.

As she climbed the hill, he remembered her. He saw she was the same person. He passed his second birthday with the light growing.

Early in the following Spring he became conscious of a period of neglect: the house was deadly quiet; Gant's voice no longer roared around him, the boys came and went on stealthy feet. Luke, the fourth to be attacked by the pestilence, was desperately ill with typhoid: Eugene was intrusted almost completely to a young slovenly negress.

He remembered vividly her tall slattern figure, her slapping lazy feet, her dirty white stockings, and her strong smell, black and funky. One day she took him out on the side porch to play: it was a young Spring morning, bursting moistly from the thaw of the earth.

The negress sat upon the side-steps and yawned while he grubbed in his dirty little dress along the path, and upon the lily bed. Presently, she went to sleep against the post.

Craftily, he wormed his body through the wide wires of the fence, into the cindered alley that wound back to the Swains', and up to the ornate wooden palace of the Hilliards. They were among the highest aristocracy of the town: they had come from South Carolina, "near Charleston," which in itself gave them at that time a commanding prestige.

The house, a huge gabled structure of walnut-brown, which gave the effect of many angles and no plan, was built upon the top of the hill which sloped down to Gant's; the level One Shot - Tin Machine - Tin Machine II on top before the house was tenanted by lordly towering oaks.

Below, along the cindered alley, flanking Gant's orchard, there were high singing pines. Hilliard's house was considered one of the finest residences in the town.

The neighborhood Dancing Cubes (Original Extended Mix) - Z3N - Dancing Cubes middle-class, but the situation was magnificent, and the Hilliards carried on in the grand manner, lords of the castle who descended into the village, but did not mix with its people.

All of their friends arrived by carriage from afar; every day punctually at two o'clock, an old liveried negro drove briskly up the winding alley behind two sleek brown mares, waiting under the carriage entrance at the side until his master and mistress should come out. Five minutes later they drove out, and were gone for two hours. This ritual, followed closely from his father's sitting-room window, fascinated Eugene for years after: the people and the life next door were crudely and symbolically above him.

I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper - A Night To Remember felt a great satisfaction that morning in being at length in Hilliard's alley: it was his first escape, and it had been made into a forbidden and enhaloed region.

He grubbed about in the middle of the road, disappointed in the quality of the cinders. The booming courthouse bell struck eleven times. Now, exactly at three minutes after eleven every morning, so unfailing and perfect was the order of this great establishment, a huge gray horse trotted slowly up the hill, drawing behind him a heavy grocery wagon, musty, spicy, odorous with the fine smells of grocery-stores and occupied exclusively by the Hilliard victuals, and the driver, a young negro man who, at three minutes past eleven every morning, according to ritual, was comfortably asleep.

Nothing could possibly go wrong: the horse could not have been tempted even by a pavement of oats to betray his sacred mission.

Accordingly he trotted heavily up the hill, turned ponderously into the alley ruts, and advanced heavily until, feeling the great circle of his right forefoot obstructed by some foreign particle, he looked down and slowly removed his hoof from what had recently been the face of a little boy. Then, with his legs carefully straddled, he moved on, drawing the wagon beyond Eugene's body, and stopping. Both negroes awoke simultaneously; there were cries within the house, and Eliza and Gant rushed out of doors.

The frightened negro lifted Eugene, who was quite unconscious of his sudden return to the stage, into the burly arms of Doctor McGuire, who cursed the driver eloquently. His thick sensitive fingers moved swiftly around the bloody little face and found no fracture. He nodded briefly at their desperate faces: "He's being saved for Congress," said he.

McGuire, laying the hero upon the lounge. Every one spoke highly of the horse. But all this, as Eliza knew in her heart, was part of the plan of the Dark Sisters.

The entrails The Magic Flute (Beatles Mix) (Zum Leiden.) - Dollie De Luxe - Rock Vs. Opera been woven and read long since: the frail shell of skull which guarded life, and which might have been crushed as easily as a man breaks an egg, was kept intact.

But Eugene carried the mark of the centaur for many years, though the light had to fall properly to reveal it.

When he was older, he wondered sometimes if the Hilliards had issued from their high place when he had so impiously disturbed the order of the manor. He never asked, but he thought not: he imagined them, at the most, as standing superbly by a drawn curtain, not quite certain what had happened, but feeling that it was something unpleasant, with blood (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human it.

Luke got well after cursing doctor, nurse, and family for several weeks: it was stubborn typhoid. Gant was now head of a numerous family, which rose ladderwise from infancy to the adolescent Steve—who was eighteen—and the maidenly Daisy. She was seventeen and in her last year at high school.

She was a timid, sensitive girl, looking like her name—Daisy-ish industrious and thorough Freeloader (Original Mix) - Blank & Jones - The Mix (Volume 1) her studies: her teachers thought her one of the best students they had ever known. She had very little fire, or denial in her; she responded dutifully to instructions; she gave back what had been given to her.

She played the piano without any passionate feeling for the music; but she rendered it honestly with a beautiful rippling touch. And she practised hours at a time.

It was apparent, however, that Steve was lacking in scholarship. When he was fourteen, he was summoned by the school principal to his little office, to take a thrashing for truancy and insubordination. But the spirit of acquiescence was not in him: he snatched the rod from the man's hand, broke it, smote him solidly in the eye, and dropped gleefully (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human feet to the ground.

This was one of the best things he ever did: his conduct in other directions was less fortunate. Very early, as his truancy mounted, and after he had been expelled, and as his life hardened rapidly in a defiant viciousness, the antagonism between the boy and Gant grew open and bitter. Gant recognized perhaps most of his son's vices as his own: there was little, however, of his redeeming quality.

Steve had a piece of tough suet where his heart should have been. Of them all, he had had very much the worst of it. Since his childhood he had been the witness of his father's wildest debauches. He had not forgotten. Also, as the oldest, he was left to shift for himself while Eliza's attention focussed on her younger children. She was feeding Eugene at her breast long after Steve had taken his first two dollars to the ladies of Eagle Crescent.

He was inwardly sore at the abuse Gant heaped on him; he was not insensitive to his faults, but to be called a "good-for-nothing bum," "a worthless degenerate," "a pool-room loafer," hardened his outward manner of swagger defiance. Cheaply and flashily dressed, with peg-top yellow shoes, flaring striped trousers, and a broad- brimmed straw hat with a colored band, he would walk down the avenue with a preposterous lurch, and a smile of strained assurance on his face, saluting with servile cordiality all who would notice him.

And if a man of property greeted him, his lacerated but overgrown vanity would seize the crumb, and he would boast pitifully at home: "They all know Little Stevie! He's got the respect of all the big men in this town, all right, all right! Every one has a good word for Little Stevie except his own people.

Do you know what J. Collins said to me to-day? Who's that? Collins—that's who! He's only worth about two hundred thousand. Gant, in a fury, gave him a hard beating when he had been expelled from school. He had never forgotten. Finally, he was told to go to work and support himself: he found desultory employment as a soda-jerker, or as delivery boy for a morning paper. Once, with a crony, Gus Moody, son of a foundry-man, he had gone off to see the world.

Grimy from vagabondage they had crawled off a freight-train at Knoxville, Tennessee, spent their little money on food, and in a brothel, and returned, two days later, coal-black but boastful of their exploit. She always waited. Moreover, in her deepest heart, she had an affection for her oldest son, which, if it was not (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Humanwas at least different in kind from what she bore for the others.

His glib boastfulness, his pitiable brag, pleased her: they were to her indications of his "smartness," and she often infuriated her two studious girls by praising them. Thus, looking at a specimen of his handwriting, she would say:. Steve had early tasted the joys of the bottle, stealing, during the days when he was a young attendant of his father's debauch, a furtive swallow from the strong rank whisky in a half-filled flask: the taste nauseated him, but the experience made good boasting for his fellows.

At fifteen, he had found, while smoking cigarettes with Gus Moody, in a neighbor's barn, a bottle wrapped in an oats sack by the worthy citizen, against the too sharp examination of his wife. When the man had come for secret potation some time later, and found his bottle half-empty, he had grimly dosed the remainder with Croton oil: the two boys were nauseously sick for several days.

One day, Steve forged a check on his father. It was some days before Gant discovered it: the amount was only three dollars, but his anger was bitter. In a pronouncement at home, delivered loudly enough to publish the boy's offense to the neighborhood, he spoke of the penitentiary, of letting him go to jail, of being disgraced in his old age—a period of his life at which he had not yet arrived, but which he used to his advantage in times of strife.

He paid the check, of course, but another name—that of "forger"—was added to the vocabulary of his abuse. Steve sneaked in and out of the house, eating his meals alone for several (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human. When he met his father little was said by either: behind the hard angry glaze of their eyes, they both looked depthlessly into each other; they knew that they could withhold nothing from each other, that the same sores festered in each, the same hungers and desires, the same crawling appetites polluted their blood.

And knowing this, something in each of them turned away in grievous shame. Gant added this to his tirades against Eliza; all that was bad in the boy his mother had given him.

Mountain Blood! Mark my words," he continued, after striding feverishly about the house, muttering to himself and bursting finally into the kitchen, "mark my words, he'll wind up in the penitentiary.

And, her nose reddened by the spitting grease, she would purse her lips, saying little, save, when goaded, to make some return calculated to infuriate and antagonize him. Gant drank less: save for a terrifying spree every six or eight weeks, which bound them all in fear for two or three Night And Day (Potential Bad Boy Mix) - JWM And Rankin.

D.* Featuring Cutty Ranks - Night And Day, Eliza had little to complain of on this score. But her enormous patience was wearing very thin because of the daily cycle of abuse. They slept now in separate rooms upstairs: he rose at six or six-thirty, dressed and went down to build the fires.

As he kindled a blaze in the range, and a roaring fire in the sitting-room, he muttered constantly to himself, with an occasional oratorical rise and fall of his voice.

In this way he composed and polished the flood of his invective: when the demands of fluency and emphasis had been satisfied he would appear suddenly before her in the kitchen, and deliver himself without preliminary, as the grocer's negro entered with pork chops or a thick steak:. Could you have depended on your worthless old father, Tom Pentland, to give you one? Would Brother Will, or Brother Jim give you one? Did you ever hear of them giving any one anything?

Did you ever hear of them caring for anything but their own miserable hides? DID you? Would any of them give a starving beggar a crust of bread? By God, no! Not even if he ran a bakery shop! Mountain Grills! At times, when she tried to reply to his attack, she would burst easily into tears. This pleased him: he liked to see her cry. But usually she made an occasional nagging retort: deep down, between their blind antagonistic souls, an ugly and desperate war was being waged.

Yet, had he known to what lengths these daily assaults might drive her, he would have been astounded: they were part of the deep and feverish discontent of his spirit, the rooted instinct to have an object for his abuse.

Moreover, his own feeling for order was so great that he had a passionate aversion for what was slovenly, disorderly, diffuse. He was goaded to actual fury at times when he saw how carefully she saved bits of old string, empty cans and bottles, paper, trash of every description: the mania for acquisition, as yet an undeveloped madness in Eliza, enraged him.

Why don't you get rid of some of this junk? It was, perhaps, a reversal of custom that the deep-hungering spirit of quest belonged to the one with the greatest love of order, the most pious regard for ritual, who wove into a pattern even his daily tirades of abuse, and that the sprawling blot of chaos, animated by one all-mastering desire for possession, belonged to the practical, the daily person.

Gant had the passion of the true wanderer, of him who wanders from a fixed point. He needed the order and the dependence of a home—he was intensely a family man: their clustered warmth and Nessun Dorma - Mantovani - Love Themes about him was life.

After his punctual morning tirade at Eliza, he went about the rousing of the slumbering children. Comically, he could not endure feeling, in the morning, that he was the only one awake and about. His waking cry, delivered by formula, with huge comic gruffness from the foot of the stairs, took this form:. You damned scoundrels: get up! In God's name, what will become of you!

You'll never amount to anything as long as you live. Indeed, when he described his early schooling, he furnished a landscape that was constantly three feet deep in snow, and frozen hard. He seemed (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human to have attended school save under polar conditions. And fifteen minutes later, he would roar again: "You'll never amount to anything, you good-for-nothing bums!

If one side of the wall caved in, you'd roll over to the other. Presently now there would be the rapid thud of feet upstairs, and one by one they would descend, rushing naked into the sitting-room with their clothing bundled in their arms. Before his roaring fire they would dress. By breakfast, save for sporadic laments, Gant was in something approaching good humor. (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human fed hugely: he stoked their plates for them with great slabs of fried steak, grits fried in egg, hot biscuits, jam, fried apples.

He departed for his shop about the time the boys, their throats still convulsively swallowing hot food and coffee, rushed from the house at the warning signal of the mellow-tolling final nine-o'clock school bell.

He returned for lunch—dinner, as they called it—briefly garrulous with the morning's news; in the evening, as the family gathered in again, he returned, built his great fire, and launched his supreme invective, a ceremony which required a half hour in composition, and another three-quarters, with repetition and additions, in delivery. They dined then quite happily. So passed the winter. Eugene was three; they bought him alphabet books, and animal pictures, with rhymed fables below.

Gant read them to him indefatigably: in six weeks he knew them all by memory. Through the late winter and spring he performed numberless times for the neighbors: holding the book in his hands he pretended to read what he knew by heart.

Gant was delighted: he abetted the deception. Every one thought it extraordinary that a child should read so young. In the Spring (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human began to drink again; his thirst withered, however, in two or three weeks, and shamefacedly he took up the routine of his life.

But Eliza was preparing for a change. It was ; there was in preparation a great world's exposition at Saint Louis: it was (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human be the visual history of civilization, bigger, better, and greater than anything of its kind ever known before. Many of the Altamont people intended to go: Eliza was fascinated at the prospect of combining travel with profit.

It had been talked of years before when he had broken his partnership with Will Pentland. I beg you not to. Gant, don't be such a fool. There's nothing wrong in keeping boarders. Some of the most respectable people in this town do it. Finally, he had a particular revulsion against lodgers: to earn one's living by accepting the contempt, the scorn, and the money of what he called "cheap boarders" was an almost unendurable ignominy. She knew this but she could not understand his feeling.

Not merely to possess property, but to draw income from it was part of the religion of her family, and she surpassed them all by her willingness to rent out a part of (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human home.

She alone, in fact, of all the Pentlands was willing to relinquish the little moated castle of home; the particular secrecy and privacy of their walls she alone did not seem to value greatly. And she was the only one of them that wore a skirt. Eugene had been fed from her breast until he was more than three years old: during the winter he was weaned. Something in her stopped; something began. She had her way finally. Sometimes she would talk to Gant thoughtfully and persuasively about the World's Fair venture.

Sometimes, during his evening tirades, she would snap back at him using the project as a threat. Just what was to be achieved she did not know. But she felt it was a beginning for her.

And she had her way finally. Gant succumbed to the lure of new lands. He was to remain at home: if all went well he would come out later. The prospect, too, of release for a time excited him. Something of the old thrill of youth touched him. He was left behind, but the world lurked full of unseen shadows for a lonely man. Daisy was in her last year at school: she stayed with him.

But it cost him more than a pang or two to see Helen go. She was almost fourteen. In early April, Eliza departed, bearing her excited brood about her, and carrying Eugene in her (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human. He was bewildered at this rapid commotion, but he was electric with curiosity and activity. The Tarkintons and Duncans streamed in: there were tears and kisses. Tarkinton regarded her with some awe.

The whole neighborhood was a bit bewildered at this latest turn. Tarkinton with cheerful loyalty. They went to the station in the street-car: Ben and Grover gleefully sat together, guarding a big luncheon hamper. Helen clutched nervously a bundle of packages. And then the marvellous hill Spring came, green-golden, with brief spurting winds, the magic and fragrance of the (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Humanwarm gusts of balsam.

The great wound in Oliver began to heal. His voice was heard in the land once more, there were purple flashes of the old rhetoric, the ghost of the old eagerness. One day in April, as with fresh (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human senses, he stood before his shop, watching the flurry of life in the square, Oliver heard behind him the voice of a man who was passing.

And that voice, flat, drawling, complacent, touched with sudden light a picture that had lain dead in him for twenty years. Oliver turned and saw retreating the burly persuasive figure of the prophet he had last seen vanishing down the dusty road that led to Gettysburg and Armageddon.

There are a lot of his folks around here. Then Oliver met Eliza. He lay one afternoon in Spring upon the Space Cowboy - Atomic Rooster - Made In England leather sofa of his little office, listening to the bright piping noises in the Square.

A restoring peace brooded over his great extended body. He thought of the loamy black earth with its sudden young light of flowers, of the beaded chill of beer, and of the plumtree's dropping blossoms. Then he heard the brisk heel- taps of a woman coming down among the marbles, and he got hastily to his feet.

He was drawing on his well brushed Everybody Loves A Lover - James Last - Always of heavy black just as she entered. As a matter of fact I very rarely lie down in the daytime, but I've been in bad health for the last year now, and I'm not able to do the work I used to.

He was silent a moment; his face drooped in an expression of hangdog dejection. I don't know what's to become of me! You're a big strapping fellow, in the prime of life. Half of it's only imagination. Most of the time we think we're sick it's all in the mind. I remember three years ago I was teaching school in Hominy (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human when I was taken down with pneumonia.

Nobody ever expected to see me come out of it alive but I got through it somehow; I well remember one day I was sitting down—as the fellow says, I reckon I was convalescin'; the reason I remember is Old Doctor Fletcher had just been and when he went out I saw him shake his head at my cousin Sally.

I remember I laughed just as big as you please, determined to make a big joke of it all; I just thought to myself, I'm not going to give into it, I'll fool them all yet; 'I don't believe a word of it' I said ," she nodded her head smartly The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace - The Night Chicago Died him, and pursed her lips, "'and besides, Sally' I said 'we've all got to go some time, and there's no use worrying about what's going to happen.

It may come tomorrow, or it may come later, but it's bound to come to all in the end'. A truer word was never spoken. Merciful God! How long is this to keep up? But she's a pippin as sure as you're born. He looked appreciatively at her trim erect figure, noting her milky white skin, her black-brown eyes, with their quaint child's stare, and her jet black hair drawn back tightly from her high white forehead. She had a curious trick of pursing her lips reflectively before she spoke; she liked to take her time, and came to the point after interminable divagations down all the lane-ends of memory and overtone, feasting upon the golden pageant of all she had ever said, done, felt, thought, seen, or replied, with egocentric delight.

Then, while he looked, she ceased speaking abruptly, put her neat gloved hand to her chin, and stared off with a thoughtful pursed mouth. He bought the books. Eliza packed her samples, and stood up looking sharply and curiously about the dusty little shop. I'm A Fortune In Lies - Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite stranger in a strange land.

You need something to take your mind off yourself. If I were you, I'd pitch right in and take an interest in the town's progress. We've got everything here it takes to make a big town—scenery, climate, and Frank Sinatra With Orchestra Nelson Riddle* - Blue Moon / September In The Rain resources, and we all ought to work together.

If I had a few thousand dollars I know what I'd do,"—she winked smartly at him, and began to speak with a curiously masculine gesture of the hand—forefinger extended, fist loosely clenched. It'll double in value (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human the next few years. Now, here! And when they do—" she pursed her lips reflectively, "that property is going to be worth money.

She continued to talk about property with a strange meditative hunger. The town seemed to be an enormous blueprint to her: her head was (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human uncannily with figures and estimates—who owned a lot, who sold it, the sale-price, the real value, the future value, first and second mortgages, and so on.

When she had finished, Oliver said with the emphasis of strong aversion, thinking of (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human.

It is nothing but a curse and a care, and the tax-collector gets it all in the end. That's no way to talk! Then, talking more cheerfully, he walked with her to the door of the shop, and watched her as she marched primly away across the square, holding her skirts at the curbs with ladylike nicety. Then he turned back among his marbles again with a stirring in him of a joy he thought he had lost forever.

The Pentland family, of which Eliza was a member, was one of the strangest tribes that ever came out of the hills. It had no clear title to the name of Pentland: a Scotch-Englishman of that name, who was a mining engineer, the grandfather of the present head of the family, had come into the hills after the Revolution, looking for copper, and lived there for several years, begetting several children by one of the pioneer women.

When he (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human the woman took for herself and her children the name of Pentland. The present chieftain of the tribe was Eliza's father, the brother of the prophet Bacchus, Major Thomas Pentland. Another brother had been killed during the Seven Days. Major Pentland's military title was honestly if inconspicuously earned.

While Bacchus, who never rose above the rank of Corporal, was blistering his hard hands at Shiloh, the Major, as commander of two companies of Home Volunteers, was guarding the stronghold of the native hills. This stronghold was never threatened until the closing days of the war, when Kyrie - Beethoven*, Karajan*, Gundula Janowitz, Agnes Baltsa, Peter Schreier, José van Dam, Orchestr Volunteers, ambuscaded behind convenient trees and rocks, fired three volleys into a detachment of Sherman's stragglers, and quietly dispersed to the defense of their attendant wives and children.

The Pentland family was as old as any in the community, but it had always been poor, and had made few pretenses to gentility. By marriage, and by intermarriage among its own kinsmen, it could boast of some connection with the great, of some insanity, and a modicum of idiocy.

But because of its obvious superiority, in intelligence and fibre, to most of the mountain people it held a position of solid respect among them.

The Pentlands bore a strong clan-marking. Like most rich personalities in strange families their powerful group-stamp became more impressive because of their differences. They had broad powerful noses, with fleshy deeply scalloped wings, sensual mouths, extraordinarily mixed of delicacy and coarseness, which in the process of thinking they convolved with astonishing flexibility, broad intelligent foreheads, and deep flat cheeks, a trifle hollowed. The men were generally ruddy of face, and their typical stature was meaty, strong, and of middling height, although it varied into gangling cadaverousness.

Major Thomas Pentland was the father of a numerous family of which Eliza was the only surviving girl. A younger sister had died a few years before of a disease which the family identified sorrowfully as "poor Jane's scrofula. Eliza was twenty-four. The four oldest children, Henry, Will, Eliza, and Jim, had passed their childhood in the years following the war.

The poverty and privation of these years had been so terrible that none of them ever spoke of it now, but the bitter steel had sheared into their hearts, leaving scars that would not heal.

The effect of these years upon the oldest children was to develop in them an insane niggardliness, an insatiate love of property, and a desire to escape from the Major's household as quickly as possible. Major Pentland rose slowly from his rocker by the fire, folded a large knife, and put the apple he had been peeling on the mantel. Bacchus looked up benevolently from a whittled stick, and Will, glancing up from his stubby nails which he was paring as usual, greeted the visitor with a birdlike nod and wink.

The men amused themselves constantly with pocket knives. Major Pentland advanced slowly toward Gant. He was a stocky fleshy man in the middle fifties, with a ruddy face, a patriarchal beard, and the thick complacent features of his tribe. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. When their laughter had died down, Eliza said: "And this—as the fellow says—is Uncle Bacchus.

Then, amid their laughter, the door opened, and several of the others came in—Eliza's mother, a plain worn Scotchwoman, and Jim, a ruddy porcine young fellow, his father's beardless twin, and Thaddeus, mild, ruddy, brown of hair and eye, bovine, and finally Greeley, the youngest, a boy with lapping idiot grins, full of strange squealing noises at which they laughed.

He was eleven, degenerate, weak, scrofulous, but his white moist hands could draw from a violin music that had in it something unearthly and untaught. And as they sat there in the hot little room with its warm odor of mellowing apples, the vast winds howled down from the hills, there was a roaring in the pines, remote and demented, the bare boughs clashed.

And as they peeled, or pared, or whittled, their talk slid from its rude jocularity to death and burial: they drawled monotonously, with evil hunger, their gossip of destiny, and of men but newly lain in the earth. And as their talk wore on, and Gant heard the spectre moan of the wind, he was entombed in (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human and darkness, and his soul plunged downward in (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human pit of night, for he saw that he must die a stranger—that all, all but these triumphant Pentlands, who banqueted on death—must die.

And like a man who is perishing in the polar night, he thought of What Are You Waiting For - Aeverium - Break Out rich meadows of his youth: the corn, the plum tree, and ripe grain. Why here? O lost! Oliver married Eliza in May. After their wedding trip to Philadelphia, they returned to the Hardbeat (Public Domains Debunk Mix) - Various - Compressor he had built for her on Woodson Street.

With his great hands he had laid the foundations, burrowed out deep musty cellars in the earth, and sheeted the tall sides over with smooth trowellings of warm brown plaster.

He had very little money, but his strange house grew to the rich modelling of his fantasy: when he had finished he had something which leaned to the slope of his narrow uphill yard, something with a high embracing porch in front, and warm rooms where one stepped (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human and down to the tackings of his whim.

He built his house close to the quiet hilly street; he bedded the loamy soil with flowers; he laid the short walk to the high veranda steps with great square sheets of colored marble; he put a fence of spiked iron between his house and the world. Then, in the cool long glade of yard that stretched four hundred feet behind the house he planted trees and grape vines. And whatever he touched in that rich fortress of his soul sprang into golden life: as the years passed, the fruit trees—the peach, the plum, the cherry, the apple—grew great and bent beneath their clusters.

His grape vines thickened into brawny ropes of brown and coiled down the high wire fences of his lot, and hung in a dense fabric, upon his trellises, roping his domain twice around. They climbed the Heartbreaker - Various - Phil Spector Wall Of Sound Vol.

5 - Rare Masters end of the house and framed the upper (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human in thick bowers. And the flowers grew in rioting glory in his yard—the velvet-leaved nasturtium, slashed with a hundred tawny dyes, the rose, the snowball, the redcupped tulip, and the lily.

The honeysuckle drooped its heavy mass upon the fence; wherever his great hands touched the earth it grew fruitful for him. For him the house was the picture of his soul, the garment of his will.

But for Eliza it was a piece of property, whose value she shrewdly appraised, a beginning for her hoard. Like all the older children of Major Pentland she had, since her twentieth year, begun the slow accretion of land: from the savings of her small wage as teacher and book-agent, she had already purchased one or two pieces of earth. On one of these, a small lot at the edge of the public square, she persuaded him to build a shop.

This he did with his own hands, and the labor of two negro men: it was a two-story shack of brick, with wide wooden steps, leading down to the square from a marble porch. Upon this porch, flanking the wooden doors, he placed some marbles; by the door, he put the heavy simpering figure of an angel.

But Eliza was not content with his trade: there was no money in death. People, she thought, died too slowly. And she foresaw that her brother Will, who had begun at fifteen as helper in a lumber yard, and was now the owner of a tiny business, was destined to become a rich man. So she persuaded Gant to go into partnership with Will Pentland: at the end of a year, however, his patience broke, Yaki-Skit - Young Prodeje* - Diablo Flame On - Movie On Wax tortured egotism leaped from its restraint, he howled that Will, whose business hours were spent chiefly in figuring upon a dirty envelope with a stub of a pencil, paring reflectively his stubby nails, or punning endlessly with a birdlike wink and nod, would ruin them all.

Will therefore quietly bought out his partner's interest, and moved on toward the accumulation of a fortune, while Oliver returned to isolation and his grimy angels. The strange figure of Oliver Gant cast its famous shadow through the town. Men heard at night and morning the great formula of his curse to Eliza. They saw him plunge to house and shop, they saw him bent above his marbles, they saw him mould in his great hands—with curse, and howl, with passionate devotion—the rich texture of his home.

They laughed at his wild excess of speech, of feeling, and of gesture. They were silent before the maniac fury of his sprees, which occurred almost punctually every two months, and lasted two or three days. They picked him foul and witless from the cobbles, and brought him home—the banker, the policeman, and a burly devoted Swiss named Jannadeau, a grimy jeweller who rented a small fenced space among Gant's tombstones.

And always they handled him with tender care, feeling something strange and proud and glorious lost in that drunken ruin of Babel. He was a stranger to them: no one—not even Eliza—ever called him by his first name. He was—and remained thereafter—"Mister" Gant.

And what Eliza endured in pain and fear and glory no one knew. He breathed over them all his hot lion-breath of desire and fury: when he was drunk, her white pursed face, and all the slow octopal movements of her temper, stirred him to red madness.

She was at such times in real danger from his assault: she had to lock herself away from him. For from the first, deeper than love, deeper than hate, as deep as the unfleshed bones of life, an obscure and final warfare was being waged between them. Eliza wept or was silent to his curse, nagged briefly in retort to his rhetoric, gave like a punched Freddys Birthday - Vladimir Cosma - Till We Meet Again to his lunging drive—and slowly, implacably had her (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human.

Year by year, above his howl Cherchez LaGhost - Various - ReRuns Vol. 16 protest, he did not know how, they gathered in small bits of earth, paid the hated taxes, and put the money that remained into more land.

Over the wife, over the mother, the woman of property, who was like a man, walked slowly forth. In eleven years she bore him nine children of whom six lived. The first, a girl, died in her twentieth month, of infant cholera; two more died at birth. The others outlived the grim and casual littering. The oldest, a boy, was born in He was given the name of Steve. The second, born fifteen months later, was a girl—Daisy. The next, likewise a girl—Helen—came three years later.

Then, incame twins—boys—to whom Gant, always with a zest for politics, gave the names of Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison. And the last, Luke, was born two years later, in Twice, during this period, at intervals of five years, Gant's periodic spree lengthened into an unbroken Μη Με Φοβάσαι (Βραδιά Μπαλέτου) - Άλκης Αλκαίος - Οι Τροβαδούροι Της Καρδιάς Μου that lasted for weeks.

He was caught, drowning in the tides of his thirst. Each time Eliza sent him away to take a cure for alcoholism at Richmond. Once, Eliza and four of her children were sick at the same time with typhoid fever. But during a weary convalescence she pursed her lips grimly and took them off to Florida. Eliza came through stolidly to victory. As she marched down these enormous years of love and loss, stained with the rich dyes of pain and pride and death, and with the great wild flare of his alien and passionate life, her limbs faltered in the grip of ruin, but she came on, through sickness and emaciation, to victorious strength.

She knew there had been glory in it: insensate and cruel as he had often been, she remembered the enormous beating color of his life, and the lost and stricken thing in him which he would never find. And fear and a speechless pity rose in her when at times she saw the small uneasy eyes grow still and darken with the foiled and groping hunger of old frustration. In the great processional of the years through (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human the history of the Gants was evolving, few years had borne a heavier weight of pain, terror, and wretchedness, and none was destined to bring with it more conclusive events than that year which marked the beginning of the twentieth century.

For Gant and his wife, the yearin which one day they found themselves, after growing to maturity in another century—a transition which must have given, wherever it has happened, a brief but poignant loneliness to thousands of imaginative people—had coincidences, too striking to be unnoticed, with other boundaries in their lives.

In that year Gant passed his fiftieth birthday: he knew he was half as old as the century that had died, and that men do not often live as long as centuries. And in that year, too, Eliza, big with the last child she would ever have, went over the final hedge of terror and desperation and, in the opulent darkness of the summer night, as she lay flat in her bed with her hands upon her swollen belly, she began to design her life for the years when she would cease to be a mother.

In the already opening gulf on whose separate shores their lives were founded, she was beginning to look, with the infinite composure, the tremendous patience which waits through half a lifetime for an event, not so much with certain foresight, as with a prophetic, brooding instinct.

This Exercising Levitation - F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm - Music For Lovers Music Versus Time / Music For Wob, this almost Buddhistic complacency which, rooted in Hans Haugen - Felespell Fra Susendal fundamental structure of her life, she could neither suppress nor conceal, was the quality he could least understand, that infuriated him most.

He was fifty: he had a tragic consciousness of time—he saw the passionate fulness of his life upon the wane, and he cast about him like a senseless and infuriate beast. She had perhaps a greater reason for quietude than he, for she had come on from the cruel openings of her life, through disease, physical weakness, poverty, the constant imminence of death and misery: she had lost her first child, and brought the others safely through each succeeding plague; and now, at forty-two, her last child stirring in her womb, she had a conviction, enforced by her Scotch superstition, and the blind vanity of her family, which saw extinction for others but U-Men - Front 242 - Moments 1 (File, Album) for itself, that she was being shaped to a purpose.

As she lay in (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human bed, a great star burned across her vision in the western quarter of the sky; she fancied it was climbing heaven slowly. And although she could not have said toward what pinnacle her life was moving, she saw in the future freedom that she had never known, possession and power and wealth, the desire for which was mixed inextinguishably with the current of her blood.

Thinking of this in the dark, she pursed her lips with thoughtful satisfaction, unhumorously seeing herself at work in the carnival, taking away quite easily from the hands of folly what it had never known how to keep. Will has it! Jim has it. And I'm smarter than they are. If I hadn't kept after him he wouldn't have a stick to call his own to-day. What little we have got I've had to fight for; we wouldn't have a roof over our heads; we'd spend the rest of our lives in a rented house"—which was to her the final ignominy of shiftless and improvident people.

And she resumed: "The money he squanders every year in licker would buy a good lot: we could be well-to-do people now if we'd started at the very beginning. But he's always hated the very idea of owning anything: couldn't bear it, he told me once, since he lost his money in that trade in Sydney.

If I'd been there, you can bet your bottom dollar there'd been no loss. Or, it'd be on the other side," she added grimly. And lying there while the winds of early autumn swept down from the Southern hills, filling the black air with dropping leaves, and making, in intermittent rushes, a remote sad thunder in great trees, she thought of the stranger who had come to live in her, and of that other stranger, author of so much woe, who had lived with her for almost twenty years. And thinking of Gant, she felt again an inchoate aching wonder, recalling the savage strife between them, and the great submerged struggle beneath, founded upon the hatred and the love of property, in which she did not doubt of her victory, but which baffled her, foiled her.

Gant, faced with the loss of sensuous delight, knowing the time had come when all his Rabelaisian excess in eating, drinking, and loving must come under the halter, knew of no gain that could compensate him for the loss of libertinism; he felt, too, the sharp ache of regret, feeling that he (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human possessed powers, had wasted chances, such as his partnership with Will Pentland, that might have given him position and wealth.

He knew that the century had gone in which the best part of his (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human had passed; he felt, more than ever, the strangeness and loneliness of our little adventure upon the earth: he thought of his childhood on the Dutch farm, the Baltimore days, the aimless drift down the continent, the appalling fixation of his whole life upon a series of accidents.

The enormous tragedy of accident hung like a gray cloud over his life. He saw more clearly than ever that he was a stranger in a strange land among people who would always be alien to him. Strangest of all, he thought, was this union, by which he had begotten children, created a life dependent on him, with a woman so remote from all he understood.

He did not know whether the year marked for him a beginning or an ending; but with the familiar weakness of the sensualist, he resolved to make it an ending, burning the spent fire in him down to a guttering flame.

In the first half of the month of January, still penitently true to the New Year's reformation, he begot a child: by Spring, when it was evident that Eliza was again pregnant, he had hurled himself into an orgy to which even a notable four months' drunk in could offer no precedent. Day after day he became maniacally drunk, until he fixed himself in a state of constant insanity: in May she sent him off again to a sanitarium at Piedmont to take the "cure," which consisted simply in feeding him plainly and cheaply, and keeping him away from alcohol for six weeks, a regime which contributed no more ravenously to his hunger than it did to his thirst.

He returned, outwardly chastened, but inwardly a raging furnace, toward the end of June: the day before he came back, Eliza, obviously big with child, her white face compactly set, walked sturdily into each of the town's fourteen saloons, calling up the proprietor or the bar- man behind his counter, and speaking clearly and loudly in the sodden company of bar clientry:.

Gant is coming back to-morrow, and I want you all to know that if I hear of any of you selling him a drink, I'll put you in the penitentiary. The threat, they knew, was preposterous, (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human the white judicial face, the thoughtful pursing of the lips, and the right hand, which she held loosely clenched, like a man's, with the forefinger extended, emphasizing her proclamation with a calm, but somehow powerful gesture, froze them with a terror no amount of fierce excoriation could have produced.

They received her announcement in beery stupefaction, muttering at most a startled agreement as she walked out. That woman means business. Is she gone yet? Will Pentland was in Loughran's when she entered. She did not greet him. When she had gone he turned to a man near him, prefacing his remark with a birdlike nod and wink: "Bet you can't do that," he said.

Gant, when he returned, and was publicly refused at a bar, was wild with rage and humiliation. He got whisky very easily, of course, by sending a drayman from his steps, or some negro, in for it; but, in spite of the notoriety of his Oilsjt Taroef - De Salongcarnavalisten - Oilsjt Volume 2006, which had, he knew, become a classic myth for the children of the town, he shrank at each new advertisement of his behaviour; he became, year by year, more, rather than less, sensitive to it, and his shame, his quivering humiliation on mornings after, product of rasped pride and jangled nerves, was pitiable.

He felt bitterly that Eliza had with deliberate malice publicly degraded him: he screamed denunciation and abuse at her on his return home. All through the summer Eliza walked with white boding placidity through horror—she had by now the hunger for it, waiting with terrible quiet the return of fear at night.

Angered by her pregnancy, Gant went almost daily to Elizabeth's house in Eagle Crescent, whence he was delivered nightly by a band of exhausted and terrified prostitutes into the care of his son Steve, his oldest child, by now pertly free with nearly all the women in the district, who fondled him with good-natured vulgarity, laughed heartily at his glib innuendoes, and suffered him, even, to slap them smartly on their rumps, making for him roughly as he skipped nimbly away.

But he's a nice old boy when he wants to be," she continued, kissing the bald spot on his head, and deftly slipping into the boy's hand the wallet Gant had, in a torrent of generosity, given to her. She was scrupulously honest. The boy was usually accompanied on these errands by Jannadeau and Tom Flack, a negro hack-man, who waited in patient constraint outside the latticed door of the brothel until the advancing tumult within announced that Gant had been enticed to depart.

And he would go, either struggling clumsily and screaming eloquent abuse at his suppliant captors, or jovially acquiescent, bellowing a wanton song of his youth along the latticed crescent, and through the supper-silent highways of the town. Home, he would be cajoled up the tall veranda stairs, enticed into his bed; or, resisting all compulsion, he would seek out his wife, shut usually in her room, howling taunts at her, and accusations of unchastity, since there festered in him dark suspicion, fruit of his age, his wasting energy.

Timid Daisy, pale from fright, would have fled to the neighboring arms of Sudie Isaacs, or to the Tarkintons; Helen, aged ten, even then his delight, would master him, feeding spoonfuls of scalding soup into his mouth, and slapping him sharply with her small hand when he became recalcitrant. Again, he was beyond all reason. Extravagantly mad, he built roaring fires in his sitting-room, drenching the leaping fire with a can of oil; spitting exultantly into the answering roar, and striking up, until he was exhausted, a profane chant, set to a few recurrent bars of music, which ran, for forty minutes, somewhat like this:.

And outside, strung like apes along the wide wires of the fence, Sandy and Fergus Duncan, Seth Tarkinton, sometimes Ben and Grover themselves, joining (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human the glee of their friends, kept up an answering chant:. Daisy, from a neighbor's sanctuary, wept in shame and fear. But Helen, small thin fury, held on relentlessly: presently he would subside into a chair, and receive hot soup and stinging slaps with a grin.

Upstairs Eliza lay, white-faced and watchfully. So ran the summer by. The indie-rock threesome will be playing 17 shows, over six states and three regional festivals.

The five week tour celebrates the release of their new single The Garden, which represents a shift in sound for the band. Patrick James fans will be delighted to hear that the Sydney-sider is once again embarking on a huge national tour with his full band in tow.

Make sure you catch these local lads before the head off on their east coast tour. Joining them for the party are Warmth Crashes In. Slow Dancer celebrates the release of his long awaited debut album over two special Sunday evenings at The Workers Club. Surrender is the first collection of west coastal rhythm and blues guitar waves to come floating out of his bedroom studio. Guests will also receive a free digital download card for Surrender upon entry.

Saturday August For more info visit melbournefringe. With the three Basics off doing separate things all over the world, this is a rare chance to chance to catch them playing their catalogue of good-time genre-bending classics. The last one was full to the brim so make sure you get there early to avoid queuing up. Hailing from Sydney, the boys bring their A-game to the stage of the GH for a special two-hour performance.

After an epic national tour earlier in the year in support of their debut album, Greenthief are hitting (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human road this August for a quick run of shows along the east coast. It all goes down August 29 from 7. Tex Perkins has shown us many faces over the journey.

Tickets are available through the venue webpage. It will take place Sunday October The team at Spring Fling are holding a fundraiser gig in the lead up to Everythings Gone Green - New Order - Substance 1 festival featuring the psychedelic garage grooves of The Dead Heir, also joined by From Oslo and Old Violet.

Doors 8. Melbourne based electronic duo Klo are incredibly excited to share their brand new video for current single False Call. The duo made up of cousins Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul are also excited to reveal details of their very first ever live performance.

Having formed in the closing months ofKlo have used the past six months to perfect their art and are now ready to take their music to the stage. They will play their hometown of Melbourne on Friday September 5 at Boney. Melbourne based chanteuse Meg Mac has been penetrating airwaves around the country with her signature style of dark, stomping soul-pop in singles Every Lie, and her current belter Roll Up Your Sleeves.

To coincide, Meg Mac will be performing five intimate shows across the country to prove that, despite the enormous radio love, the stage is where this voice is truly at home.

With the Sydney and Melbourne shows having sold out within a week of tickets going on sale, another Melbourne show has been announced for Friday October 24 at Howler. Tickets are available through moshtix. Melbourne cult heroes The Basics announce their return to the stage for a special stand-alone show at The Gasometer Hotel on Wednesday September 3. Push Start Battle of the Bands final. Celestial Australian folk artist Celia Pavey debuts her pure and otherworldly vocal ability on the longawaited EP Bodies.

If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why? Raymond Carver. So, someone is walking past as you guys are playing, they then go get a beer and tell their friend about you That guy in there is wearing all white From the 19th of August, my debut album Surrender Philip Glass - Roving Mars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) all over the internet.

I spend more time with my friends making music, and hanging out doing stuff. If someone made a movie about your life, who would play you? Leonardo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling. Whoever has better hair on the day. If your music was a chocolate bar, which one would it be, and why? What makes a good musician? The ability to hear what is wrong as well as what is right. What advice would you give to bands that are new on the Melbourne music scene? Give up. And stop being younger and better dressed.

For more reviews go to beat. There are certain things you expect to witness at a typical rock show: frenzied moshpits, beer-drenched bodies, an array of camera phones, the occasional couple macking on in a darkened corner. And holy shit, wild times at this show unfolded faster than a crusty futon in a suburban crack-den when a cheap hooker rolls in to blow dudes for smack. A herd of punters filed into the Tote bandroom as local gutter-punks WOD took the stage.

The scrappy four-piece smashed out a fine selection of lo-fi, garage punk tunes; their blistering set complete with a splash of egocentric antagonism compliments of their erratic, angst-fuelled frontman, WOD. The crowd (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human to enjoy grand quantities of alcohol being thrown across their faces as well as having a tirade of abuse hurled at them from the stage.

Unfounded frontman narcissism aside, these guys are a damn good band and worth checking out. Masses of sweaty bodies heaved toward the stage in a flurry of shoves, tussles and elbows, while innocent bystanders quickly retreated toward the safety zone at the back of the crowd.

Band members flung plastic-wrapped Kraft singles into the audience during Know Your Cheeses; a one-minute banger that provided an exhaustive list of cheese products, while Sexpo outlined the enchanted objects you can discover at the annual sex haven. But it was Hippy Shakes, the infectious-as-fuck homage to being cooked at a bush doof that ultimately sold the night and drove the crowd into a jostling frenzy.

A complete celebration and embracement of Aussie ockerism at its finest, the night reflected what a strong local following can achieve for an up and coming band. Plus, any song hand illustrated. There was a multitude of expectations and projections swimming around Festival Hall tonight. A strong contingent of star-gazing adorers were in Shout - Various - Les Folles Années Du Rock Vol.

2, whose Courtney-fandom would stand firm no matter what unfolded on stage. Then there were those harbouring a level of sadistic skepticism, as if Masabumi Kikuchi, James Genus, Victor Jones - Feel You to witness an on-stage train wreck. The room was filled out by more casual Hole fans, who were simply here for a nostalgia fix.

There was a guitar hanging over at different points of the evening, but her irregular stabs at it appeared merely incidental. Fans of all varieties were probably hoping for something controversial to report upon. In fact, more than anything, Love was hugely personable and perceptibly happy to be performing for such a loving crowd. Music malnourishment is so mentally devastating to some fans that they start looking for tickets in chocolate bars.

Remembering the show after a double shift on a hangover I rang Laundry at 10pm to see if tickets were still on the door. My conspiring thoughts were quelled two hours later when the crowd caught Simpson red-handed with the mic on stage. Popsters Babaganouj started proceedings a bit late but seemingly unruffled after the flight from their native Brisbane was delayed five hours.

Melbourne locals I, a Man took to the stage with a promising swell of guitars that shimmered into set opener In Time.

The rhythm section drove the song without overwhelming it, and allowed the dreamy twin guitars to glisten under the wistful vocals. Minivan followed in a similar vein, with ethereal harmonies from the band and more textured guitar work — a good encouragement to check out the newly-released clip.

These guys sounded great as the set washed over the crowd; the interplay of the instruments and smart use of effects made for a sonic treat. They sound like your favourite shoegaze band jamming after listening to a krautrock compilation, or like Elbow and The War on Drugs trying to put together a Radiohead tribute. Special show, well impressed. Split Seconds Theme From Sledge Hammer - Various - Televisions Greatest Hits Volume 7 - Cable Ready in typically fine form.

Looking forward to their forthcoming EP. Mountain EP MT. Carol Wing Sing The instrumentation on Carol sounds like a midway point between Drones and Deerhunter, served with a sneering sloshed (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human take. The protagonist is mediating a divorce, the details sparse, but emotion raw. So good. An on-point, super-tight banger from two young production gods. It starts off tasty, Шостакович Bum - Нож Для Frau Müller* - Messer Für Frau Müller Mp3 entrancing, jerky samples cutting up the mix.

Then, without warning, everything takes an outright filthy turn courtesy of absolutely ridiculous sub-bass throbbing underneath the breakbeat. Somewhere between gritted teeth and dropped jaw. I feel it all over, and (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human feels amazing. This sounds like nothing else out there at the moment. Something like nostalgia for the now, an arm-in-arm toast to the good times.

Donny leaves vocal duties to Kirin, instead serving up a scintillating waterbed of synth action, cut from the same silky cloth of the Moroder-produced Donna Summer classic I Feel Love.

Fair You Aint Going Back Dey - Tommy T - You Aint Going Back Dey, too. I need a towel. Tied to a Star LP J. Given some serious songwriting nous and at least a modicum of originality, revivalist groups can be as relevant and vital as anything else on the music landscape. But the thing is not to call it anything other than what it is.

Clear Lake Forest kicks off with two sun-drenched cuts of vintage garage-psych. Lead single Diamond Eyes finds the hazy croon of Alex Maas at its best, weaving an affecting melody over a few simple chord changes. An Occurrence at South Third Street is even better, with its toe-tapping organ and pulsing beat. Maas does his best Lou Reed impersonation, chronicling the downfall of a misguided dreamer.

Guitars start scratching their way out of a flooded basement. Vocals slide in from nowhere sounding like Craig Nicholls fresh from the pharmacy. Sides is the first song on the debut release from one of the few Perth bands these days claiming no relationship to the Tame Impala juggernaut.

This is lo-fi and scuzzy; psychedelic in the come-down way, not the euphoric ImpalaTM brand way. Good stuff. Coming Home - Engelbert* - Träumen Mit Engelbert 2 are lashings of Joy Division and Explosions in the Sky in its emotive and often dark swell, and the emphatic chord progressions could bring grown men to their knees.

Missing History is vaguely reminiscent of The Cranberries Zombie, as it winds up for each chorus, but dares to be more delicate. A major highlight on the album, its softness resonates long after the 6. The closing track, Still Time, is appropriately sobering, and in ending on a melancholic note, leaves the listener slightly unsettled, but rightly so after what has been nothing short of an emotional expedition.

Title track Manipulator is organ-driven and reverb-soaked, with a quirky pop bounce akin to bands like Small Faces and The Kinks, had they been of a more fuzzy garage-rock persuasion. Beatles melodies abound Crying Cause I Love You - Marty Robbins - Cause I Love You The Singer, a reminder that long gone are the days when Segall could simply be referred to as a proponent of garage rock.

Refalosa - Violeta Parra - En Ginebra Main creeps along, hard-working dirty funk with a sinister edge. The clean guitar tone on The Clock is almost jarring and with the inclusion of violin, at first the song feels out of place in what has so far been an album laden heavily with guitar effects. Still, Segall manages to pull Fuckin Hard Day - Carton - Perfect World off, the sweet pop offering just as tasty as the intense psych-rock.

The EP Independent Short, sharp, nasty and completely in your face, but with a sense of humour at the same time. Four tracks and ten minutes of music, this EP does not mess around. Opener Shapes and Numbers is a two-minute, up tempo stoner rock explosion that hits hard.

Captain brings the pace back a tad, with its enormous groove and singalong vocals. The centrepiece of the EP is the very aptly named Sludge, which drops the pace even further, but in doing so ups the intensity levels.

The bluesy riff and fat groove lead into a chorus that is simply a series of blood curdling screams that send shivers down the spine. The EP gets in, beats you around the head best track: Sludge for Where Yall At - Jimmy Jones - Where Yall At minutes, then gets the hell out.

Unfortunately though, the highly anticipated and prophetically titled follow-up Tied to a Star never quite reaches the lofty heights of its predecessor.

Mascis also uses falsetto to heighten the emotional effect of many songs. The album is somewhat let down though by its two singles. Every Morning also underwhelms.

At the end of the day Tied to a Star is still a solid outing from the grunge veteran. It never rivals the brilliance of its predecessor, sure. But that was always going to be best track: Me Again a hard task. To date I have released two albums, two EPs, six singles, and a partridge in a pear tree! My new single Temptation was released in May this year. This came about after being picked up by Melbourne record label Melodic Music early last year and working with producer Sam Panetta on a (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human of new music.

The Temptation single was inspired by that never ending rollercoaster of life, and how you have to deal with temptations thrown your way every day. This was played in front of hundreds of thousands of people outside Buckingham Palace in London, and at numerous events surrounding the Jubilee.

This brought me exposure in the UK and. I toured the UK again the following year after the success of the Jubilee, including a tour of the USA on my way home. What approach did you have to writing Temptation, compared to your previous releases? So writing Temptation was no different (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human my previous (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human.

I was looking for a different sound and style this time to fit more with the current mainstream market, and to push myself out of that comfort zone. What other artists, national or international, have inspired your music and songwriting? Definitely Ben Folds. I grew up listening to his music and due to being an ivory tinkler myself, I loved his piano work and songwriting.

Australian band The Whitlams have always been a band who have inspired me too. What else is on the cards for Simon Astley? And maybe an anniversary card from my wife too, lol. I have a new single being released later in the year to follow up from the Temptation single. I will be touring the new single in Australia before heading to France to play at the Midem Festival early next year.

In the meantime I have Melbourne and Sydney shows coming up, with plenty more songwriting to do. While the genres may have moved on, searing emotional pain certainly has not. Some ten-odd years ago when my sensitive, squishy young heart was pulverised by a heartless female demon I found comfort, release and eventually total emotional recovery simply from listening to the few really good Used songs.

I listened to the other (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human when mum would hassle me. Catch this massive double headliner on Monday August 25 at Russell.

Upstairs, Prahran. Have you ever listened to punk music and smashed heaps of stuff? It is, to be frank, fantastic. My friend had a bit of a crisis recently, so we listened to Millencollin and Molotov cocktailed the couch in my backyard. Felt great. That took twenty minutes. This punk show goes for three days. Maybe even charged. The Rev do great chips.

Just have some chips. Prince Bandroom, St Kilda. SIB Catfish, Fitzroy. For all the latest gigs check out beat.

They win. Although with that many members I do see a potential opportunity to sneak on stage with a tambourine undetected, finish the show, sort of hide amongst the band as they make their way back to the tour bus, distract them with either a great trick or last case scenario rohypnol, pass a few years without anyone questioning my presence and hey oh! More than doubled my friend count. And joined a band. No worries. Gonna be a great show. However I did think of how it could be done.

You simply have to wear an identical outfit; hair, accessories, shoes, puffs, tendrils, meat - whatever it happens to be, just completely mirror-imaged and painted jet black. Wear black tights, paint your face. Then simply pretend to be her shadow and scramble around underneath her at an angle relative to the sun. Too easy. Might wait until Bieber comes to town. Shoot an email through to mark gunnmusic.

Drummer must be willing to gig heaps, record and open to touring in the near future. We are looking to start rehearsing and playing shows as soon as possible. Please no time wasters. Phone Andrew Drum students who wish to learn telephone Paul Hender: 03 Last seen stealing stationery from the Beat storeroom. Any information call wemissyousomuchithurts or email likethesunmissesthemoon nomail.

I heard a rumour concerning this show that the organisers have managed to gather every single topless lady from the original Bicycle Race film clip to reunite onstage in a rousing chorus for said song. Then run the phone direct into the wall outlet and use a (You Give Me A) Head Ache - Steve Lucas & The Groody Frenzy - All Too Human RJ11 cable to connect from the filtered faceplate to your router.

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Song Of The Earth (Single Edit) - Runrig - All The Best, D´Oració De Temps - Xavier Montsalvatge - Cinco Invocaciones Al Crucificado / Tres Divertimentos / S, Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Been Down Three Times, She Loves My Automobile - ZZ Top - She Loves My Automobile, Cant Lose What You Never Had - The Allman Brothers Band - Win, Lose Or Draw, Massacra - Enjoy The Violence, Whisky Train - Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Blues At Sunrise - B.B. King - The Complete RPM-Kent Recording Box (CD, LP), Mind Right, Money Right - Hussein Fatal - New Jersey D.O.C, Sun / C79 - Cat Stevens - Buddha And The Chocolate Box (Reel-To-Reel, Album), Partytime (Hehehe Hohoho) (Extended Party Mix) - Rytmica Feat. Big Reggie - Partytime (Hehehe Hohoho, The Moors Room - Igor Stravinsky, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra*, Oscar Danon* - Petrouchka

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